What is Beautiful Through Your Eyes? ~ Vapour Organic Beauty

This week on the blog I am hosting beauty week. What is beautiful through your eyes?

I want us to talk about beauty, to feel beauty, to be inspired by beauty. Beauty is something that we enjoy with all of our senses. With our hearts. I’ll be asking you to join the conversation over on FB and Twitter. I want to know what is beautiful through your eyes. Each day there will be a giveaway, simply leave a comment to enter to win.

I discovered Vapour and fell happily for every product they have. Gluten-free and cruelty free, so no worries about safety. My dog ate my favorite product from them and he seemed to want more.

I feel beautiful in make-up and I feel beautiful without it. I have found that if I do my hair and put on make-up I am more productive. I say nicer things to myself in my chattering mind. I feel like being seen.

Our outside reflects what is happening on the inside. Ever see a women who has gone through a break up go out and cut all her hair off? Or watch as someone becomes crazy joyful and they start to drop weight and dress with a tad of sparkle? Do you notice that on days you wear jewelry that you carry yourself in a more beautiful fashion?

Beauty is in our soul, our spirit and our physical world. I give you permission to want to look and feel beautifully and dress in a way that shows it off.

If you were part of the summer Joy Up you'll remember one day's soulwork was all about reconnecting to the person you used to be. The one that wore red cowgirl boots or feathers in her hair. The girl who used to put scarves around her neck and collected big earrings. The red lipstick wearing woman who traded her color for chapstick in her diaper bag.

Beauty feels good. When we wear beauty on the outside it transforms our insides.

So if you haven't put on lipstick for a while, hear is a dare to go out and find an outrageously lovely color and smear it on. And take a picture. And love yourself up a bit. Yes, mamas and friends, you are hot!!!!

What is beautiful through your eyes? (from comments on the blog or FB page)

Foggy days, love them! - Liz

The world around me when I am laying in my hammock. - Michelle

Sunlight streaming in the windows and lighting up the fur flying about. - Melissa

Everything I see right now...I can't choose one. My daughter howling and laughing with her monster movie. My houseplants soaking up the last bits of indirect sunlight. The contrast of the tree leaves against the blue blue sky interspersed with cotton clouds. The love and fox bracelets on my wrists, which I've always been fond of. The kindergarten writing on the chalkboard. The table full of family things. The clean kitchen, which I'm about to go cook in. And how GOOD it feels to sit here in this space that reflects me back to me and soak it all in. - Anna

Today beauty is coming across photos of myself from two years ago, taken by someone I don’t know, and thinking, “Oh. Hey. I look beautiful.” I could not have seen that back then. Today is knowing I recognize both my inner AND outer beauty. - Jennifer

today beauty through my eyes is the shit path. the muck and the poo and the dank and dark places. seeing them now, as i am able, from this side of peace, joy, more clarity and love than i’ve ever known, they now possess a certain beauty to me. one wrapped up in surrender. as once i did, surrender that is, it seemed to begin clearing away. - Latisha

For me… today, in this moment… beauty is allowing myself to admit that I’ve lost the beauty I used to find in myself and allowing myself to begin the search for her again. - Amber

Today's giveaway is two shades of lipstick from Vapour Organic Beauty. Thank you Vapour! Hint and Restraint. I love how smooth and silky the lipstick is. It might make giving out a few kisses today much more fun.To enter to win, simply leave a comment below with an answer to this question:

What do you feel called to do to reconnect with the sparkly real-you?
(Winners from the week will be announced on Monday 5-21-2012!)