Sugar Candy Giveaway

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“We have not journeyed all this way across the centuries, across the oceans, across the mountains, across the prairies, because we are made of sugar candy.”

~ Sir Winston Churchill

What if for one night you could play as though you were sugar candy? At ease, in the flow, giggling, hugging, lounging, creating and finding some of your own magic as you traveled through different worlds…

20 women gathered together at The Loft and traveled through worlds making their own magic and now one of you will receive a box in your home to journey through and play as though you were sugar candy.

What you'll win :: Sugar Candy Adventure at Home

A jar of brown sugar foot scrub created by Persephone Brown just for you to give yourself some divine comfort.
A mini altar with sparkles, intentions and a prayer written to you from Mara Glatzel which you can hold in the palm of your hand and feel guided and grounded and open.
Inside of the altar tin you will find a reiki charged crystal that Sarah Rubin filled with energy and safety and blessing.
A crown, handmade with vintage materials from Chelsae Biggs who also will be including a secret mantra hidden inside the crown just for you. (See picture down below for beautiful women wearing their crowns.)
Some sugar candy for color and inspiration.
And I have tucked in a mini vision book (if you win and have no idea what a vision book is, email me, I'll hook you up), a few pre-cut words and images to start your journey towards dreaming and asking yourself this question...

To enter the giveaway leave a comment at the bottom of this post playing with this question::

Close your eyes. Ask all of your senses, including intuition, to be present in that stillness. Enlist your senses as you ask yourself where you feel called to journey towards as you are pulled into your own fierce magic.

A haircut after a year of ponytails. A plane ticket. Tea with a soulsister. Tears with a lover to find deeper laughter. Opening your body even through fear. Giving away the clothes that don't fit. Setting the coffee pot in the morning as an act of love to your future self. Writing that poem that aches to be set free. Blowing bubbles as you stand on the shore. Taking the class that you talk yourself out of because of this and that. Finding a babysitter. Hanging up the vision board on the kitchen wall. The tattoo. Putting on the dress. Saying yes to the challenge. That nap.

(I know what you are thinking. Why didn't I just ask you to share it on FB and Twitter and blah blah! Because I want you to journey, I want you all to feel your sugar candy magic and claim that one thing.)

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Sugar Scrub

2 cup sugar of choice (white, brown, raw)
1/3 cup olive oil
1/3 cup coconut oil
2 Tbl vanilla
2 Tbl of lemon zest
Blend all ingredients in a bowl using your hands.
Transfer to a pretty little jar.

Eggplant Fritters

Dice one large eggplant and lay onto a baking sheet. Cover it generously with olive oil. Add half of an onion, diced and a sprinkle of sea salt. Roast in a 350 degree oven for about 40 minutes or until soft. Allow to cool.

Give the eggplant a quick chop, this will be about 2 1/2 to 3 cups of eggplant.

Add eggplant to a mixing bowl with one beaten egg.

Add in 2 tablespoons of capers.

One cup of Romano cheese, grated, goes into the mix.

One cup of finely chopped kale leaves (about two kale leaves) and gently mix it together adding in 2 cloves of garlic, chopped and 1 1/2 cups of almond meal (or flour).

Place generous tablespoon sized balls onto a greased piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet. Press down slightly on each ball. Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden and firm to the touch. Allow to cool. Serve warm or room temperature. These are great topped with a yummy dressing and over salad. Often I make a dip for these with some Veganaisse, lemon juice, honey, salt, pepper and italian dried spices. So good.


Rosemary Cassis Bubbly

In a long stem glass layer in 3 blackberries, a splash of cassis and a stem of rosemary. Pour your favorite bubbles over and sip while laughing, playing, visioning, bathing, putting on sexy lipstick or cooking dinner with Bublé.
gorgPicMonkey Collage

To enter the giveaway leave a comment at the bottom of this post playing with this question::

Close your eyes. Ask all of your senses, including intuition, to be present in that stillness. Enlist your senses as you ask yourself where you feel called to journey towards as you are pulled into your own fierce magic.

Winner chosen next week, 2/11/14  Congrats to Veronica who said, "I have quit teaching 2nd grade. I made a list of all I am and all that I am not. I was scared for a moment. It was like a reset button. In all the pain, transparency, acceptance……there was freedom. I am learning to dream again.

