Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

 purple heart rock

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a woman united with a world struggling to understand, take a deep breath. Today I am love. Today we are love.

Look into the eyes.  {found from Susannah}

I am rather in love with this company. I don't own anything from them but these words, this understanding, this makes me .

Read this 17 times-ish. Felt more softness inside...

From an old friend and client. This.

I will never save the poem for just the end. This to me was such a brilliant emotional untangling.

There is a lot of juice in this one.

Just ordered this and can't wait!!!!

One of the loves in my life, who helps me heal, laugh and feel such joy.

 Anything Justine, but we can start here this week. "Epic is about bringing it." Huge crush on this woman.



Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

 buddha and ball

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a injured ribs from yoga, lots of decaf and praying, loving the sunshine on this magical March day and so excited to get my eyebrows waxed tomorrow kind of woman.

I took a healing and life shifting trip to Oregon which I'll share more about soon. Some of the women on the trip have started to share their words. I can't read these posts without crying. I will be sitting down to share more about this kind of circling with women soon, I just have to let the words find their way through me::



Jessica ~ Here are the sea elves Kelly mentioned if you need some magic!


Something about this art from Mati makes me feel such magic in how we show up in each other's lives for the healing process and how it occurs over the course of our lives, with an assortment of people.

This little guy sits on my bathroom sink in my new space (more about that soon)! Thank you Michelle!

On my list of carve out time for, I adore David and Maggie.


I will be teaching at retreats in WA and NC this year. If you are feeling adventure, self-love, time for deep healing/dreaming/resting/integrating/discovering - I would love to wrap my arms around you at one of these beautiful gatherings.

April:: Feast 

October:: Serendipity


I am thrilled to be offering this as an online group course again this month. The impact on your life from glue sticks and magazines is rather hard to wrap your brain around. It is about doing the work and allowing yourself to fully feel what you want from this life. Join us...

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”   ~ Rumi


Come vision with me.

Are you ready to play? (click here for yes)

When I have a question for myself I go into my stack of magazines and start opening to receive the messages. Visioning is a life changing practice of play, creativity and connection.

Are you ready to own your own gluestick?

When my hands are smeared with watercolors and glue and there are magazine trimmings tumbling around me I feel joy. The essence of joy, stepping into the doing, living creatively to open up.

Wanna' make some magic?

This practice is one of receiving, trust, beauty and a dash of magic. Close your eyes and imagine those in images:: receiving, trust, beauty and magic.

We are going to create that. Come play.

Details for the course are here...

Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a snow you can suck it kind of woman.

Love this woman. Love even more that she wrote this post and unknowingly to me I found the book a few weeks later. Bam.

One of my stunning clients who breathes life into herself through her words.

My gorgeous VA sent this to me, and yes. Just yes.

So honored.

More honor. Seriously, this still takes me by surprise that people ask me to answer their questions. Blessed.

Grab tissues. Just sayin'.

I adore her work, her style, her all.

Just a few spaces left...

My newest language like whoa.

Only slightly jealous. I am adoring this woman and the work whe is bringing to the world.

More tissues, and I am in love with light. Shine baby, shine.

I remember the first time I said fuck on my blog, I was so scared, but that was being truly me. Now, no fears.

Michelle wore these in NYC for her gorgeous event, and look at this!!!

Thank you sweet one, so blessed to have your friendship!

Love, love, love the poetry.

So, yes, these are the scarves I've been wearing, love them.


Starting moments.

I am the kind of morning person who lounges in bed with a cup of hot coffee. I prefer touch in the mornings than at night. I need a slow start, a gentle awakening.

If I can find some stillness my head can integrate the dreams, the 3am mind wanderings, the longings for the day.

I wake up with feeling intentions. I wake up knowing how I want to feel each day. I pray for the guidance to somehow be in that. I will my boys to not fight for 10 minutes after my eyes open.

Always having said that I'm not a morning person was not true. We are all morning people. Waking up is gorgeous if we can do it the way our body craves.

A long time ago the clock was removed from the bedroom, that was a huge moment for me. I used to watch it all night. Now I never know what time it is but wake at almost the same time every day.

Rhythm. Morning ritual.

Starting Moments.

When I was feeling really ubruptly-wrong in the mornings I began taking a photo each morning that I called Starting. I don't have all the control over my waking. I have three kids and we live in a tiny house.

