What is Beautiful Through Your Eyes ~ Jenn Gibson

This week on the blog I am hosting beauty week. What is beautiful through your eyes?

I want us to talk about beauty, to feel beauty, to be inspired by beauty. Beauty is something that we enjoy with all of our senses. With our hearts. I’ll be asking you to join the conversation over on FB and Twitter. I want to know what is beautiful through your eyes. Each day there will be a giveaway, simply leave a comment to enter to win.

Beauty is often elusive to us because our minds are so busy. Busy can include comparisons and trying to keep up with what we think we should be doing and how we think we should be looking. The ever fascinating loop of I am not good enough.

In stillness we learn love and compassion, we quiet our racing competitive minds. Beauty is everywhere inside of stillness.

Jenn Gibson from the popular and adored site Roots of She shares beauty through her eyes today. She is love, love, love.

Her site is sacred space shared by women everywhere. It is my favorite place to go and read and let myself be lost in words and thoughts and prompts. Recently Jenn became a life coach and is feeling the joy and beauty of that expansion into deeper purpose.

Watching her grow into her truth, guided by her mission --which is for you to know you are never alone, reminds us that we are all here for a unique and beautiful purpose.

What is beautiful through your eyes?

Beauty looks like wrinkled hands, bifocal glasses and white hair. Beauty looks like a momma nursing her child, and the wonder in a child's eyes.

Beauty looks like the sunrise and sunset and the knowledge that the moon will be rising soon, that the stars are about to come out and play.

Beauty looks like tears and bravery and surrender and joy and reveling in the sacredness that is you.

What I know to be true about beauty is this: We are all beautiful.

With our scars or hair that's growing out, with our round bellies or knobby knees, we are beautiful. With our vulnerable eyes and heart, with our hope and beliefs and dreams, we are beautiful.

Because it's our hearts and minds, our souls and dreams, our desires and hopes that makes us beautiful. It's when we are living our Truths, sinking deep into our integrity and values, acknowledging that yes, we are not only worth this, but so much more.

Jenn is offering one beautiful person a copy of her Metta in Mantras kit: a guided meditation kit includes a 20 minute meditation, a 15 page mini e-book filled with tips and hints on starting out with guided meditation and a set of six printable affirmations. To enter to win, simply leave a comment below with an answer to this question:

How do you find sacred space?

(Winners from the week will be announced on Monday 5-21-2012!)