This fierce magic……right now……is calling me to Begin Anew!!!! SHINE!!!!! And photograph with dedication to create!!!!!!"


(Photo credits Chelsae Biggs, Sarah Rubin, Persephone Brown, Mara Glatzel and Gina Parker)

How we breathe in circles.

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.”  ~ Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

i am badass luxury

I am warm spiced surprise.

I am the opulent lip.

I am passion rising.

I am sweet morning.

I am built with artistry, feeling, wonder and soul.

I am possible. I am champagne bubbles.

I am finding inspiration everywhere.

I am the sacred spirit.

I am song of devotion.

I am rewriting what's expected.

I am the strong sensitive type.

I am fire and crystal untold.

I am love and lust.

I am the high and low.

I am displaying layers of meaning.

I am evolving one wild and precious life.

I am luminous in the dark.

I am hungry for change.

I am open for fun.

I am tender.

I am integrating new ways.

I am Phoenix Rising...with a touch of self adhesive.

I am the evolution of connection.

I am found.

I am unbroken.

I am kaleidoscope alchemy.

I am soulflower.

I am a new degree of possibility.

I am ready to make it happen.

I am a cake for every occasion.

I am radiant nude.

I am the hungry traveler.

I am finding creative freedom.

I am a traveler of delicious comforts.

I am a part of it all.

I am absorbing delicious self discovery.

I am destined to be dazzled.

I am a magical place.

I am room for a miracle.

I am the co-existence of light and shadow.

I am beginning.

I am tender warrior.

I am intense and light at the same time.

I am glitter and glass.

I am a player of light.

I am first, gooey, sensitive.

I am a soul of light, all aglow.

I am the only centerpiece.

I am today.

I am (fill in yours here).

(Compiled from the circle of women in Spirits of Joy, A vision book course running through January. Can you feel the breath, the pulse, the safety and the penetration into a deeper spirit? This is how we breathe in circles.)

Often the best way we can see ourselves is through the reflection not in a mirror but in the eyes of compassion, empathy and fierce magic. Someone who has walked in our story. And then we become that for another. And the breath we exhale becomes their inhale and we need not push or judge because we find ourselves in safety.

And the 'I am' that surprises us from found words. Another's words becoming where we are traveling to next or holding us in a pause that is about to transform into tomorrow.

In a circle is where breath can expand and flow from one to another and words are held by the hands and hearts of community of choice. It is where space can be held to listen. Space where you are heard and no one is trying to solve you, just see you.

Soulwork is how we commune. Story is how we gather. Prompting is where we grow. Listening is how we feed. Prayer is how we ask and accept. Surrender is what leads us to change. Showing up in our now is how we embody all we desire.

i am warmspiced 

“There is a community of the spirit.

Join it, and feel the delight

of walking in the noisy street

and being the noise.

Drink all your passion,

and be a disgrace.

Close both eyes

to see with the other eye” ~ Rumi


Questions keep floating in about Magic Making Circle ::

The number I hold inside of a circle always carries an energy for me. 100 is my sweet spot. When the group is given boundaries and accountability and freedom and modeling it thrives.

Magic Making Circle will be capped at 100. There seems to be a lot of fear around this number. We may or may not get to 100 but that is the number I am visioning as the maximum of sweet spot energy and community. I love 100. It also will be the only group you'll be able to work with me inside of for 6 months, so my desire is that for those who love prompts and soulwork and the circling with women, that they choose to take this journey with us. My goal was to keep the investment affordable and open the access to a powerful circle to those who believe in the work and the practice. Masterminds with 20 or less tend to average in the thousands and I want to create a model that works for me and my life, and what I know is your life. So I am creating circles, rather than masterminds. I am finding ways to keep the mastermind option open but not vital to the circle.

A circle holds power because it is a community of choosing. This cannot be underestimated.

Can 100 people be intimate? Well, I decided to ask my circle of 409 women, who have all been part of one or multiple programs I have run over the last few years, to talk about this. Here is what some had to say.

