Loft Event :: Paper Altars. Who are you becoming?

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Date: Friday, March 28th 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Cost: $45
Space Limited: 15 people
Live event: Creating and receiving paper altars. Exploring who we are becoming.

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As I looked around at my many sacred spaces filled with altars I noticed the textures, the papers, the secret messages and the gifts that I had received as blessings from those who surround me with love, often in the form of cards and words. I hang mixed media art and vision pages, cards with dreams and little bits and pieces of magic that find their way to me.

In Magic Making Circle we are creating altars, exploring who we were, are and will be and allowing them to infuse into our altars. I am lit up and guided by the who I am becoming. She has become spirit guide and my wisdom. She knows where I am journeying and keeps sending me people and messages to walk with me.

Rather than feeling frustrated that we aren't where we want to be, we will be using the wants and needs and desires inside of us to become guides, to teach us. The who we are becoming holds the wisdom of the steps we must start to take to become them.

During this beautiful gathering at The Loft, I will prompt you through several projects using paper and photos and special bits that I'll have for you as you start to listen to the self that you are becoming. We will create little altar offerings for our sacred spaces.

(These prompts will be part of the Magic Making Cirlce, so you'll get a glimpse into the gorgeous work we are doing together virtually in person.)

What to bring: a sacred photo of yourself (face or part of your body), any clippings from magazines that you wish to use during the evening, special cards or words from others and byob. I will have lots of snacks and sweet things for us to enjoy during our time.

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