In her skin, an open chat with you.

I sent Mara a text. "Want to do a weekend at The Loft all around sensuality and sexuality with coloring pages of penises and vaginas?"

"So in." (I don't really remember her response, but it basically was that.)

And will you write erotica? And can we do mirror selfies? And can there be raw chocolate peanutbutter cups? And we might need some way more prolific magazines for visioning...

"Let's jam on a Spreecast and talk about living sensually in the everyday since the workshop can only be for 10 people?"

"Um, yes. Perfect. Done."

(That was your glimpse into how things get created and launched around here!)


Join our FREE live Spreecast on Wednesday, May 28th at 11 am Eastern

We will be hopping on Spreecast to jam about Sensuality in the Everyday. This call will be girlfriend style – an open chat about our real stories of struggles and openings around our own sensuality practices.

You’ll be invited to chat along with us in a live chat feed that requires only your computer and fast typing fingers. Join us to ask questions, share your practices, and be a part of a circle of women who are serious about feeling alive and glowing in their skin.

We will be talking about (among other things that you all will bring up in the live chat) ::

  • How to honor our body as temple each morning when we wake. Mara loves action steps and she'll share how she cycles in and out of the honoring of herself and the impact that it has on her body, spirit and business.
  • Sensuality at different ages, I might be thinking about this a ton as my 40th approaches. How does living sensually change for us over time?
  • How we can start to vision around sensual living and we will share some of our pages with you.
  • What keeps us from connecting to our sensual everyday? What keeps us stuck?
  • The missing pieces that allude us from fully being inside of our sensuality. (And once we discover them, are they really that simple??)
  • Our five senses and for a bonus round the sixth one that we love so...
  • Glowing. Knowing the feelings and actions that are behind that glowing.
  • The difference between sensuality and sexuality and where they intersect.
  • Why sensual living quenches our thirsts, feeds our hungers and lights us up.


This conversation is what so many of us have been waiting in quiet for. Sign up here to join us live (and get a recording if you can't make it) on Wednesday at 11am Eastern Time.