"The unique power of Hannah's circles, even the very large Alumni group, feels as though I'm sitting in a cozy living room with my most precious, loving friends, with their arms around me." ~ Lisa

"You are a beautiful soul, through and through authentic and you have the gift of bringing women together to make magic in their lives and hearts . It is felt so viscerally no matter the size of the group." ~ AnaLisa

"There is something so important and so soul-filling about having a strong circle of love, support, and stretch." ~ Xandra

"There is something very different about how Hannah's groups form. There is an unspoken congruence that is felt within this safe space. Hannah is not in your face every single moment, seeking attention, in fact she has the balance right, she passes it over to us. She's there to guide, facilitate, prompt, nudge and cajole us. Everyone is incredibly supportive in ways that are hard to describe. These are a band of women who want to create good in their worlds to turn around their thoughts and perspectives, and ultimately be surrounded by love and joy rather than be faced with negativity and hate. What I have experienced here is that when you begin to flourish, the group holds you and prods you to move even further into your light, stretching yourself without breaking. All of this refers to a group of approximately 400! With Hannah at the Helm, it will be magic." ~ Julia

"We are all walking a different path and whenever i have reached out to this group i have received an abundance of unique responses. it's like drawing on the deepest, most beautiful and loving wellspring of knowledge and experiences! when i circle with these women i can be my true self. there is no criticism, judgement or negativity. i have only ever received love, understanding & constructive feedback. i can go deeper with my vulnerability within the open arms of this group and grow even more from witnessing the journey of others." ~ Jenny

"Wherever you are in the world, whatever time of day , if you need to talk, someone somewhere will answer. We are global." ~ Mary

I hope these voices help you to glimpse what this circle will feel like.

Other questions ::

Can you explain the monthly calls?

Yes!!! We will do the 6 monhtly calls via a Spreecast. Spreecast is a video feed that allows me to either talk and receive questions via a live written feed or I can bring someone on with me in person. Most of the Spreecasts will be with me addressing the written feed, but there may be times I arrange to have someone come on as a guest if appropriate. These will be recorded.

Often a question from one is a question from many. That is what these Spreecasts will hope to achieve, a way to in live time address where you are, what is coming up, what questions you have. You will be able to chat with eac hother over on the side in live time. If you miss the feed live you can watch and then come to the group page later and we'll still be talking about all of it.

How much time will we need to commit to the circle?

What you put in is what will be returned. For some that will be a large investment, for others it will be smaller. We all land and show up in different places. There is no wrong or right, there is what you need, what you desire. I cannot create this investment for you, you must decide this.

Some of you may be inside a 'cave' right now in your lives or a highly sensitive bubble of protection, as I was for years. You may be inside of raising multiple children while wanting to foster a passion or desire or skill. Some will be inside of already thriving businesses and looking to have a place they can go to for support and perhaps a new direction. There are some who may be quietly reading and processing inside of the group while others are out there, asking, probing, sharing. We all are able to gain such insight and movement from those who have more time or are more open to posting in the group.

I will ask of you that if you feel shy or quiet that you push your boundaries just a bit and spend some time learning to connect in this way that will draw you to the story of others and they to you. I will ask of you to learn to hold space for each other without trying to fix or compare, but to listen and create safety. I will ask that you show up. I will ask that you learn to land outside of comfort zones into desires.

For those who are ready to commit even further to their work or passions there will be gathering weekends at the Loft in Rhode Island for seriously fun and productive masterminds. You'll get all of me for a weekend to explore, question, hold space and prompt you forward. This is a beautiful opportunity to gather a friend or colleague or two and create a fantastic weekend together. (These will be announced in February.)

Having a circle like this to hold you, the talkative or the shy, the open or the cautious, is a gift. One that we will adventure inside of for half of a year. I am beyond grateful to have this time together.

This circle will become a network of women lifting you up, seeing you, listening to you, pulsing along with your unique vibration. You will discover how we breathe in circles.

And it will be beautiful.








To Feast


I spread out the tablecloth,
slip off my shoes and feast on preparation.

There is a dance that I do when I’m not moving.
I dream the dance, know the dance.

Can I say yes to the beauty and inspiration without pause?
Feast on my life.

I look down and see the first tattoo on my arm,
bird in flight,
joy in her eye.
Feathers found calling me forth towards abundance.
I feel the leather I curl onto,
the cotton comforter I bury under,
the fear I face as I move into my next dream.

Joy arises even as my tears fall and my body flares in pain.
Time. Passing, flowing, fighting, slowing, wanting, moving.
I let my pelvis ground me, holding, releasing, pushing, pulling.
Sensual space and divine trust.

Simplicity of habit
and that moment
when you know in your spirit that you won’t do that.

