Full Moon ~ Celebrations into Surrender

Calling my wild women!!! from Hannah Marcotti on Vimeo.


I want to share Day 1 of Making Space for Surrender with you. In this video you'll get the prompt we'll be starting with as way to practice being on our edge. In a fun, wild woman way.

Many use the Full Moon as a time to release, to feel wild and free, to let go of something that no longer serves. Sounds a bit like surrender, yes?

Here are some ideas for your wild woman edge::

Skinny dipping

Moon walk with singing/howling

Laying under the moon in soft blankets and pillows, maybe naked...

A late night date in bed

Fire pit circling, burn something you no longer need to hold onto

Spicy colored lipstick all day long

Walk on the beach, release strips of paper with old stories on them, allow them to float away

Give away flowers to strangers

Lay your crystals in the moonlight and wash your hands and face in rose water (leave the water out under the moon too)

Leave a surprise crystal or beaded jewelry for a friend

Make a really spicy dinner

Drink Prosecco with fresh strawberries while bathing in moonlight

Dance in the moonlight

Commit to looking deeply in people's eyes all day, let them be the first to look away

Compliment people all day, tell them why they are glowing, gorgeous, amazing

What are your wild woman full moon ideas?

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