My dramatic treasures. #part1

123PicMonkey CollageSince I was young clothes and accesories have felt like joy to me. Being dramatic is in my blood and bones and I remember dancing around to choreographed and costumed performances (with yellow flowers in hair) of Copacabana. I also never wore a pair of jeans when I was young because they didn't feel right. They didn't move with my body, they were tight and those buttons! The first time I put on a vest (um, yes, they were a thing) I thought my skin was being eaten by it, you could not tear it off fast enough. Learning years later that I was highly sensitive also came along with the invention of the stretch jean. We just get better. I love being covered in rings and bracelets, it grounds me. I feel my best when I have tight leggings and tank tops as my first layer of clothing; in the summer, the only layer I need.

Every Instagram picture with one of my dramatic treasures usually gets the ask of where did you get that. Here are some of those answers.

1. Twisted Whimsy Designs. Phoenix Rising.

2. Super Love Tees. Do all things with love. Or seriously, just get one of each.

3. I found this scarf/wrap (mine was without wool, sensitive to that wool I am) at this Etsy shop, it was one of a kind but they have a similar one in blue that is gorgeous.

4567PicMonkey Collage

4. Teeki. My magical unicorn leggings. Oh yes. Oh yes. Lisa (also a yummy treasure herself) shares my love of all things amazing and sent me a text telling me I must get these leggings. They are so good. High waist. Triangle crotch, I mean, smart. The funkiest patterns ever. The unicorn pattern seems to be a bit hard to find now. You can't see in this photo but two beautiful white unicorns are on the back of the leggings.

5. Raising Unicorns. To go with the magic lifestyle of course.

6. Mermaid on Unicorn. #dramatictreasures

7. All unicorns need metallic tattoos. I get mine here, they sell out from time to time but usually come right back in stock.


812PicMonkey Collage

8. Marcella Moda. My all time most delicious find. As though she is reading my mind when designing her clothes. As a woman with a belly I need some draping but I love when things are tight. This shirt and most of her clothes are magic for me.

9. You call it utility belt, I call it modern woman's fanny pack. I get stopped in Whole Foods every time with someone wanting to know where I got it. It is that sexy. LeilaMos, totally gorgeous etsy shop.

10. Sea of Wolves Design. Henna style wing print bamboo leggings with high waist. Yum.

11. I have crazy hair. It bends, curls, waves and is straight. So I work with it. My hair routine is so crazy that I won't even tell you, but I get asked all the time what I use. It is this cream and this spray. I am an addict of Trader Joe's conditioner. I wash my hair only 2-3 times a week. The less, the healthier and more crazy it gets. It takes some time to train your hair to not need washing. It has been months and now I can easily let it go. The winter makes me want to condition it a bit more often, without the humidity it can be a bit dry.

12. Warrior shield ring. From Mountain Lust. I am in love with this shop. Follow Taryn on Instagram at mountainlustjewelry and you'll see why. She is gorgeous in all the ways. I needed to call some serious warrior love into my life and somehow found this ring quite accidentally. Or, not. ;)

None of these links are affiliate. Just things I love.

A letter to your forgiveness.

“Use whatever excuse you can to vibrate in harmony with those things you've been saying you want...”

~ Abraham

bella grace
bella grace

Photo by Catherine Just

There is a place inside of each of us that longs for forgiveness.

For the fight last night. For yelling at the kids when they spilled the cereal all over the floor. For saying no when he reached over to touch you. For swearing at the guy who cut you off and almost made you smash into him. For pulling yourself further and further away from that person because he/she hurts your heart. For wanting to leave. For wanting to stay. For using formula instead of your boobs. For talking too much. For forgetting her birthday and what it meant to her. For telling yourself every morning that you are fat and unlovable. For the pain of not being a fortune teller of your future. For being late every time. For wishing you could love him more, today. For fantasizing over another. For wanting to step into her life. For the pregnancy you didn't have. For the one who couldn't be there. For the book that you refuse to write. For the fear that has held you from movement. For the love of another. For the lust of crumbs. And then more crumbs. For not signing up to go. For becoming more like her than you ever thought you would. For wishing that five years ago, ten years ago you had... For letting the house become a shit show. For waking up without gratitude.

Those places need only one thing. Your forgiveness. Ask. Ask them for forgiveness.

Then keep going. Keep living so gorgeously and let forgiveness be part of that life.

Bless your past. Forgive. Now move. Move from what was and into the depth of what forgiveness allows, which is peace in your now.

Today we bless what has come before. We allow the choices of our past to be released into the beauty of all that has created our now. We take time to find the places that feel stuck because they long for our own forgiveness. We ask. We forgive. And so it is.


There is a place inside of us that longs for forgiveness ::


Let's hold it together, as a magical circle, and forgive with full compassion for us.

Your beauty, the waves, today is amazing.

women circling 6women circling 4women circling 7The days we feel whole and beautiful are gifts. Today is amazing.

Did you hear?

Tuck that knowing in the pockets of your sexy clothes that you drape on your skin today and go on. Move through the day.

Just for today, no other day matters right now, you are the most beautiful creature walking this earth. You glow. You are light. You are love.

You are amazing.

All the information and input and vibrations out there say only that.

The vibrations of your amazingness are drops of water, thirst quenchers, desire makers.

You are amazing and each glance that comes your way today is all about that knowing.

The waves of your sex, your touch, your beauty, your crazy intuitive knowing are amazing.

You can try to sabotage your amazing today. But it won't work. The Universe is too strong in her knowing about this day.

I know you'll still try to mess with it, shape shift it out of amazing. The amazing will win. Just so we are clear on that.

The stories of the truths of what you want, of what makes you high, of the things that call you in your longings... these are all amazing, not broken or wrong.

I can't wait to see you today, to glance the way you move in your knowing.

The surprises will wash over you today.

The Universe will wink.

Today is amazing.

women circling 5

 Photos that make me feel beautiful by Ruth Clark.

On the island.

7PicMonkey Collage6PicMonkey Collage

I am blessed for the rain falling on my braids.

I am blessed with the darkest chocolate brownie that melts as I take bites all through the day.

I am blessed to see the color blue that makes my breath quicken with a yes.

I am blessed with women who can be naked in front of you, physically and otherwise.

I am blessed when I find mirrors hiding in little corners.

I am blessed to fall in love with a life growing inside one who I love like mad.

I am blessed along side horses who feel the same as I about the rain.

I am blessed with sips of nectar and bubbles with the spirit sister who can talk to me for hours.

I am blessed munching pomme frites, always the pomme frites.

I am blessed by the sight of the pigs tiptoeing towards me for a little affection.