You won’t settle, you won’t allow.
Can I say the words that scare me but I must. Now.
To ease into divine pleasure.
I glue my list of dreams,
colorful and life alteringly scary-wonderful.

I vision. I accept that it feels like this now.
A knowing that I can shift those feelings, now.
Can I release and flow into my magic. My joy. My yes.

There is a feast in my spirit each time I find a feather where I never saw a bird.


Many months ago I set a very strong intention to manifest. I wrote that I wanted to be invited to teach at a retreat where I could wear my yoga pants. To me this meant being invited to teach places where I could be myself.

Many weeks ago Liz sent me an email about the possibility of teaching at a retreat that she was dreaming of, focused on joy and feasting on our lives. I learned to manifest by finding feathers. I would focus on them, feel their beauty, see them in mind's eye.

The retreat will be a true feast, of the senses and at the table we will share and in our beautiful time together. The spaces are limited and filling so beautifully with exactly the women who are called to be together in this space.

Learn more about this gorgeous time we will spend together in April. If you are being called into this cabin in the woods, I can't wait to meet you, to hug you, to guide you and to feast with you. Set your intention to manifest this magical time.

(Photo credit Vivienne McMaster)

Wild Sisters + Rachel Cole + Other loves

Wild Sister #7 is here. It is about New Beginnings and I'm hearing from some of you that it is the best issue yet! I write about my three words this year, Ritual, Truth and Magic.

You can get your copy here and if you missed the last issues there is a bundle of 6 being sold for one low price.



If you know me, you know I adore this woman. I was with her on the Roots of She Autumn Tribe and she wrote a beautiful piece for the Holiday Joy Up. Rachel is coming to Providence!!! February 26th.

The details of the Well-Fed Woman Retreats are here.



  • This quote one of the women in the joy up posted for us, "When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her."~Adrienne Rich
  • Every time Heather from Mogul Mom posts on FB she is filled with such joy for the year ahead. Her latest, "butterflies. butterflies. butterflies." This is contagious. Imagine feeling this way about your life each day. Go for that.
  • That I know what the next theme will be for The Joy Up coming in April. Gonna be good. Love clarity. The last two have made my heart swell.
  • The comments from this giveaway are incredible. Grab a cup of tea and see how everyone is making space.
  • I opened up my email and found a Sacred Mountain Reading from the gifted and gracious Daniel Collinsworth. The first words, "A rite of passage marks a time of some momentous change in life.  If you have drawn this card, you are being asked to make note of the growth and change that is occurring because it will shape your future." Why yes. I'll sit with that.
  • This from Susannah. Beautiful.
  • Everything Michelle. Especially this.
  • Sitting at night and watching my three goldfish swim around in their beautiful new, huge glass bowl.
  • Chloe's (my nine year old) new short hair cut. I'm totally going to follow and do the same.
  • The moment after the sleep filled tantrum when sleep comes back to the little one. Sigh. Sick baby, there will be more. This moment is the recharge.
  • The most beautiful note I received from a friend helping guide me to the beauty inside of being in the truth. One of the most beautiful gifts, she gave me permission to be quiet.
  • The ease into which I can snuggle into Patrick's body, 18 years later.
  • How peaceful my home is after all are asleep and I sit in the dark, lit only with candles, and connect back to me.
  • All of you, for being here. For sharing this space. For the incredible magic that you bring to all that is around you.

Want to share something you are loving?

Picture Thoughts {Senses}

In a house that sees small amounts of direct sun, this moment of flickering light allowed me to dream of where these days were taking us. Visions of the beach, sandy floors and bronzed faces danced in my head.

As you walk by you hear a little bubble sound, a slight popping of mouths intent for food. We started with 5 fish, two years ago, and this week were left with 3. There were two RIP fish burials outside. Eli wished them well in the sky, Lucas thought they were sad and Chloe just didn't want to talk about it. She made them gravestones.

An impromptu ice cream party when the kids discovered it was the anniversary of the ice cream sundae!!! Coconut milk ice cream with homemade magic shell (1 cup dark chocolate melted with 1/3 cup coconut oil) and our mouths were dancing with joy.

They drew first, turning brown paper easily into a story with their magic touch. I watched them weave the string into the holes, I could feel Eli's frustration before he asked for help. Chloe needed no assistance, only the gentle touch of praise.

