What is Beautiful Through Your Eyes? ~ Chelsea Biggs

This week on the blog I am hosting beauty week. What is beautiful through your eyes?

I want us to talk about beauty, to feel beauty, to be inspired by beauty. Beauty is something that we enjoy with all of our senses. With our hearts. I’ll be asking you to join the conversation over on FB and Twitter. I want to know what is beautiful through your eyes. Each day there will be a giveaway, simply leave a comment to enter to win.

Want to know two of the things that I think are most beautiful? Dreaming and action. Together they are secret sauce, butterfly magic, manifest beauty.

Dreaming felt impossible for me until I realized that my dreams were just that, my own to hold and cradle and nurture. Just like comparing my kids to yours, comparing my dreams to yours was the surest way to blow them out. Ignite and extinguish.

As I watch and guide women around me to start to dream and move, move, move, I know that I have found my beautiful work.

Today Chelsea Biggs from The Utopian Collection shares beauty through her eyes. Chelsea and I met at a party. I was drawn to her first from her immense beauty (this girl shines) and then from the way she talked about her business. I could talk about new businesses for hours. It took us about a year to finally meet for dinner!

Chelsea is multi-passionate. Not quite sure what she can't do. For the last 102ish days she has made a bag a day. I'm completely in awe of this. From the dream to the action. This is how you rock beautiful work. Surrendering to the dream and making it happen.

What is beautiful through your eyes?

Through my eyes beauty is confidence
to be who you are and where you are today

Beauty is compassion for those you love
for all those who you pass in your day

Beauty is the simple things
a piece of a robin's egg on a walk
a smile from your lover
flower petals in the streets
a morning storm

Beauty is not something to strive for
it is a state of mind.

Live in Beauty.
You are Beautiful.

Chelsea is offering one beautiful person a gorgeous feather hair clip. I have two, no three, of these. Sometimes we just have to wear a feather in our hair. To enter to win, simply leave a comment below with an answer to this question:

How do you make space to dream your beautiful dreams?

(Winners from the week will be announced on Monday 5-21-2012!)