I am blessed with messages from the island reminding me that as intense as it all feels in this moment, the journey has only just started, each morning.

I am blessed standing on boats on waters that transport me into the first vacation in forever.

I am blessed to let my crabby sadness ebb and flow with the waves, finding giggles, refusing tears, stumbling through pains mixed with joys mixed with loneliness mixed with connection.

I am blessed by the rain falling on braids, not subtle in its shove to sip the coffee, hug my sweater and hear their words which become love notes to carry in my pocket, waiting for the sun to return.

3PicMonkey Collage1PicMonkey Collage8PicMonkey Collage5PicMonkey Collage2PicMonkey Collage

When you don't want to write your newsletter.

will bangs change my life "Who are you writing your newsletter to?"

"To me. I write to myself."

I hadn't realized this truth until a crazy smart woman asked me a couple of years ago.

"And it is my favorite thing I write. It's a love letter. First to myself, then to my circle. It is fully my voice, my heart, my stories."

Every single week I don't want to write it. I talk myself out of it. I play games. I make up stories about how I have nothing left to say, I'm dry, barren in the word department.

Every single week I wait all day, all day, then I finally sit down during the kid's tech time (5-6pm every night, oh yes) and I pour a glass of wine and open my screen.

I pull up a blank newsletter. I sip. All day thoughts about what I will write have been dancing inside of me and they all suck. Because it isn't about the idea, it's about the voice of me, sitting down and talking to myself.

It is the texts from friends, my sanity. It is the run or the memory or the way I try to pretend I don't do that thing, that thing that makes me crazy.

Today it is the stories. The ones I create, based not in reality, if I even wanted to look at reality. It is the ones I create out of false safety based on only the pieces I choose to include and the ones I make up and the ones that have come before (most of those not even mine).

The stories that trap. The stories that hold the heart hostage. The stories that fuck up the path into vulnerability because vulnerability only speaks the language of full truth because of that place where you move through fear.

So I listen. I ask. I cut through the crap of my own exposition and rants and expectations so I can find the questions.

Then I feel my heart flutter like it will fly out of my chest.

I practice hearing the words that I receive without placing my own story on them. Holy shit, I don't have to create a fantasy?

I can just listen. Hear. Receive the words. Let them have their feelings and observe myself having mine and come clean about all the stories, all the stories that I hold onto because holding them means I don't have to let go.

I want you to be different. I want this to change. Here, I wrote the script, it's in my head, could you memorize it please? Could you play this character just a little bit longer so I don't have to evolve, let go, move on? Please, just one more line, one more pretend story in my head?

Just. One. More. Time.

The addiction of the story, the fantasy.

I don't want to write my newsletter. I don't want to hear my voice, which then I give to you.

It is only the promise that it will become your voice that allows the words to find their way to the page.

I sip. I hold. I let go. I hit save. And so it is.


From Thursday morning love letters, dropped like feathers into your inbox before your coffee starts to brew.

In her skin, an open chat with you.

I sent Mara a text. "Want to do a weekend at The Loft all around sensuality and sexuality with coloring pages of penises and vaginas?"

"So in." (I don't really remember her response, but it basically was that.)

And will you write erotica? And can we do mirror selfies? And can there be raw chocolate peanutbutter cups? And we might need some way more prolific magazines for visioning...

"Let's jam on a Spreecast and talk about living sensually in the everyday since the workshop can only be for 10 people?"

"Um, yes. Perfect. Done."

(That was your glimpse into how things get created and launched around here!)


Join our FREE live Spreecast on Wednesday, May 28th at 11 am Eastern

We will be hopping on Spreecast to jam about Sensuality in the Everyday. This call will be girlfriend style – an open chat about our real stories of struggles and openings around our own sensuality practices.

You’ll be invited to chat along with us in a live chat feed that requires only your computer and fast typing fingers. Join us to ask questions, share your practices, and be a part of a circle of women who are serious about feeling alive and glowing in their skin.

We will be talking about (among other things that you all will bring up in the live chat) ::

  • How to honor our body as temple each morning when we wake. Mara loves action steps and she'll share how she cycles in and out of the honoring of herself and the impact that it has on her body, spirit and business.
  • Sensuality at different ages, I might be thinking about this a ton as my 40th approaches. How does living sensually change for us over time?
  • How we can start to vision around sensual living and we will share some of our pages with you.
  • What keeps us from connecting to our sensual everyday? What keeps us stuck?
  • The missing pieces that allude us from fully being inside of our sensuality. (And once we discover them, are they really that simple??)
  • Our five senses and for a bonus round the sixth one that we love so...
  • Glowing. Knowing the feelings and actions that are behind that glowing.
  • The difference between sensuality and sexuality and where they intersect.
  • Why sensual living quenches our thirsts, feeds our hungers and lights us up.


This conversation is what so many of us have been waiting in quiet for. Sign up here to join us live (and get a recording if you can't make it) on Wednesday at 11am Eastern Time.


Transitioning my body. {With giveaway}

PicMonkey Collage3 Warm weather always brings me face to face with my body issues. The way I see myself and the way I feel in my skin become my obsession. I like 3/4 tight sleeves and skinny jeans and boots. Letting my skin face the air is hard. I struggle with the change of season.

Last year I wore jeans and yoga pants all summer. It was hot. I was sensitive. This year before it gets smokin' hot I decided to transition my body slowly, the way I would ask my five year old to take on.

I went shopping. I tucked some feelings in my pocket.




Building a summer wardrobe on happiness, fun and that feeling of super sexy inside your skin; ba-bam. This means facing some demons lurking in the summer shadows. And so happy is my guide.

When do I feel the most beautiful in my skin? When I am happy. When do I feel sexy? When I am confident. When do I have fun? When I am happy and sexy.

PicMonkey Collage1

I've got lots of new layering tanks that I buy inexpensively at TJ Maxx. This sweater to throw over on these inbetween days or at night around the fire pit literally jumped off its hanger and into my hands. I adore it.

I even bought some crazy short shorts that stretch on my waist to throw on for the beach trips, car packed with quilt and picnic.

Summer is to me big jewelry. Bright. Stunning colors on glowing sunkissed skin. Loving this and this and this.

PicMonkey Collage2

I mixed some inexpensive items, like tank tops and shorts with some pieces like this skirt from Anthro where I invest a bit more.

Here is the biggest key to all of this. I got rid of all the summer things that I had that feel awful on me. That fit wrong. That aren't me. That I just bought in panic and desperation. I filled a garbage bag of them. They don't serve me. They keep me so down about who am I rather than allowing me to celebrate the shit out of who I am now.