Often I found myself resentful of how I had to start my days, full of fighting kids and exhaustion after being woken up multiple times a night.

I needed to ground myself in gratitude. What other way right? We always circle back to being in the now with gratitude when we want to change.

So that morning picture is my anchor inside of what can be chaos.

It allows me to just show the truth of my mess or to take time to create a lovely scene that I carry with me for the rest of the day. It is all about the feeling.

I invite anyone on Instagram to join me with the Starting photo by tagging your own starting moment #startingmoments and to check out the pictures that are starting to collect over there. It isn't just me anymore with my bumpy mug!!


There are a few spaces left for the FEAST Be Present Retreat hosted by my gorgeous friend Liz. I can promise some pretty freaking amazing #startingmoments pictures from WA. The group gathering has already captured my heart. I cannot wait. This is self care for the soul.

Surrender starts February 11th and we are almost at 70 women. It is going to send a vibration out to every part of ourselves when we dip into the sweetness of surrender. As we stand in the intersection between acceptance and change. Join us...

Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a craving sensual experiences especially inside of my intuition, loving every sip of my coffee, noticing the light shining in, dreaming of paint colors and shelves, thrilled to put on my favorite shirt that I finally washed, kind of woman.

"I have a stake in the human story."

I am deeply in love with the women surrounding my work and my life. Grateful she is one of them.

She has the greatest hair and made me pee my pants reading this one!

Swirl with me baby.

I tell you now, someday I am going to wrap my arms around this woman and try to morph her energy into mine!

Think I may have just used the word juicy the other day but I swear it was for sensual reasons...

Thinking about each of these, working on my own list from 2012.

Savor. Please, please. [posted by Andrea on FB]

This honesty brings such light.

A must listen. I have the book on its way.

[Anne posted on FB]  This darling, this.

So totally going to make this pad thai and these chocolate delights.

Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

She drew this for me.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am mixed up between all parts of who I am and the feelings inside and the need to sleep but hugging my hot cup of coffee closer because I don't have to know, right... kind of mama.

 I adore little acorn and used to do all sorts of things like this with my kids, hmmm....

I somehow see my spirit inside of this one, you know when art touches you in that way?

Yes, Liz and I still have our love affair going, we are helping eachother in so many ways, I am truly grateful.

I really want to write a what would happen post, but for now...

Next tattoo is probably stars, just saying.

FREE and Vivienne in the same sentence, go get yours.

Each year I feel the female guides I need show up to me and enter Julie.

"People are drawn to our brands by what they need from us to be more of themselves or to have the life they’re trying to create." Bam. Post that up on a vision board somewhere, tattoo it on your heart.

Feeling like I'm eggy and spermy all mixed up but have always identified with eggy, something to think about. [via Michelle]

So my workshop will be among the last at Teahouse, this was a manifesting dream come true and we have spaces available. Come vision with me and watch your life start to shift in magical ways because you are allowing it to.

Patrick travels with a gym bag while in his suits on the plane. This bothers me, thinking of getting him this...thoughts? (Patrick don't open link.)

This may need to be mine. Pow.

From one of my gorgeous clients who I look forward to our bi-weekly chats in enormous ways.


I don't offer information that doesn't need to find its way to my kids. I wait for them to ask, I wait for them to want to know because until then, they just don't need to. We all grow up soon enough right?


 Can't. Stop. Listening. To. This. Beautiful.

What surprises you?

I finished an interview for my sweet girl Laura and I won't give away the question that inspired the post (I'll let you wait for the interview) but it had to do with being surprised. I never had a surprise party, not sure my sensitive self would take well to one, I like a plan, but surprises exist around me every day, around all of us. The Universe seems to deal in surprises, often just as we think we have it all down.

I am surprised every single time someone signs up to work with me. Truth.

I am surprised when I see Chloe's hot chocolate and it has the most beautiful heart on top. Hearts are everywhere once you open your eyes to them.

I am surprised at how many people I love have whispered the words, "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it." Because it always shows up differently than you imagined. Because it is often freaking hard ass work. Because when we manifest we have to release the details.

I am surprised that I get to use my gift of sensitivity and love for heart-centered business to make a living. This one may never go away, I hope it doesn't. I am humbled all the time, over and over. Humbling surprises.

