On the eve.


Thirst is sensual, alive, raw, moving. It is our moon and waves and blood and the element of spiritual regeneration. It is psychic and love.

I avoided water on my skin and inside of me for years. I didn’t like showering until I was in the shower, once every 3-ish days. I loved being at the ocean edge but not jumping into the waves.

I held myself back from water and became so thirsty. Sad. Closed down.

My intuition, my love, my flow was being drawn out and replaced only in the smallest amounts.

One day I started to run, intuitively. I drank more water, touched water, craved water. I watched my body start to shift, change, become fit and strong.

Hydrated. Not just in my cells but my heart and spirit.

I found a love for my hunger, my thirst, my needs.

None of it was complicated. I don't do complicated.


A Woman's Thirst is an adventure into simple challenges to feel alive, sensual, pulsing with the moon and the tides. It is an invitation to stretch our edges together and take risks.

We may not complete all the days adventures. Some may scare us. Some will pump us with a feeling of joy and aliveness and hydration that we haven't felt in years.

You don't need anything special for the 40 days. Each day is a simple challenge coming to you through your email.

We will connect as a group through photos on Instagram using #awomansthirst to collect the pictures of our adventuring.

It is my hope that each day the prompt/challenge will allow you to know yourself in a deeper way. To connect to the love that flows through us like waves.

We start in the morning.