What is Beautiful Through Your Eyes? ~ Surrendering

This week on the blog I am hosting beauty week. What is beautiful through your eyes?

I want us to talk about beauty, to feel beauty, to be inspired by beauty. Beauty is something that we enjoy with all of our senses. With our hearts. I’ll be asking you to join the conversation over on FB and Twitter. I want to know what is beautiful through your eyes. Each day there will be a giveaway, simply leave a comment to enter to win.

I wondered, would anyone answer yesterday's question (What is beautiful about you?) with a physical attribute?  And some of you did. I felt blissed out about that!

I had a realization last year, that I continue to have about once a week about my belly. When I get dressed I look at my belly. Does the shirt cling and show my wiggly middle? Should I put a scarf or sweater on to hide it?

I never, ever looked at my face. Shirt on --belly. Pants on --belly. Makeup on --belly. (Yes, I could even pull that one off, does this mascara make my belly look big?)

So I started to look at my face. And my legs. And my butt. And my arms. And my ears. I moved my gaze around my entire self. I started to wear bigger earrings and necklaces so I would focus my eyes up around my face. I found shoes I loved so as to glance at my feet.

I surrendered to a new way of viewing beauty. Beauty is not based on my stomach. I repeat, my beauty is not based on my stomach.

Fighting with my body is exhausting. I was doing it for so many years, years where there was very little to actually fight over!

I surrender to my beauty. Yes, my beauty.

Can you imagine your world if you did the same, let your beauty lead you, speak for you, let you be seen? No fight, just pure love.


What is beautiful through my eyes?

Today beauty looked like my six year old making me tea.

My new striped skirt and tunic with a hot pink, sparkly necklace...beauty!

It looked like a face without makeup.

A moment of remembering my feet in the sand as I look at the gorgeous beach rocks we carried home with us.

It was words from others filling me with love. Wrapping me in love.

Today beauty was sitting in a chair at my Dr.'s and knowing that I was not alone.

Beauty was the way the strawberries sunk into my white sour yogurt.

Watching my little fall to sleep next to me, his chest rising and falling under the cozy blanket.

Drops falling on the roses, this was beauty.

Beauty was peeling off my clothes at the end of the day and breathing into the places where I feel judgement for my body.

Beauty. Yes, I surrender to beauty. The beauty I am. The beauty around me. The beauty I dream of. The beauty yet to come.

Today two spots in Making Space for Surrender are being offered. One from me, one from an angel who is sponsoring one beautiful woman to take the course. To enter to win, simply leave a comment below with an answer to this question, and if your name is drawn and you already paid for the course you will be reimbursed:

Do you hear an echo of surrender?
(Winners from the week will be announced on Monday 5-21-2012!)