This summer my thirst is for feeling delicious in my skin. For emobodying happy. For glowing under the sun in my short shorts.

PicMonkey Collage4

I found this beautiful kimono that I thought would make a perfect summer wake up robe for sitting on the porch sipping my coffee (hot as long as possible before I start to ice it) with bare legs and a long tank top, watching my garden grow bigger each day.

I got one for me and one for you. Well, one of you. It is a size M, it is generous, quite free flowing and open. The colors are a bit out of my color story but the black won me over.

Here is the way to enter the giveaway which will close 5/24/14.

Just leave a comment on this post telling us what summer is guiding you towards...a word or phrase that holds what you most want to feel this year as the sun shines just a bit hotter down on us.

Then I will grab a random winner on the 24th and send the kimono, with probably a few other surprises out.

The hush of a woman in business.

rasp leaf "I need to feel myself in my skin again," the woman said.


I couldn't remember the last time I baked cookies in my kitchen.

All the baking sheets caked with grease and needing replacing. The walls smaller. The white paint turned grey from the living of little hands, boy dirt (quite unique stuff) and neglected cleaning supplies.

Realities of three children readying for the next stages of development (she is babysitting and menstruating, he is making his own noodle packets and talking about girls, he is scootering around the block and eating every 5 minutes and laughing manically). Holding onto the snuggles of the last one who still feels almost baby like to my body. He leans into me and twirls my hair.

Watching my hands present light brown age spots.

I make a truly fine chocolate chip cookie.


Her friends came and the celebration wasn't. She could feel the end of what was, making space for the next. Doorways hurt her in places she doesn't realize she has. She knew that each had carried the other to the place where freedom and love release the old bits.

They all felt the fear, gave it voice and expanded.

Her needing was replaced with longings for a new edge.


The quieting of my voice, my fingers always typing it as fast as the moments revealed, became my prayer. The quieting so I could hear something greater than my ego. I don't need an answer. I feel the truth of decades of women looking down at the spots on their hands and knowing that the wisdom is to quiet the questions and feel the day, if just for moments.

Laundry asks no questions. Cookie dough forming into balls pressed onto cold baking sheets asks no questions. Fresh white paint is creation and calm. The meditation of morning coffee as an act of service. A love language. A reminder to stop asking what will happen and just sip.

The little just asked me for more food. After granola bars, peaches, toast and milk. I am his answer.


She said, "You never said that to me before." Then the woman fell back into questions, reached her hand into the deep, deep pockets sourced with pleasure.


All my visioning circled around movement, peeling and the rise.

She couldn't feel herself in her own skin but I must. Can the words "I'm sorry" release pain into new desires? As summer teases and the wardrobe starts to change, more skin revealed from the layers, will the feeling be of touch?


"My fingers want to type my heart again." She had sipped her tears in the hush and the words once again felt like the happiness of the sun.





Paper Altars. a how to, recipe for tipsy cherries and giveaway.

I had a beautiful evening. Watching these women create and dream and leave with pieces of themselves captured on paper reminded why these gatherings are vital for our souls. The making, the circling, the giggles, the moment when someone discovers their ability to create something beautiful; it is change and joy and magic. And I got to see some of my Magic Making Circle members in person and they are stunning.
I knew the event would be called Paper Altars as I looked around and saw how much of my altars included secret messages, textures, fortunes, cards, vision pages. I just had no idea exactly what we would do. Enter Bernadette (pictured next to me above) and her creative ways. Bernadette made these paper altars that held three sections for us to work in.
Our prompts were around our past self, she was (but only about 6 months back) and our I am and our becoming, the self who is guiding us and shaping us. I asked everyone to bring a picture of themselves that they loved, that felt a bit like the spirit guide of self. The creation of the altars felt like prayer mixed with girls night. Bliss really.
Here is how you can create your own paper altar ::
Photo #1- We used an 11” x 14” sheet of poster board.

Photo #2-Fold the poster board in half 11” to 11” side.

Photo #3- Rub the folded edge to create a crease.

Photo #4- Using a ruler, draw  2 lines: 2.5 “ from each side edge, 3.25” long from folded edge.

Photo #5- Using scissors or a ruler with an X-Acto knife, cut along these two lines. Be sure to cut through both layers of poster board.

Photo #6- Open poster board and pull center cut piece towards you, reversing the existing crease on itself.

Photo #7- Keeping center piece on the inside, refold poster board on its original crease.

Photo #8- Rub on new fold to create new center crease.


Using words, images and textures we played with color story and where we were being guided. There were flowers and glitter and messages from past self to present. The altars are gorgeous.

There were also tipsy cherries. I found a jar of maraschino cherries with no food dye in them and drained the liquid from the jar. I replaced it with bourbon and let them sit for about 12 hours. Then I took the cherries and placed them on parchment paper. I drizzled melted dark chocolate over each one and then placed in refrigerator until we gathered. It made the perfect one bite treat as we circled at the end of the night with story, laughs and maybe a couple of tears.


Bernadette and I have a special surprise for 2 people. Your own paper altar form and a bag stuffed with fun fabric and texture and paper to start to create your own paper altar. I will include the prompts to play with also.

To enter the giveaway here is what you can do ::

Leave a comment on the blog, down below. Tell us three words or phrases of who you are becoming. Let your self that is in the future be a guide, spend time with her, listen and dream together.

I will choose the winners on Sunday, April 6th. xo



Loft Event :: Paper Altars. Who are you becoming?

paperaltar4PicMonkey Collage

Date: Friday, March 28th 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Cost: $45
Space Limited: 15 people
Live event: Creating and receiving paper altars. Exploring who we are becoming.

Add to Cart

paperaltar1PicMonkey Collage

As I looked around at my many sacred spaces filled with altars I noticed the textures, the papers, the secret messages and the gifts that I had received as blessings from those who surround me with love, often in the form of cards and words. I hang mixed media art and vision pages, cards with dreams and little bits and pieces of magic that find their way to me.

In Magic Making Circle we are creating altars, exploring who we were, are and will be and allowing them to infuse into our altars. I am lit up and guided by the who I am becoming. She has become spirit guide and my wisdom. She knows where I am journeying and keeps sending me people and messages to walk with me.

Rather than feeling frustrated that we aren't where we want to be, we will be using the wants and needs and desires inside of us to become guides, to teach us. The who we are becoming holds the wisdom of the steps we must start to take to become them.

During this beautiful gathering at The Loft, I will prompt you through several projects using paper and photos and special bits that I'll have for you as you start to listen to the self that you are becoming. We will create little altar offerings for our sacred spaces.