I am surprised that after being gone from the boys for 6 hours that they jump up and down waiting to hug me. "Time for mama-hugs."

I am surprised that I am learning to save money. Shocked might be a better word. I have declared 2013 the year that I finally accept I am truly building a solid business and come up with systems and a plan and save up for the attic remodel that I've been dreaming of since the day I stepped foot into this house.

I am surprised that just when you think you understand you, a new you is ready to come forth, building upon that knowing. Thank God, Goddess, the Universe. Have I mentioned how much I adore being 38?

I am surprised that being 20 pounds over what I forced my body to be at for most of my life that I finally feel beautiful and sexy. Doesn't mean I don't sometimes wish some of it would melt away, but I have a deep trust that this is where I am meant to be. And I've learned how to dress myself to feel gorgeous. (Still working on the bathing suit, thank goodness I have a loooong winter season to figure that out.)

I am surprised at how vulnerable newness makes me feel. And ya'll may know how much I crave change.

I'm surprised when I don't know. I still feel this very strong attachment to needing answers right away and the waiting is unfamiliar, still.

I am surprised at the gorgeous community that has come together around my work. My heart still gets lit up every time connections are made and inspirations are shared. I. Am. Blessed.

And you? What surprises you? Love to hear down below, or as my Community Grace Community knows, I'd love for you to write your own post on what surprises you and then come back and link it up below for all of us to share.

Making space for blessings, wishes...

December 1st we start to dance in the magic of the holiday and spend time with magic, blessings, ritual, letters from the heart, soulwork, reindeer (or bird) magical food, handmade stars, the beautiful smells of pie and more sprinklings of joy.

Join me along with members of the joy tribe on Thursday, November 29th at 8:30 pm Eastern Time as we kick off the Holiday Joy Up with words, meditation, stories of past joy ups and the inspiration for stepping into the Holiday with softness.

I've had a little thought playing in my head of joining some of the voices of the joy tribe together in this way and when I asked them, there was a resounding yes. Grab your eggnog and candy canes and meet us virtually from your cozy house in your jammies as we ring in the joy.

Yes, there will be magic.


Highly Sensitive Style (how I get dressed)

When I made my 2012 vision board on the February New Moon this picture of the woman in a gray sequined tunic with a black jacket standing under my word for the year, magic, was my focus. The essence of this picture, a woman standing in her power, shining, stepping into the light was the image I was manifesting. I also was learning that comfort as an HSP while feeling like I could claim my own style were not exclusive. I wanted this jacket and this sequined top, they just had to feel right on my body.

As a highly sensitive person much of my getting dressed is like a kid who can't stand the feeling of the hem on their sock. My clothes must feel right or they stay in the closet, unworn, often with tags still on.

I found my sequin top at TJ Maxx I think. I had been searching for one where you couldn't feel the sequins and that was long enough to act as a tunic. I love this shirt. It is gray, one of the 5 colors I wear. It sparkles. When I wear it I feel magic. Style to me is about a feeling. How do you want to feel when you climb into your clothes? As an HSP, comfort is at the top of that list, but it is more than comfort. To me it is like the difference between feeling like you are too hot or too cold, it is like stepping into that perfect temperature.

This year I've been quietly shopping in a new way. I love handmade items from Etsy. I love materials that are so soft you barely feel them. I am spending more for one item because I don't wear many items. I've also been releasing things. Releasing all the jeans that don't fit. Releasing anything that is a color I won't wear even if it is gorgeous. If I won't wear it, why is it hanging in my closet?

This also means releasing stories of guilt around spending money on so many things that I don't use. This is the hardest thing to release, each time I fill a bag with donation I remind myself that I am just getting to know myself even deeper. That this release is about coming home, but usually the guilt tries hard to stop me and keep the piles of unworn clothes in the drawer.

I found three essential things for my day as a mama and work at home entrepreneur: jeans, leggings and yoga pants. All three of these things can go from a snuggle on the couch to a tea date with a friend to walking the dog or sitting on the computer writing. I tried every jean and then I finally found the them. The ones. They feel like butter, the stretch just enough and my belly fits them. Love.

Layers have always been key to my HSP. Often the layers act as a shield when I'm in the world or feeling vulnerable. A scarf seems to balance me, ground me and once I discovered infinity scarves I was in my joy. Infinity scarves mean no tying or falling off or having to readjust. You just loop it on and go. More love.

