Sugar Candy


What :: A night of journeying through crafts, delicious foods and spirits, and the creation that happens inside of spiritual fun
Why :: To gather, relax, restore and play within a magical, fiercely feminine community
When :: January 31st, 7-10:30pm at The Loft, Hope Artiste Village, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Cost :: $65 Register below, spaces are limited to 16 and we expect them to fly!

"We have not journeyed all this way across the centuries, across the oceans, across the mountains, across the prairies, because we are made of sugar candy."

~ Sir Winston Churchill

What if for one night you could play as though you were sugar candy? At ease, in the flow, giggling, hugging, lounging, creating and finding some of your own magic as you traveled through different worlds...


A few times a year the hosts of this Sugar Candy adventure gather at The Loft in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and have a weekend where we lift each other up. Part fun, part mastermind, part open to what the days bring us. There is bubbly and the city lights, there are vision books and beautiful meals. There is giggling and tears. We leave the weekends restored, relaxed and flowing in our own fierce magic.

These weekends have become my grounding because gathering in person when living such an online life shifts everything around for me. It is like being inverted so the blood can flow away from tired feet. And I adore these women. We like to theme our weekends and as we were planning our next gathering the thought of how we could bring some of this energy to our larger magic community came up.

And Sugar Candy was born.


Come journey through different worlds and all of your senses at The Loft with the magic of women around you. There will be extra twinkles for this one.

Little Altars Station

Our altars are the physical representation of our internal landscape. They are the tender keepers of our innermost wishes and prayers for ourselves, turning corners of our home into small escapes or beautiful reminders of who we are deep inside.

During Sugar Candy, you will be charged with creating your own travel sized altar, so that you might begin to bring the inspiration and reminder of an altar to moments when you need it the most - on the go and moving about the world. During this mini-workshop, Mara will guide you and your creative spirit in cultivating a mini altar in a small tin box, perfect for putting in your pocket or purse. Using feather, sand, magazine clipping, fabric, glitter, and color, constructing these mini altars provide the perfect momentary escape and benefit of taking your bits of inspiration with you, everywhere that you go. 

 Sugar Glow Skin Station

 Make your own skin softening body scrub using therapeutic oils, natural fragrances, and raw sugar.  Coffee~vanilla, lemon~peppermint, and grapefruit~sage are just some of the decadent flavors you’ll play with, as you hand mix a delicious body scrub to take home.  Join Persephone as she guides you to discover your unique blend, knowing it is just another little something that adds to your shine.

You will feel like raw vibrating sugar candy!

Superpower Your Intentions! Reiki Station

Do you have a guiding word for 2014? An intention you’re working with? A newish practice you’re incorporating into your now?

Let’s reiki that shizz together! Throughout the evening, Sarah will be offering 10-15 min private reiki sessions in the yummiest, most relaxing corner of the Loft. Come and bathe in this delicious energy work, receiving just what you need to support you on your path: physically, emotionally, spiritually. You’ll come away with a special reiki-charged treasure to remind you of your superpowers, as well as written notes of the questions you are asking and the insights you receive. Get superpowered with me!

Mini Visioning Station

Soulwork is about connection to self, to the now and that future woman we see and want to flow into. We come alive as we find a part of ourselves that has been lost or longing to come out.

Hannah will guide you to create mini pages filled with words and visions and feelings that surround them. As you do this you harness the true magic of the Universe. You vibrate in a new way. These books that you'll tuck in your pocket become a way for you to align what you want with what you have. They create manifesting magic in your life. Visioning allows you to love this life now while creating a future of your dreams. 


Prosecco Bar

You know the ice cream sundae bar right? Well, we like to drink bubbly during our weekend gatherings. Create your perfect glass of bubbly to travel with you through the stations with all the little treats and treasures we'll have out for you. Infuse beauty into your sugar candy cocktail. We think we are pretty brilliant with this one.

Savory and Sweet Station

Feasting with all of our senses, not just taste is pure pleasure. Yes, pleasure. Eating sensuously. Making a gorgeous plate. Simple foods. Feeding ourselves when hungry and feeding our desires. We will show you some of our tricks and secrets for creating a beautiful table and plate. So be ready to nibble.


Meet the women who will be joining me as your Sugar Candy hosts :: Sarah, Persephone and Mara. My Lift Up women who will be guiding you into the sweet adventure.

Meet Sarah Rubin

Hi, I'm Sarah, yogi and healer, queen of compassionate listening and living, deeply devoted to rocking my most authentic, connected, and fun life. I am beyond thrilled to be collaborating with these three beautiful friends/supreme magic makers to create an evening of epic sweetness for those who are ready to taste their own beauty!

Meet Persephone Brown

Hi, I’m Persephone, an inspired chef & coach, lover of pretty food, and master of the gluten free brownie.  For Sugar Candy, I am putting aside my chefs knife and grabbing the mixing bowls, oils & natural fragrances.   We will use the processed sugar that our bodies don’t love on the inside to make something our bodies (and anyone who touches them) will super love on the outside. 

Meet Mara Glatzel

I’m Mara Glatzel. I am an intuitive coach and writer. I work with brave women that have a sacred (and stubborn) desire for evolution by guiding them home to themselves and teaching them how to cultivate lives grounded self-love, self-trust, and radical self-responsibility. Quite simply, I believe that is your birthright to show up in your life brilliantly and with unbridled joy.

In creating this sacred space for women to thrive, I’m bringing a Masters in Clinical Social Work with a trauma specialization, my spot-on intuition, and the lessons that I’ve accumulated learning to fall madly in love with my own beautifully messy life. I believe that when you love yourself and have your own back – anything is possible.