(These prompts will be part of the Magic Making Cirlce, so you'll get a glimpse into the gorgeous work we are doing together virtually in person.)

What to bring: a sacred photo of yourself (face or part of your body), any clippings from magazines that you wish to use during the evening, special cards or words from others and byob. I will have lots of snacks and sweet things for us to enjoy during our time.

paperaltars2PicMonkey Collage

paperaltar3PicMonkey Collage

So, there's my neck. A story of growing up.

In honor of her gorgeously growing up, Susannah Conway has enlisted a crew of women to tell a story of growing older that will collectively lift the vibration of what it means to journey through time beautifully. This is my story. Happy Birthday Susannah. xo

women in bed“I am thinking about the way that life can be so slippery; the way that a twelve-year-old girl looking into the mirror to count freckles reaches out toward herself and that reflection has turned into that of a woman on her wedding day, righting her veil. And how, when that bride blinks, she reopens her eyes to see a frazzled young mother trying to get lipstick on straight for the parent/teacher conference that starts in three minutes. And how after that young woman bends down to retrieve the wild-haired doll her daughter has left on the bathroom floor, she rises up to a forty-seven-year-old, looking into the mirror to count age spots.” ~ Elizabeth Berg, What We Keep

I needed to talk about my neck I told them.

My neck. I didn't even want to start talking because every time I heard the word neck I started to well up.

I am 39. It goes like this. I wake up every morning after struggling to sleep during the night. I wake up exhausted from the 2 or 3 hours I've been awake or the crazy dreams that won't let me go. I get out of bed, knowing the battles that are about to unfold for shirts and shoes to be put on and the struggle for space we all scramble for in our tiny life and the first thing my eyes see is my neck.

The weight I've held onto makes it a bit puffy. The lines across it are becoming more pronounced. Some days I can let go of the gaze and move to look in my eyes or at my crazy messy hair. Some days I am able to put on my favorite shirt and sip coffee and think about things other than my neck.

But the days when I am unsure, the days where I worry, the days where I feel my growing up increasing and the beauty of my female self changing; those are the days my neck can haunt me.

Like all things female and sacred, the only way to come to peace with what I was feeling (and feeling shame for feeling) was to talk it out. Claiming the feeling of shame and fear dislodges the power that it all holds and ripples that energy in the form of trust back to ourselves.

So there's my neck.

When I turned 38 I found myself feeling as though I had opened up a window in time to go back to my 19 year old self and journey her through the years until she caught up with me, 20 years later, at 39.

We healed one another, this 19 year old and I. I carried wisdom and she carried hope. I carried deep love and she carried a wild edge. I carried a woman's  body and she carried her youth. I carried the promise that it was going to be so beautiful and she carried her fear. I carried my sadness and longings and she carried the sweetest smile for all she met.

As we have integrated, this young one and I, here I am in a 39 year old body, in my physical world, fully loving where I am anchored. Fully in the fear of unknowns and the joy of all that is.

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.” ~ Robert Frost

I know her secrets and her longings. I have carried her into the afternoon of her unknown and now she is me.

And so I must talk about my neck.

Because seeing my neck, seeing my growing up brings me to a feeling that only can come after walking so many miles, so many years.

It is the feeling of being fully alive as me. This comes with the discomfort of neck lines, some extra weight and some sleepless exhaustion. Yes.

What happens as we grow up is an ability to stand fully in the discomfort and to see the beauty that holds it. I have never loved myself or my body more deeply than I do now.

When I was young I would dream of having the space between my teeth filled. It wasn't out of a need to be perfect, it was an obsession I could hold onto so that I didn't have to fear never being loved.

My neck? An obsession I can hold onto so I hide myself when the next stage of growing up is guiding me to find more honesty in my world.

“I finally know the difference between pleasing and loving, obeying and respecting. It has taken me so many years to be okay with being different, and with being this alive, this intense.”  ~ Eve Ensler, I am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around the World

My honesty is that I am so freaking alive it terrifies me and excites me, lights me up and exhausts me. I sat down last night with the man who has been walking this 20 year journey with me. Who has been growing up with me. I asked him about aging, growing older, growing up. I sipped wine, he sipped beer.

He said that now we no longer hold onto the sacredness of all we believed in when we were young. Nothing will be perfect. That beauty is the merging of the perfect and imperfect, not a weeding out of imperfection. And for him, being able to fully be himself in all situations was his next gift of learning. We are learning this together, in this 20 years of growing up. We look different. We move through space in new ways. Every day we choose what we truly desire.

I have such reverence for time. I celebrate things so tiny others might step past them. Every cup of coffee, every smile and kiss from my lover, every time the little ones laugh together it is time blessing me, kissing my path, guiding me deeper.

neck with quote

So this neck. And the spaces in between the mess all over the table and the deadlines and the fear where time has allowed me to close my eyes and record the wonder and the fullness of who I am.

That 19 year old had so much she wanted to say to me. She was floating messages until I heard. What she needed from me was space to grow up.

She always felt me guiding her into her tomorrows. There was a trust that one day the intense sensitivity would find a home.

The fear of feeling far more than anyone would want has now become  her my knowing of what or who claims the sacredness of my love, my time, my nurture, my creativity, my work. What was a fear is now my gift of self.

Yes, there is my neck.

To keep rhythm and see time passing. To remind me to look in my eyes or another's and find the smile waiting just for me. To show me that days can be fucking hard and then fucking beautiful within seconds passing. To remind me that I am a female body holding this really big intense spirit. To give a little whisper each morning that I am growing up.

I imagine the 19 year old somewhere looking on, seeing me in my knowing of sexiness and confidence and tattoos and vulnerability and wondering how much more stunning a story this neck will tell in 20 more years.


Sugar Candy Giveaway

PicMonkey Collage

“We have not journeyed all this way across the centuries, across the oceans, across the mountains, across the prairies, because we are made of sugar candy.”

~ Sir Winston Churchill

What if for one night you could play as though you were sugar candy? At ease, in the flow, giggling, hugging, lounging, creating and finding some of your own magic as you traveled through different worlds…

20 women gathered together at The Loft and traveled through worlds making their own magic and now one of you will receive a box in your home to journey through and play as though you were sugar candy.