In college I wore a lot of jewelry, in layers. Jewelery again must be soft, no itching and I try to find stones and metals that work with my energy. Just like the layers, they seem to ground me, to root my energy. A bonus is that many artists on Etsy are aware of this and help you choose your stones and colors through the descriptions they write.

Not long ago I realized that I only feel like myself if I wear certain colors. Neutrals really, whites, mochas or gold, gray and black or navy occasionally. I would buy gorgeous tops that sparkled of jewel tones and they would sit in my closet or I would wear them for 2 hours and then run back and grab my mocha shirt.

I remember once buying this beautiful purple tunic. Even as I was standing in line I could hear this little voice that had yet been fully acknowledged saying, you won't wear this, you won't wear this. I tried a few times to put it on and never made it out of the house. It was a little itchy and well, purple!!!

The moment I take off the shirt that feels wrong and climb inside of 'my colors' I can feel my body relax, melt. Perhaps some of my OCD is mixed into this, I don't know why this is, yet now when you look in my closet, you will not see the rainbow, you'll see the sand, the seashells, the clouds. You see me.

You will also see the birds. Feather earrings and my sparrow tattoo are part of this HSP style. They feel like me. This is what Highly Sensitive Style is, creating a wardrobe that feels like you, clothes that you climb into and come alive in your own version of shining. Clothes that not only make you look beautiful but that help you to feel beautiful. The gorgeous life, wearing things that make us more us.

As I create my vision board in 2013 I will find an image that captures the essence of the woman I continue to grow into. I love letting her find her light and giving her the gift of knowing who she is, in style, thoughts and visions.

Here is a list of style that I love, most I own, some I just adore.

This was the shirt that started it all. I love oversized shirts that hide my belly and I've always adored off the shoulder slouchy style. I'm sort of still in the 90's I think, jean jackets and off the shoulder shirts. Bring it!

Loving this, look at that color...that is my color. My HSP also really likes sleeves that are loose and then fitted at the bottom. I love being able to place the sleeve where I want it and it stays there!

I found this shirt and the color was whispering to me, come lay in the sand, take off your shoes and let's play.

Finally I found jeans that I feel joyful in. They don't feel like leggings, let's be real, but they are buttery and stretchy and I love them. I spent way more than this on the numerous jeans that I never wear because they don't feel good on me. I'm so happy to be done with that.

I can't find the leggings I own, but these look yummy! While I don't own these I've had them in my Etsy shopping cart!

All I can say is that this jacket is my favorite thing. It is soft, feels almost like a sweater and looks so beautiful on. My daughter tries to steal it daily, she may need one for Christmas!

I find all my yoga pants at TJ Maxx and usually I get Green Apple. They are long enough for my long legs, the material is gorgeous and I feel really sexy in them. Yes, sexy in yoga pants. This is a priority of mine.

I adore boots with heels and again, spent lots of money on shoes that don't feel good. I can walk the dog in these, stand in them for hours and they are heaven.

My feather earrings are no longer for sale but browsing through Etsy you'll find gorgeous feathers, like these.

Natural elements and animal energy has become vital for me, I adore this.

My favorite infinity scarf with shimmer is no longer for sale, I'd buy 12 of them if it was. I found something like it but I've never touched this one so don't know how it feels.

A stretchy and chunky belt is my new favorite thing. It helps me create some shape and not feel so self conscious about those things they call 'love handles!' I don't have this one but a similar one.


What I most want you to know is that finding your style is about the inner and outer expression of you. It is the telling of your story through the image you put on and bring to the world. Your style is a blend of your visions, feelings and comforts.

Feel gorgeous, be gorgeous.


More musings on HSP...

HSP That's Me

Tales of an HSP

Highly Sensitive Packing

Highly Sensitive Unpacking

A blessing for battle.


You are beauty. You are grace. You are love.

You are not the voices that tell you that you are fat or unloved or without. Broken.

You are joy unfolding.

You are not lacking. You are not them. You are not wrong.

You are perfectly imperfect and passionate beyond your own knowing.

Open yourself. Surrender to that feeling defining you. You are safe.

You are beauty. You are grace. You are love.

Forgive yourself for one moment and feel the gorgeous reality that you are so OK.

Release into your flow that is your dance through this year and into the next.