I eat my chicken soup that smells like home and look at the largest to-do list I have ever needed. By the end of today it will be filled up with pen marks. The scent of green tea will join my afternoon. Two days until the dream I've seen, smelled, tasted, heard and touched, so many times, pops out of my head and becomes reality.

The sight of women. Standing. Moving. Being together. United in this life. Wanting beauty.

The sound of joy. Through music. Our laughter. Questions and purpose.

The taste of nurture. Crisp salads. Crunchy soft. Melting in your mouth.

The touch of relaxation. Intention grabbing us. Softness of movement.

The smell of space opening. In our hearts. Bodies. As we eat together. While we feed our spirit.


Local Ladies::Giveaway

Here is a chance to win a ticket for yourself or a friend to Feeding the Spirit Day Retreat in Rhode Island. Send this to your friends so they can enter a chance to be with us as we explore what filling our spirits creates in our lives and our families.

Read the details of the retreat here...

Now the fun!

If you enter, win, and already have a ticket, your $ will be credited toward a cleanse or other program.


Leave a comment and tell us three things. Winner will be announced by random drawing on March 30th, 2011.

Congrats to Melissa Bradley!!!!

1. What gets you the most frazzled and overwhelmed in your day to day life?

2. What is the one thing that you dream about doing for yourself, but never do?

3. What is the one food that when you eat it, floods you with memories/feelings?

If you don't live close but still want to leave a comment, just note that in your reply. Can't wait to read the answers.



Secrets of Adulthood

Today I share the voice of a woman that has been with me for a year in my group coaching program. We met all the way out  in Wakefield -for those in RI, you know that going farther than 15 minutes is a journey- and realized we lived in the same neighborhood. Walking distance. Allison Abramson will be our Fill Your Bucket Retreat Guide, greeting each of our women with a smile that lights a room. She is calmly handling details and preparations for the Retreat and allowing me to feel the benefits that come from support. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’ve just started reading a charming book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The author dedicates one year to learning as much as she can about what makes people happy, with the hope that she’ll uncover some tricks to increasing her own happiness.

Before she embarks on the project, the author creates a list of lessons she’s learned over the years, which she calls her “Secrets of Adulthood.” It’s a clever little list, and it got me thinking….what have I learned so far? I came up with ten things:

1. Moms set the stage for family life.

We create a space, set a mood and provide a rhythm within which the family thrives. For me, this no longer feels like pressure, it’s starting to feel like a very special privilege.

2. Getting organized actually creates space in my mind (and my house) for creativity and spontaneity.

Who knew?!

3. I feel better when I drink water throughout the day.

And when I stay away from sugar.

4. Reading aloud is more fun when I pay attention to the words.

Ah, mindful parenting.

5. On a tough day, my body will tell me when its time to breathe.

6. My children are right- there are very few good reasons to stop playing.

7. Fresh air can fix anything.

8. My journey is all my own.

It’s okay to make mistakes, because I’m learning as I go.

9. Each of my children is on a journey of their very own, too.

They came from my body, but they aren’t extensions of me, and I can’t control them. The best I can do is to stay present for them, and set a good example of how to live peacefully in the world. 10. Green grass is a state of mind.

I’m going to trust that I am exactly where I amsupposed to be, doing what I was meant to do. I already have everything that I need to be happy.

Maybe I’ll think of a few more to add. It’s a work in progress…just like me.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Allison lives in Providence with her husband and two little girls.  She's into green smoothies, mindful living and urban agriculture.  Formerly a nonprofit fundraiser, Allison still volunteers in the community and helps with various charity events.

Happy Friday!

Fridays always make me smile. It's my day that Lucas is with our babysitter and I have the entire day, yes - to work. I am taking a moment today to feel blessed to able to work with the women who come into my life, those of you who take time to leave your voice on the blog in the comments and for all the amazing new adventures that are coming up. We managed to have a calm breakfast this morning (not a calm morning however), with yogurt for the boys and soup for the girls. Tea helps us ease into these cold winter mornings.

Some fun stuff to share with you on Happy Friday.

A new {Living It} Interview with the gorgeous Kate Northrup. Hop over and listen while you enjoy your tea today.

The Fill Your Bucket Retreat tickets are on sale until Feb 1st so grab yours. There are limited tickets and what a perfect Valentine's gift, focus on YOU. I also added a much shorter video on there, drinking a smoothie in my car. Collards, mango and almond milk! The amazing Dyana Valentine who makes the most wonderful videos, gave me some web-cam tips! Thanks D!