What you'll win :: Sugar Candy Adventure at Home

A jar of brown sugar foot scrub created by Persephone Brown just for you to give yourself some divine comfort.
A mini altar with sparkles, intentions and a prayer written to you from Mara Glatzel which you can hold in the palm of your hand and feel guided and grounded and open.
Inside of the altar tin you will find a reiki charged crystal that Sarah Rubin filled with energy and safety and blessing.
A crown, handmade with vintage materials from Chelsae Biggs who also will be including a secret mantra hidden inside the crown just for you. (See picture down below for beautiful women wearing their crowns.)
Some sugar candy for color and inspiration.
And I have tucked in a mini vision book (if you win and have no idea what a vision book is, email me, I'll hook you up), a few pre-cut words and images to start your journey towards dreaming and asking yourself this question...

To enter the giveaway leave a comment at the bottom of this post playing with this question::

Close your eyes. Ask all of your senses, including intuition, to be present in that stillness. Enlist your senses as you ask yourself where you feel called to journey towards as you are pulled into your own fierce magic.

A haircut after a year of ponytails. A plane ticket. Tea with a soulsister. Tears with a lover to find deeper laughter. Opening your body even through fear. Giving away the clothes that don't fit. Setting the coffee pot in the morning as an act of love to your future self. Writing that poem that aches to be set free. Blowing bubbles as you stand on the shore. Taking the class that you talk yourself out of because of this and that. Finding a babysitter. Hanging up the vision board on the kitchen wall. The tattoo. Putting on the dress. Saying yes to the challenge. That nap.

(I know what you are thinking. Why didn't I just ask you to share it on FB and Twitter and blah blah! Because I want you to journey, I want you all to feel your sugar candy magic and claim that one thing.)

 sweetPicMonkey Collage

Sugar Scrub

2 cup sugar of choice (white, brown, raw)
1/3 cup olive oil
1/3 cup coconut oil
2 Tbl vanilla
2 Tbl of lemon zest
Blend all ingredients in a bowl using your hands.
Transfer to a pretty little jar.

Eggplant Fritters

Dice one large eggplant and lay onto a baking sheet. Cover it generously with olive oil. Add half of an onion, diced and a sprinkle of sea salt. Roast in a 350 degree oven for about 40 minutes or until soft. Allow to cool.

Give the eggplant a quick chop, this will be about 2 1/2 to 3 cups of eggplant.

Add eggplant to a mixing bowl with one beaten egg.

Add in 2 tablespoons of capers.

One cup of Romano cheese, grated, goes into the mix.

One cup of finely chopped kale leaves (about two kale leaves) and gently mix it together adding in 2 cloves of garlic, chopped and 1 1/2 cups of almond meal (or flour).

Place generous tablespoon sized balls onto a greased piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet. Press down slightly on each ball. Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden and firm to the touch. Allow to cool. Serve warm or room temperature. These are great topped with a yummy dressing and over salad. Often I make a dip for these with some Veganaisse, lemon juice, honey, salt, pepper and italian dried spices. So good.


Rosemary Cassis Bubbly

In a long stem glass layer in 3 blackberries, a splash of cassis and a stem of rosemary. Pour your favorite bubbles over and sip while laughing, playing, visioning, bathing, putting on sexy lipstick or cooking dinner with Bublé.
gorgPicMonkey Collage

To enter the giveaway leave a comment at the bottom of this post playing with this question::

Close your eyes. Ask all of your senses, including intuition, to be present in that stillness. Enlist your senses as you ask yourself where you feel called to journey towards as you are pulled into your own fierce magic.

Winner chosen next week, 2/11/14  Congrats to Veronica who said, "I have quit teaching 2nd grade. I made a list of all I am and all that I am not. I was scared for a moment. It was like a reset button. In all the pain, transparency, acceptance……there was freedom. I am learning to dream again.

This fierce magic……right now……is calling me to Begin Anew!!!! SHINE!!!!! And photograph with dedication to create!!!!!!"


(Photo credits Chelsae Biggs, Sarah Rubin, Persephone Brown, Mara Glatzel and Gina Parker)

Gotta hold tight baby.


In childbirth they tell you to let your jaw release so your pelvic floor can relax and you can open.

I have chronic jaw pain and pelvic floor pain. I am a holder. A stuffer. The physical manifestation is the way I lock all the things that are easier not to talk about inside two really special places of my body.

Gotta hold tight baby.

Don't tell the truth of how you feel, they will leave you.

It isn't safe to say how that made you feel, you'll be told you are wrong. Shamed.

So maybe you aren't happy now, but who said happy was your thing? Just be safe, lock it up.

Gotta hold tight baby.

No one will ever see it, you've hidden it so well.

Make sure thier feelings come first, protect them from yours, yours aren't safe.

Your sensitivity will drive them away. You are too much for them. You are too needy. Just do for them, do for them, do for them. 

Gotta hold tight baby.

And then I went into physical therapy for my pelvic floor and everything started to flood through my body. Each session after the muscles would be triggered into release I would go home and want to crawl into the fetal position and cry. But I wouldn't. I held it all together.

Gotta hold tight baby.

My world started to shift with each session. I couldn't hold the way I used to. My body was being taught that it could release or relax or just be its own beautiful self.

I started to tell my truth. I got uncomfortable. I made others uncomfortable. I challenged the ways I showed up in the world. I didn't know what I wanted and somehow am still alive in that unknowing.

Opportunities for learning boundary work showed up, over and over. It began to exhaust me and challenge me again, in a deeper way and all I knew to say was...

Gotta hold tight baby.

Telling your truth hurts others.

You can't be nurturing if you put your needs first.

Run. You aren't safe.

Gotta hold tight baby.

I remember being in 3rd or 4th grade and being picked on by a group of girls. I was the sensitive one and it impacted me deeply. I internalized being left out from a group, it became unsafe for me to share my feelings. I had to pretend it didn't matter. I had to hide my tears. My sensitivity left me raw and open and vulnerable to pain.

Gotta hold tight baby.

Every full moon I think about release. It just isn't my thing. I've tried floating things out to sea, burning words, meditating. I'm a holder.

My physical therapist (who I have not been to see in a long time and I so need to go back, little note to self) said to me once about my anxiety, "It isn't happening to you, it is happening within you."

Um, hello.

I started practicing more boundary work, shaking each time I had to face it.

The thing about not taking on someone's feelings as your own. Yep, my new practice. Hard as shit but holy life shifting.

It isn't happening to you, it is happening within you.

I get to decide who holds my truth. It isn't all for everyone. Some of it is mine, parts of it can be shared. Safety allows for truth.

My sensitivity is a superpower if I learn to slow down. Stay grounded. Feel my way through.

Sometimes it is going to get tough. Speaking my feelings. Sharing my vulnerability. This is OK. This is a practice. I will screw up and start again.

It isn't happening to you, it is happening within you.