Send the sparks of desire, the waves of delight and the echo of your dreams into this day. And into this

This is your blessing. A blessing to carry into battle.

You are beauty. You are grace. You are love.

To Feast


I spread out the tablecloth,
slip off my shoes and feast on preparation.

There is a dance that I do when I’m not moving.
I dream the dance, know the dance.

Can I say yes to the beauty and inspiration without pause?
Feast on my life.

I look down and see the first tattoo on my arm,
bird in flight,
joy in her eye.
Feathers found calling me forth towards abundance.
I feel the leather I curl onto,
the cotton comforter I bury under,
the fear I face as I move into my next dream.

Joy arises even as my tears fall and my body flares in pain.
Time. Passing, flowing, fighting, slowing, wanting, moving.
I let my pelvis ground me, holding, releasing, pushing, pulling.
Sensual space and divine trust.

Simplicity of habit
and that moment
when you know in your spirit that you won’t do that.

You won’t settle, you won’t allow.
Can I say the words that scare me but I must. Now.
To ease into divine pleasure.
I glue my list of dreams,
colorful and life alteringly scary-wonderful.

I vision. I accept that it feels like this now.
A knowing that I can shift those feelings, now.
Can I release and flow into my magic. My joy. My yes.

There is a feast in my spirit each time I find a feather where I never saw a bird.


Many months ago I set a very strong intention to manifest. I wrote that I wanted to be invited to teach at a retreat where I could wear my yoga pants. To me this meant being invited to teach places where I could be myself.

Many weeks ago Liz sent me an email about the possibility of teaching at a retreat that she was dreaming of, focused on joy and feasting on our lives. I learned to manifest by finding feathers. I would focus on them, feel their beauty, see them in mind's eye.

The retreat will be a true feast, of the senses and at the table we will share and in our beautiful time together. The spaces are limited and filling so beautifully with exactly the women who are called to be together in this space.

Learn more about this gorgeous time we will spend together in April. If you are being called into this cabin in the woods, I can't wait to meet you, to hug you, to guide you and to feast with you. Set your intention to manifest this magical time.

(Photo credit Vivienne McMaster)

Holiday bounty and my sweet friends.

With The Holiday Joy Up launched out into the world I am always humbled as the women start to gather together and form a community, a tribe, weeks before we even begin. Not everyone chooses to go through their days in group support, for some it is a chance to be quiet with their own thoughts and goals and dreams. I do love Soulwork in tribe though, there is something about going through an experience together that feels like magic.

We will be dancing in the magic together.

The Holiday Joy Up started as 10 days, as did all the Joy Ups (this was the video that started them all)! When it felt time to change things up the days were extended and now all of my programs are getting little make-overs to extend them so we have more time together and can travel together at a relaxed pace.

One woman said to me that at the end of December she will have had an email from me almost every morning for 3 months! I love this, showing up each morning with you and being part of the process of joy, change, heart-based purpose and learning more about who you are is my gorgeous life's work. I am truly grateful.

Please know that each joy up there are scholarships available if money is an issue for you in this moment. Women from past joy tribes who have gifted spots waiting for someone to fill them, if that is you, send an email to to be matched up with a sponsor. One of the most magical parts is that often it is the women who started a joy up journey on scholarship are now gifting spots. The Joy Ups are that powerful, bringing us into places of abundance as we work through the tough stuff that brings us into our light.

My sweet friends are spreading their own magic.

I want to share with you some of the other Holiday offerings that some of my dearest friends have planned. I know that something on this list may resonate for you and be just what you were looking for in your own heart or for someone you love. I feel abundantly blessed to share their heart-based work with you. If you don't know these women you are in for a treat, pure delicious treat.

(Please note I am not an affiliate, just a loving friend to these women.)

Water your soul. ~ Liz Lamoreux

Wisdom Notes. ~ Rachel Cole

Santa Pause. ~ Kristin Noelle

30 Day Social Media Rehab. ~ Tiffany Han

Breathe Peace. ~ Jenn Gibson

New Mama Recharge. (In January) ~ Michelle Pfennighaus

In Community Grace we are doing some work around finding our feeling mantra. Mine is to feel inspired to create magic. Whether it is with my communities, the connections I make with clients, in my cozy family, with my book coach, long talks with my mastermind group, moments of clarity and joy from those I am deeply connected to, making space in my home and heart or simply as I sit down to write; I feel inspired to create magic.

