On the island.

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I am blessed for the rain falling on my braids.

I am blessed with the darkest chocolate brownie that melts as I take bites all through the day.

I am blessed to see the color blue that makes my breath quicken with a yes.

I am blessed with women who can be naked in front of you, physically and otherwise.

I am blessed when I find mirrors hiding in little corners.

I am blessed to fall in love with a life growing inside one who I love like mad.

I am blessed along side horses who feel the same as I about the rain.

I am blessed with sips of nectar and bubbles with the spirit sister who can talk to me for hours.

I am blessed munching pomme frites, always the pomme frites.

I am blessed by the sight of the pigs tiptoeing towards me for a little affection.

I am blessed with messages from the island reminding me that as intense as it all feels in this moment, the journey has only just started, each morning.

I am blessed standing on boats on waters that transport me into the first vacation in forever.

I am blessed to let my crabby sadness ebb and flow with the waves, finding giggles, refusing tears, stumbling through pains mixed with joys mixed with loneliness mixed with connection.

I am blessed by the rain falling on braids, not subtle in its shove to sip the coffee, hug my sweater and hear their words which become love notes to carry in my pocket, waiting for the sun to return.

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