I don't have to release the holding. I have to integrate the feelings inside into my body in ways that don't cause pain. I have to learn that no one makes me this way, that I have the control over it.

That voice that says, gotta hold tight baby may never go. But she is being loved up by the new one reminding me daily, multiple times a day that it is happening within me. That it is mine. I can hold tight or I can open, open, open.

Gotta hold tight to your spirit baby.

Those feelings? They are beautiful. They are within you. They are walking you home.

*** *** ***


This post is part of the Let it Go Project: a collection of stories leading up to a beautiful releasing ritual, hosted by Sas Petherick on the 30th of January. All the details for this free event are here. And you can take part! Be inspired by other posts in this project, and share what you are ready to let of of on the Let it Go Project Community Page!

She said.


She said, "You amaze me."

She said, "I need to go within."

She said, "Neither of us knew what we were seeking, right?"

She said, "And we learn perspectives, and how to flip it and we talk about things without projecting or manipulating emotions and eventually it can become graceful."

She said, "I am thinking about your heart."

She said, "So much magic flowing from this."

She said, "I need a hashtag."

She said, "I could feel you open to feel it."

She said, "Love you."

She said, "Bubbles make me silly."

She said, "I am excited to see you."

She said, "There will be wine."

She said, "How are you?"

She said, "Wish we lived closer."

She said, "Hey sweet bird."

She said, "Either way I love you and love you and love you."

She said, "Joy I could not need more."

She said, "I neeeeeeeeed you."

She said, "I missed you too."

She said, "Thanks."

She said, "Holding you."

She said, "Always here to talk about the hard shit."

She said, "We can learn to separate the person from the gift."

She said, "I adore you."

She said, "You are on fire."

She said, "I just cried."

She said, "It takes a piece of my soul."

She said, "I have a vulnerability hangover."

She said the words that make me who I am. That shape me. That heal me. That save me. That make me laugh. That allow me to be there for her. That help me stop for one minute and feel.

She is my tribe. My women. My circle.

If the words I send back can be half as vital to the hearts that receive them as these are to me, I am doing OK.


Join a magical circle and find the words that are waiting for you to hear. That will shape you. That will heal you. That will save you. That will make you laugh. That will allow you to be there for her. That will help you stop for one minute and feel.

They are your tribe. Your women. Your circle.

Magic Making Circle.


My HSP favorite things.

When my 5 year old screams because he has to change his pants and can't transition from one pair into the next I can feel it. He is a highly sensitive child with highly sensitive skin. I have the same skin. I remember as a child the feeling of a sweater on my skin making me want to climb out of my body.

I spent years buying clothes in stores that I loved but when I got home would put on and change within 10 minutes. My husband would know the level of my sensitivity based on how many piles of clothes were laying on the floor after a manic morning trying on outfit after outfit.

Once I discovered these Etsy designers getting dressed changed. I stopped spending money on clothes that ended up at Salvation Army and invested more money in fewer pieces.

Here is what I need. Soft, soft fabric. It needs to flow and feel like part of how I move. I need my color story. Black, white, grey, mocha. Mostly black. I feel right in that story.

These are some of my favorites.

collage black1. Onor oversized sweater, feels like a throw back to my youth. The sweater I would have always wanted. I have trouble feeling comfortable in sweaters. This one I can wear. Not scratchy and in my favorite slouchy style. Don't get thrown by the maternity listing, all of her shirts are big but you don't need to be pregnant. I own so many of her shirts and can't get enough. I can't wear tight shirts over my belly and so this style is the one I have been so excited to find.

2. LeMuse evening cotton black asymmetric dress. I feel fully like myself in this dress. I wear it with a chunky belt and long socks with sassy boots. It feels like the softest fabric falling over your skin.

3. Marcella Moda clothes fill my closet. The butterfly. I have 2 of these and it is the shirt I put on when I feel wrong in my skin. When I can't get dressed without feeling a bit panicked. They are 20% off today and I will probably get another! Maybe in another color. I feel beautiful in this shirt.

4. Trixy Xchange long black arm warmers. I live in these. I don't like long sleeves, I prefer a 3/4 sleeve (my sensitivity thing) or sleeves that I can push up to 3/4 and so putting on these makes me a little warmer and feel really cozy and funky.

And these are some of my favorite things.

collage favs1. Trust yourself is my scent. Anna is amazing. The description of this alone makes you feel more in your body.

2. Patina Pleat Ring my favorite ring. I lost it. My kid said, "Maybe it is in the toilet and someone flushed it." And since it is the last place I left it, the bathroom not the toilet, I kind of think it may have been flushed. I asked for a new one for Christmas.

3. Buy music directly from the artist. Jonatha is beyond incredible, she is a spirit guide of voice and story.

4. Not shown is my favorite new infinity scarf. I have it in black and probably need it in another color. Infinity scarves are the only ones I can wear, they don't fall off or need adjusting. They make an outfit go from boring to put together. And I think they feel sexy.

A little lipstick talk with mascara thrown in.

 collage lipstick

 1. 2. Bite lipstick in Moscato and Sancerre. It is so smooth and gorgeous and cashmere-like.

3. Heat wave. Hot. Yummy. Sexy.

4. Love this stuff, love the bamboo.

A few of my favorite things. Happy Holidays loves.


So hard to let go. And say good-bye.

saying goodbye

The yes I am always guiding others towards.

The yes of intuition and making your body feel at peace, release.

The yes of taking care of you, over all else so that you can show up as the brilliant gorgeous you.

The yes of knowing when you don't know and settling into the pain and prayer of that moment.

The yes when a decision is made, even if it is saying good-bye.

This Holiday Joy Up will be the last official Joy Up. There will be a celebration of all that has been and all that will be. We will honor the beauty that has held a tribe born out of the question, "Can you increase the amount of joy in your life in just 10 days?"

That was 2 1/2 years ago.

Hundreds of women have lifted themselves up inside of the space and days traveling through Joy Ups.

My life has been changed and twisted and loved up and pulled into joy.

And now my yes is saying good-bye and honoring the beauty of these travels together.

This December we will journey as a group into the final live group Joy Up program.

I am ready for the new creations that are inside of me wanting to be born. But mostly I desire going deeper and asking that of you. The you who is ready to find your own yes. In 2014 I will spread my wings and take us together on new adventures through magic and gorgeous living and truth.

When this yes became clear to me I fought it for a bit and tried to find ways around it. And everything in my body kept leading me back to the joy of a decision made inside of growth and change and surrender.

This December we will journey as a group into 24 days of the magic of Joying Up.