Attaching my intentions with that feeling is what moves me forward, helps me dig deep into my own personal magic. I'll be sharing some stories from the Community Grace group as I know you will be as moved as I am by their personal grace.

The Holiday Joy Up 2012

Join us for Holiday Joy Up 2013 over here!!!!

When you dance in the magic something opens up inside and the desire for more joy, dreams and passion becomes the mission of the heart.

December 1st to the 22nd

As we approach the Holidays it is easy to lose focus on joy, we want magic and sparkly nights, not stress and fights! Pressures arise and we are faced with decisions to make and food indulgences on every table.

These 22 days are about connecting to daily gratitude, creating everyday magic, feeling filled with connection (rather than sugar), truthfulness, radiating love and that twinkle of inspiration for creating a season of joy.

Gratitude + Love + Magic = Holiday Joy

 22 days of holiday letters holding inside of them:

  • Inspiration towards making more daily magical moments
  • Reminders of what truly matters to us through holiday joy affirmations
  • Gratitude makers - think noise makers full of gratitude - through soulwork assignments
  • Recipes that make your taste buds joyful and your body gorgeous
  • Daily sparkles, tingles, twinkles, fluttering...magic of the season

Reminders to dance in the magic of the season:

  • Support from your joy tribe
  • Inspirations for sharing the love of the season
  • Twinkles of gratitude
  • Joyful giving and receiving
  • Gorgeous holiday living

Shifting into joy for the present moments:

  • Feeling love for who we are now, yes, now
  • Simple ways of showing love through the sharing and receiving of gifts and gestures
  • Mindfulness and joy that come from the simple, ordinary tasks of our life
  • Transforming the everyday into joyful holiday magic through Soulwork
  • Fully being inside of the joy of the season


Magical guests contributing their sparkle and gratitude:

Recipes to connect you deeper to your health:

  • Grain-free and mostly dairy free, like me!

Here is how we move into the magic:

  • A letter each morning delivered to your email, like a daily gift of gratitude
  • 22 days of inspiration
  • A Facebook Joy Tribe Group to chat in, share inspiration, pictures and the magic of the season
  • Watch your holiday joy start to sparkle as you dance in the magic
  •  I celebrate Christmas but this is for celebrating the season, not a specific holiday
  • Share the magic we will be dancing in, sign up with a soulsister
  • $22.00 for 22 days
  • Or join and gift to a soulsister for $38.00
  • December 1st to the 22nd

I always smell joy and the excitement in the air, see it in the lights that start to sparkle and taste it in the homemade applesauce simmering away on the stove. This time together is about focusing on those special moments and making memories. Taking the stress and pressures and flipping them into gratitude, love and joy! Let's discover the magic of the twinkle together.

Here is my love note to you:

  • I believe you are amazing
  • I believe in you connecting to the special
  • I believe in the magic of all you are
  • I believe in you








"To feel that connection that exists between all of us, everywhere, is so refreshing and joyful." - Emily

"This time has been wonderful. I met Joy like an old friend coming back into my life. I am really enjoying the visit and hope that she stays." - Laura

"This has been the most precious of days ♥ !" - Stacy

"Thank you for these days, they will ripple into many more days to come." - Jenn

"Focusing on joy has allowed me to encourage and old friend and totally change the way I think about situations. I'm usually negative but these past days I have learned to speak the truth in my head out loud instead of letting the negative situations take over. It has been really amazing." - Rachel

Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a make hot soup to simmer away on the stove early, make the bed, call back the potential babysitter, cross things off that funky list next to me by noon (yes, this is a challenge) and "mama please can we go to the playground before we pick up the big kids" kind of mama.

These are my pay-it-forward lists.

Jamie and Me. xo

Oh Pam, I love this. ~via Susannah C

Dream. Come. True.

I have not cross stitched since I was a little girl. I am so feeling like making a little basket and going back in.

Shame. Know this one? A beautiful sharing of the process of moving through, not pushing against.

This is how I plan my programs. All of it with sticky notes, right here. And then I spontaneously get things like this for my daughter, shhh!

Catching up on my reading. Blogs, just yes.

The storm has brought waves of emotion to us on the East Coast.


Catch up with my news from my world, Would they notice?


Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

(Writing this blog post, sipping that coffee, wearing something I made with my hands. Joy.)

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am  a sinking into bed, creating things with my hands while sipping coffee, can't believe it is almost noon and I've got some deadlines to go play with kind of mama.

These are my pay-it-forward lists.

I love most things with sensitive in the title.

Let's just know this and really pay attention. And also believe that our world must start to change and that we are that change.

I have a huge crush on succulents.

Beautiful. Photography dreams I have.

Hello, mama will be going into the kitchen.

I wish I was in CA so I could be part of this magic.

Vivienne is rocking my world with everything she does and is.

Via Stefanie Renee on FB this beautiful kickstarter. Can you feel the energy around this one. Buy a gorgeously loving bag for yourself or a gift for someone you love and know that this is supporting real art.

I'm committed to talking more about healing our marriages and our own selves. This from Kelly, this will guide you.

I'm starting to make things again. I'll write about it soon, but for now, what she said. Gorgeousness from Andrea.

"Big heart love." Yes, that is Jenny. Her telling of truth is awe inspiring. I am blessed to have her on my team.

Speaking of awe, hello!!! Inspired, intimidated and admitting I think we have one printed picture of our third child in the house. I hung a frame up in the kitchen and it is still empty. He's four.

In nude. Just saying.

How we make this little thing called magic.

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” ~ Roald Dahl

Here is your soulwork for today. Pick a word or a color or an object. Think about it, hold it inside your mind and your heart. Focus on it for at least 10 minutes in silence.

As you go through the next few days keep your camera or your iphone handy and take a picture every time you see the word, color or object. Watch how what you focus on and believe in shows up.

This is the first step to magic making. Focus and belief.

For added fun a hashtag on instagram #magicmaking if you want to share your magic. (Find me at @hannahmarcotti on Instagram.)

“It's still magic even if you know how it's done.” ~ Terry Pratchett

I have two spots open for November Magic Making Sessions. If you are being called deeper into understanding yourself and your creative work life, let's make some magic together. xo


"Hannah Marcotti is my secret weapon.  As a mom & a coach, I was struggling a bit to find balance.  Hannah met me exactly where I was & guided me toward a healthier lifestyle.  Through her intuitive coaching style & her unique business savvy, I was able to completely take Soul Carrot to the next level!"


"I let go of three of the four services I was offering and wow, do I feel so much better!"

Essay from the bathroom.

Connection to home is my form of balance. When I'm off scrubbing the bathroom it will slowly rock me back into rhythm. My friend calls doing such things 'making home.' Gorgeous, yes?

I have the moment where I still can't believe we have lived here almost 8 years and still have the baby blue sink, one of the first things I dreamt of changing. I scrub it with a magic eraser every few months to wash off the scum from five bodies sharing one tiny bathroom. And it glows. When I was a child I loved cleaning the bathroom sinks. I used that powered comet and I loved seeing it go from scummy to clean under my hands.

My mind comes to life. Ideas flow, lists that only a right-brained, highly sensitive would understand start to form; which means a list that will be forgotten too. I write in my mind as I scrub. On my hands and knees, grateful for having paper towels (rare in this house) so I don't have to use a hundred little cleaning towels. I'm sure I'll remember the words later. I'm always sure. It is sometimes as though I haven't been introduced to parts of myself.

No, I won't really remember I later remember.

I remember being pregnant on these same hands and knees which now feel almost like a different body, scrubbing this space for the first time. I am a mama of three kids now. This house is full. We use so much toilet paper now. I have two boys; did I ever think I would have two boys?

Stepping into the shower to use my own power to wipe the walls and clear the stains, more memories; the shower I would stand in after Eli was born and relive his birth, every time, every shower. My voice screaming. Then remembering he is safe. Still the child I worry about the most, the one my body can almost feel every time he is hurt, connected somehow deep in our senses.

The bathroom felt bigger 8 years ago. My life was tinier. There are seven toothbrushes I count as I wipe off the shelves. Toothpaste and fingerprints on the walls.

I imagine stretching it out, first the bathroom and then my visions of my life. My dreams. How can I expand this bathroom? How can I expand my path.

The match strikes and I light the candle. Every sparkling bathroom must end with the flicker of a candle smelling of frankincense or sandalwood or jasmine.

The sink is still blue.

We are still here.

Somehow I am bigger now.