She said.


She said, "You amaze me."

She said, "I need to go within."

She said, "Neither of us knew what we were seeking, right?"

She said, "And we learn perspectives, and how to flip it and we talk about things without projecting or manipulating emotions and eventually it can become graceful."

She said, "I am thinking about your heart."

She said, "So much magic flowing from this."

She said, "I need a hashtag."

She said, "I could feel you open to feel it."

She said, "Love you."

She said, "Bubbles make me silly."

She said, "I am excited to see you."

She said, "There will be wine."

She said, "How are you?"

She said, "Wish we lived closer."

She said, "Hey sweet bird."

She said, "Either way I love you and love you and love you."

She said, "Joy I could not need more."

She said, "I neeeeeeeeed you."

She said, "I missed you too."

She said, "Thanks."

She said, "Holding you."

She said, "Always here to talk about the hard shit."

She said, "We can learn to separate the person from the gift."

She said, "I adore you."

She said, "You are on fire."

She said, "I just cried."

She said, "It takes a piece of my soul."

She said, "I have a vulnerability hangover."

She said the words that make me who I am. That shape me. That heal me. That save me. That make me laugh. That allow me to be there for her. That help me stop for one minute and feel.

She is my tribe. My women. My circle.

If the words I send back can be half as vital to the hearts that receive them as these are to me, I am doing OK.


Join a magical circle and find the words that are waiting for you to hear. That will shape you. That will heal you. That will save you. That will make you laugh. That will allow you to be there for her. That will help you stop for one minute and feel.

They are your tribe. Your women. Your circle.

Magic Making Circle.