We will spiral together through prompts that allow us to see each moment through the eyes of joy. Joy doesn't mean being happy, joy means feeling it all, having access to everything that you hold inside. We will spiral.

Finding the yes that is waiting to be born inside of you is beauty.

This December come along with us. Into a Joy Up.

The yes can lead to a moment that is hard to let go of.

The yes might mean saying good-bye.

The yes could lead to a celebration of all that was, is and will be.

And so it is.

The Holiday Joy Up



The Holiday Joy Up 2013

590 pic

When you dance in the magic something opens up inside and the desire for more joy, dreams and passion becomes the mission of the heart.

December 1st to the 24th

Magic. Sparkly nights. Soft space. Blessings. Hope. Sexy shoes. Red lipstick. Glitter on the floor. Gluten and dairy free pumpkin pie. Memories. Beauty. Now.

These 24 days are about connecting to daily gratitude, creating everyday magic, feeling filled with connection (rather than sugar), truthfulness, radiating love and that twinkle of inspiration for creating a season of joy.

Gratitude + Love + Magic = Holiday Joy

24 days of holiday letters holding inside of them:

  • Inspiration towards making more daily magical moments
  • Reminders of what truly matters to us through holiday joy affirmations
  • Gratitude makers - think noise makers full of gratitude - through soulwork assignments
  • Recipes that make your taste buds joyful and your body gorgeous
  • Daily sparkles, tingles, twinkles, fluttering...magic of the season


Reminders to dance in the magic of the season:

  • Support from your joy tribe
  • Inspirations for sharing the love of the season
  • Twinkles of gratitude
  • Joyful giving and receiving
  • Gorgeous holiday living

Shifting into joy for the present moments:

  • Feeling love for who we are now, yes, now
  • Simple ways of showing love through the sharing and receiving of gifts and gestures
  • Mindfulness and joy that come from the simple, ordinary tasks of our life
  • Transforming the everyday into joyful holiday magic through Soulwork
  • Fully being inside of the joy of the season


Recipes to connect you deeper to your health:

  • Grain-free and mostly dairy free, like me!

Here is how we move into the magic:

  • A letter each morning delivered to your email, like a daily gift of gratitude
  • 24 days of inspiration
  • A Facebook Joy Tribe Group to chat in, share inspiration, pictures and the magic of the season
  • Magical guests contributing their sparkle and gratitude
  • Watch your holiday joy start to sparkle as you dance in the magic
  • I celebrate Christmas but this is for celebrating the season, not a specific holiday
  • Share the magic we will be dancing in, sign up with a soulsister
  • $49.00
  • Or join and gift to a soulsister $70.00
  • December 1st to the 24th


I always smell joy and the excitement in the air, see it in the lights that start to sparkle and taste it in the homemade applesauce simmering away on the stove. This time together is about focusing on those special moments and making memories. Taking the stress and pressures and flipping them into gratitude, love and joy! Let's discover the magic of the twinkle together.

Here is my love note to you:

  • I believe you are amazing
  • I believe in you connecting to the special
  • I believe in the magic of all you are
  • I believe in you

"Hannah has changed the way I breathe." ~ Maria

"Thank you for giving us your all, it allows us to do the same for ourselves." ~ Izabela

"I didn't even realize how far away I had traveled from my passions and joy until Hannah entered my life. What did I do without her?"~ Joanie

"The work you do is magical and impacts so much on the lives of the women that take part… including me." ~ Amy

"I value your words so much, they always speak to my heart. Thank you, I get so tired of reading other people's words all the time but yours are always special." ~ Jackie

"To feel that connection that exists between all of us, everywhere, is so refreshing and joyful." - Emily

"This time has been wonderful. I met Joy like an old friend coming back into my life. I am really enjoying the visit and hope that she stays." - Laura

"This has been the most precious of days ♥ !" - Stacy

"Thank you for these days, they will ripple into many more days to come." - Jenn

"Focusing on joy has allowed me to encourage and old friend and totally change the way I think about situations. I'm usually negative but these past days I have learned to speak the truth in my head out loud instead of letting the negative situations take over. It has been really amazing." - Rachel




Full Moon ~ Celebrations into Surrender

Calling my wild women!!! from Hannah Marcotti on Vimeo.


I want to share Day 1 of Making Space for Surrender with you. In this video you'll get the prompt we'll be starting with as way to practice being on our edge. In a fun, wild woman way.

Many use the Full Moon as a time to release, to feel wild and free, to let go of something that no longer serves. Sounds a bit like surrender, yes?

Here are some ideas for your wild woman edge::

Skinny dipping

Moon walk with singing/howling

Laying under the moon in soft blankets and pillows, maybe naked...

A late night date in bed

Fire pit circling, burn something you no longer need to hold onto

Spicy colored lipstick all day long

Walk on the beach, release strips of paper with old stories on them, allow them to float away

Give away flowers to strangers

Lay your crystals in the moonlight and wash your hands and face in rose water (leave the water out under the moon too)

Leave a surprise crystal or beaded jewelry for a friend

Make a really spicy dinner

Drink Prosecco with fresh strawberries while bathing in moonlight

Dance in the moonlight

Commit to looking deeply in people's eyes all day, let them be the first to look away

Compliment people all day, tell them why they are glowing, gorgeous, amazing

What are your wild woman full moon ideas?

header birthday hands


The Making Space Cleanse ~ Summer Solstice Celebration


making space new photo

  • 10 days of Making Space at your own pace!
  • June 10th
  • All leading up to a Summer Solstice Celebration that you have just for yourself or invite others to!!!!
  • Together with a group to inspire and support.
  • New videos and recipes!
  • Join with a friend option.

$79.00 $39.00 Summer Solstice Price!!!   Add to Cart

$49.00 Join with a friend price!!!   Add to Cart

 Cookies and pottery

How do we get from where we are to where we want to be? We make space for the joy in our now and watch the magic unfold.

I am staring at my piles of clutter, my unswept floors, the toys that fill baskets and are never played with and the Spring garden is begging me to weed it. And I feel panic. Like true, true panic. Where is the time, how did I get here again, where does all this stuff come from? The front door still isn't painted, well, is half painted and none of my boy's clothes fit them. Panic.

I remind myself that this is my life. This is my process. I will always be challenged by space and stuff and piles of clutter. And when I start to feel so disconnected to my home I need to slow down and go back into the process of making space. It is slow. It is guided. It works.

My vision of summer is not piles of stuff stopping me from packing picnics or having spontaneous celebrations with homemade watermelon drinks. I want space, sand on the floor, piles of shells and the sounds of laughter. I want to prepare my home for the change of season because I kid you not, the snow shovels are still sitting in my hallway!