I have archived all my past  newsletters onto a page for you to see. Check them out and make sure you sign up for the newsletter list if you aren't. That cute little arrow to the right shows you where. If you like the blog and the newsletter, suggest it to a friend who could use some energy and positive words in their day.

Believe in the power of YOU today. Your energy, your body, your cells, your ability to love. Happy Friday!

Vlog - Fill Your Bucket Day Retreat

Few things....the sound is off, I am sitting at a strange angle so that my eyes don't seem to be looking down and it is so long, I am hoping you can make it through. The point is, I did it. My real first vlog! With video this time. Like all things, the more we practice, the better we become. So today I share my thoughts on filling your bucket and tell you a bit about the retreat.

Sign up for the Fill Your Bucket Day Retreat  HERE.

Can you imagine where our lives could take us if we did something every day that made us uncomfortable and took us so out of our comfort zone? Life would start to have some magic. Colors would start appearing that before you had never seen.

What could you do today to move out of your comfort zone?


I wrote about the event that helped me discover that I needed to keep my bucket filled on this post.

Fewer Ingredients...For Food and Home

One small envelope dropped through the mail slot on a day that doesn't happen in my life often. It was quiet and I was alone, in my house, for 5 hours. Curtain rods that had been ready to fall off the walls were getting attached, finger prints and dirt scrubbed from the walls and every piece of random paper was being attacked and placed in recycling bins or other proper places. I can't tell you what a head spinning delight this is for me. Should I spend my time reading and drinking endless cups of hot chocolate mixed with warm showers and silly web surfing? Not in this life with three children and ever searching to make things simpler, more efficient and less. Back to the letter. No return address but the handwriting so familiar. (That is it hanging on my newly started vision board.)

After reading a few sentences it comes back to me. The woman's retreat, write a letter to will be mailed to you sometime. It took that long for me to recognize myself.

Notice The Silence...It's There, wait...Listen... Breathe.

Yes, it was there, no waiting required. The day at the retreat had reminded me that self care was not something I put on the top of my list because it's definition was off for me. I need time alone in my house more than I need spas or movies. Space in my space refocuses me. Moving things around, as annoying to my family as I'm sure it is, helps me see things clearly. I forget what I have, where it is. I become burried underneath the un-important. Usually I just shift items and hide away the clutter in the basement. This time I am removing it. This is hard and this is scary.

Are you pausing to think it through?

Yes. I know I need less. Less stuff, less clutter, less excuses, less clothes (that don't fit anyway), less ingredients, less frustration, less anger, less regret. How can success and patience find room if I do not give them space? I dream about simple.

There was a shelf that had become a magnet for junk. I took part of my 5 hours of silence and created a space for my computer and client folders and family drawing books. I found all the scissors scattered in the house...7 pairs of scissors. SEVEN!!! I found receipts and pictures and kid drawings. I saved what I needed, let go of the rest.

Have you captured some space?
I sure hope so.

Make room for beautiful food. Scrambled eggs with garlic, carrots and spinach served over pea shoots.

Simplify ingredients. Chloe's request the other night was for fish burgers. We weren't sure what she had in mind so I was winging it. Huge success. Two burgers eaten in entirety by Chloe and Eli (on buns). Mine over lightly dressed arugula. Patrick's winning the prize with baby spinach piled high on a bun. No good picture of these, just the real deal in the ecopan, coming off the stove into hungry bellies.

Fewer ingredients, less preparation and really good food.

Chloe's Impromptu Fish Burgers

1 pound white fish, cooked just barely through with salt and pepper and flaked into a bowl 2 eggs 1 tsp paprika 3/4 cup almond meal (Trader Joe's brand) 1/4 tsp sea salt 1 TB parsley 2 garlic cloves, chopped lemon zest from 1 lemon

Mix it all together, form into 2 inch round balls, flatten slightly and cook in olive oil on medium heat for just a couple of minutes on each side. The fish is cooked and you don't want to end up with dry burgers. Get a nice light brown on each side and serve with a slice of lemon on the side.

For a nice salmon burger and mango salsa check out this recipe. If only we could all eat in this kitchen every day, oh the happiness.

The simplifying continues through the house and into my food. I'll be posting the easiest cream of cauliflower soup recipe next. Stay warm and Happy New Year.