Your beauty, the waves, today is amazing.

women circling 6women circling 4women circling 7The days we feel whole and beautiful are gifts. Today is amazing.

Did you hear?

Tuck that knowing in the pockets of your sexy clothes that you drape on your skin today and go on. Move through the day.

Just for today, no other day matters right now, you are the most beautiful creature walking this earth. You glow. You are light. You are love.

You are amazing.

All the information and input and vibrations out there say only that.

The vibrations of your amazingness are drops of water, thirst quenchers, desire makers.

You are amazing and each glance that comes your way today is all about that knowing.

The waves of your sex, your touch, your beauty, your crazy intuitive knowing are amazing.

You can try to sabotage your amazing today. But it won't work. The Universe is too strong in her knowing about this day.

I know you'll still try to mess with it, shape shift it out of amazing. The amazing will win. Just so we are clear on that.

The stories of the truths of what you want, of what makes you high, of the things that call you in your longings... these are all amazing, not broken or wrong.

I can't wait to see you today, to glance the way you move in your knowing.

The surprises will wash over you today.

The Universe will wink.

Today is amazing.

women circling 5

 Photos that make me feel beautiful by Ruth Clark.