I want to have a Summer Solstice Celebration. So I must make space.

bowls and coffee eggs

I want to invite you along into ritual, trust and magic. I want you to prepare your home and your heart and your mind for an amazing Summer Solstice Celebration.

This is only the beginning of inviting the magic in and dancing inside of rituals that feed our spirits and trusting that we are not only enough, but if enough could spill into overflowing, that is what we are.

Our homes, hearts and minds are all a part of the journey. Focusing on those, we can then step into the loving task of changing our life through the food we choose to eat, the way we honor our homes and ourselves. This is as close to balance as you can discover. Balance is not a goal it is an action, it is what we are always swaying in and out of. Making space is seeking out ritual, knowing that you will fall out of alignment as part of life's dance and developing the skills to ease back when you do.

cups and vision board

For 10 days, making space in our homes, hearts and minds

  • One letter each day with a making space prompt, from visioning and clearing space to flipping negative thought patterns
  • Small, simple gestures that you can take on at your own pace
  • Look at why you hold onto things or have trouble letting go of stuff, thoughts, habits
  • 10 days of learning how to listen to yourself, through reflection and meditation
  • 10 days of setting aside soft space each day for dreaming, watching and simply being in your space
  • 10 days to understand the power you have to control your desires by taking on simple rituals and making more space in your life
  • A online FB group of women going through the 10 days with you

table bowl radiator collage

Making space in our bodies using thoughts and foods that bring energy, vitality and joy

  • Never once will you be worried about breaking a rule
  • One recipe a day, straight from my kitchen, very few ingredients, gluten-free
  • Nothing is "off limits" (really)
  • 10 days of starting each day with softness and ease for your body
  • 10 days of learning that you are enough and deserve to be treated like a goddess
  • 10 days of watching your body release the habits that are making you exhausted, frustrated and full of anxiety
  • One letter a day for 10 days with a prompt to make more space in your body and fill your cells with love and healing

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who is ready to make peace with their home and body and understand themselves on a deeper level
  • Women who are feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in their homes and wanting to make more space and create living spaces that are inviting, cozy and beautiful
  • Holistic business owners looking to connect to a deeper understanding of themselves, developing a deeper rhythm of self care
  • Mamas needing a support system and guidance in creating more rituals in the home and looking to feel like beautiful women again
  • Women who are ready to make more space and allow their spirits to soar

Before you sign up, please read:

  • This is not a food cleanse.
  • This is about creating space in your life, opening up, expanding.
  • This is about you. Your process. You.

 Making Space collage before and after

Ready to make some space like these amazing women?

"You can't ask for a more uplifting, motivating and spiritual cleanse! It was better and more inspiring than I ever imagined. You'll wake looking forward to a motivational email. It is all done in baby steps and achievable changes." ~ Sarah Rich


"I would recommend this enlightening, soul enriching experience, to all who believe there is more to this life that so easily becomes a rut. slightly resistant, I allowed and trusted in Hannah, one of life's angels (whom I had never met) and on this journey I evolved in so many positive ways." ~ Toba Dadd


"A favourite quote of mine is from The Buddha – Do not believe just because wise men say so. Do not believe just because it has always been that way. Do not believe just because others may believe so. Examine and experience yourself.

I experienced for myself the changes which occurred within me and my thoughts to myself and my home after the Making Space Cleanse and Hannah’s soft and beautiful wisdom. You will learn how making your bed with linen you love can become a sacred ritual. How de-cluttering your home and releasing those old toys and books can release you from old emotional patterns and ways of being. I learned that by de-cluttering my daughters old toys I had created a space that allowed me to prepare with ease and grace her moving away from home to University.

Yes, the simple act of releasing clutter from our homes can be that powerful. Through this connection, you will find new connections to your home and yourself. Do not believe, just because wise women say so, examine and experience yourself – welcome to the journey.

Love and Blessings to you" ~Debbi Jackson



A beautiful daily letter holding inside of it...

  • My love letter to you and your gorgeous life
  • A Soulwork prompt
  • A video with me talking to you
  • Recipes that are simple and delicious
  • A chance to connect with me and other women going through the days on FB
  • 10 days to go at your own pace, to discover a you that might surprise you, to make space that is sacred, joyous and yours

When does the 10 days start?

  • June 10th, a Monday. I love starting things on Mondays!
  • We will go through the days and they will lead us into the most beautiful of Summer Solstice Celebrations!
  • One letter a day, for 10 days!
  • Sign up with a friend for added support.


I have done this cleanse before, is it the same? Mostly, the prompts will be much the same. Videos will be new, new recipes will be added and of course a whole new group of women going through the days together.

Do we need to buy anything? Nope. You can choose the level that you dig in. Mostly we are looking at clearing space not adding more. Sometimes in that clearing you may want to invest in an item that brings you more ease but that is all up to you. The goal is to make space inside of what you already have and learn to create sacred space inside of the home.

What if I am gone some of those 10 days? Often people are traveling. You can save the days letter for another time and add it to your soulwork for later.

How does the group work? The group is on Facebook. It is a private group just for this Making Space Community. Once you register a link is sent out to you with information of how to request into the group and a few other details.

Making Space is a way to change your life through simplicity, ritual and a little magic thrown in:

$79 $39

Add to Cart

Summer Solstice Celebration Price!

$49 to join with a friend

Add to Cart

"I loved Hannah's Making Space Cleanse. In this beautifully-crafted program, Hannah nudges you to make simple, gentle changes that give you room to breathe and feel more present in your daily life. This space-clearing doesn't feel like a chore and won't overwhelm you with more for your to-do lists. By adding simple, nurturing rituals to your routine, Hannah helps you to see the clutter that's occupying your physical space, dragging your energy down, and preventing you from inviting beauty and joy into your life.

I cleared a lot of clutter during the cleanse, and somehow this felt light and easy to accomplish. The more I moved away, the more energy I felt. I also discovered that I'd been storing some personal baggage in a place that felt stuck for me... a wedding album from an unhappy marriage stashed away in my office. I created a sacred space and stored the album there... I'm honoring the journey I've been on, with all its twists and turns, but now I've created the space to move on and allow new and wonderful opportunities into my career and personal life. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next." ~ Eithne Egan

2013 The Making Space Cleanse ©

Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.


I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a showered, rather calm for me, forgetting the dog food again, excited for the potential of today kind of woman.

Oh me, I love love.

Facebook, you know I adore you, but we really need to talk about this.

I have this one on repeat today.

I've run into this one a few times, and each time, feel the magic.


She made me cry with this one.

You had me at dancing with the moon.