If you came to sit next to me every story you told would feel somehow part of my experience.

Every day my heart breaks and every day I rise in pleasure.

Facts and feelings are equal, same, blurred.

Beauty is my spirituality, it connects me to Source, it is how I channel the everything more than myself.

Intimacy is the inhale, going deep is the exhale.

If you came to sit next to me I might never tell you I have had that moment with you already. I have felt it in my mind.

My suffering is a creation of fantasy and envy and these ache that things are never enough. Lifting from that suffering is connection with ordinary, simple, often over looked details of day to day.

All expectations of me I want no part of and they make me feel exhausted, including appointments and meetings, and then I get over it. Somehow. Sort of.

I get lost for hours watering my plants, moving things around, getting distracted by things I find along the way.

I fantasize about embodiment of archetypes, I dwell in the shadow, I need you to be the light.

If you came to sit next to me the way time and I process might fall to your shoulders and the hours that pass will lead to another meal, more tea, something with whipped cream on it.

I have no idea how or where I fit in, so I create what I need and pray you need it too.

I want to go deeper into who I am, what I want, who I trust I need to embody, and learn to hear and source the messages, the magic, the forward movement of my great big fantastical life.

I want to gather moments and self guide my Wildthing soul and borrow from you and flow with Spirit.

If you came to sit next to me, you would also be sitting with a circle of women who already adore you.

There are words that are imprinted from circles past, waiting to be whispered again.

I see you. You are amazing. I just needed space to say this. It feels like freedom. I love that you know. I felt loved today. It is total bullshit. I find myself in the stillness. I am struggling to change. I am sending abundant love to you. I want something different. It looks brilliant and brave. You are so damn beautiful.

As they do, each month of the moon's cycle eventually turns us into another year, another gathering, another beginning.

If you came to sit next to me there would be words fallen from magazines clipped and intuition found in the quiet of connection, of listening, of knowing that wanting for me is wanting for you.

And I do.


{where treasures become new once more :: an instagram pop up}

"The shop is all the things in one unbelievably intimate and loving connection as you select the pieces and share them and send them as meditations on beauty and being and bliss - it's like seeing ourselves through your adoration."

Thrifted treasures can be discovered in this pop up shop where Spiritstyle comes alive and the parts of who we are can be reimagined in playfulness and adoration for the earth in allowing treasures to become once more.


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“There are moments in our lives when someone extraordinary comes into view, bringing with them great spirit and the power of transformation. Hannah Marcotti’s deeply rooted authenticity, gentle love and soft caress, creates beautiful spaces for knowing and a safe place for revealing our most authentic dreams and wishes, guiding you toward a realization and manifestation of your true hearts’ desire.” 

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{where words become prayer and stories float}

“What you do is take women who don’t even know how to believe in what they already are, don’t know that they should, and you give them hope, give them the tools, introduce them to a way of looking at themselves, the world, each other – that illuminates ILLUMINATES the path that we failed to notice was beneath our feet all along.”

“She has a magical balance of ferocity and gentleness that speak directly to your heart while not leaving your mind out of the equation. Oh, and she rocks."