A letter to your forgiveness.

“Use whatever excuse you can to vibrate in harmony with those things you've been saying you want...”

~ Abraham

bella grace
bella grace

Photo by Catherine Just

There is a place inside of each of us that longs for forgiveness.

For the fight last night. For yelling at the kids when they spilled the cereal all over the floor. For saying no when he reached over to touch you. For swearing at the guy who cut you off and almost made you smash into him. For pulling yourself further and further away from that person because he/she hurts your heart. For wanting to leave. For wanting to stay. For using formula instead of your boobs. For talking too much. For forgetting her birthday and what it meant to her. For telling yourself every morning that you are fat and unlovable. For the pain of not being a fortune teller of your future. For being late every time. For wishing you could love him more, today. For fantasizing over another. For wanting to step into her life. For the pregnancy you didn't have. For the one who couldn't be there. For the book that you refuse to write. For the fear that has held you from movement. For the love of another. For the lust of crumbs. And then more crumbs. For not signing up to go. For becoming more like her than you ever thought you would. For wishing that five years ago, ten years ago you had... For letting the house become a shit show. For waking up without gratitude.

Those places need only one thing. Your forgiveness. Ask. Ask them for forgiveness.

Then keep going. Keep living so gorgeously and let forgiveness be part of that life.

Bless your past. Forgive. Now move. Move from what was and into the depth of what forgiveness allows, which is peace in your now.

Today we bless what has come before. We allow the choices of our past to be released into the beauty of all that has created our now. We take time to find the places that feel stuck because they long for our own forgiveness. We ask. We forgive. And so it is.


There is a place inside of us that longs for forgiveness ::


Let's hold it together, as a magical circle, and forgive with full compassion for us.