Falling in love in the corners

It can start in the corner's of your home. They can breathe a new life into you.

You can start fresh today. Your power is in your thoughts.

I am on a journey to fall in love with each part of myself. The woman, the mother, the partner, the creator...

My story and journey will look different than yours.

I have high anxiety disorder and OCD (I am not a believer in labels but you will understand those terms so I share them) along with a history of disordered eating. I am a chronic rearranger. I move furniture, rugs, cups, laundry...moving things to the point where no one can find where anything is. I used to eat entire bags of corn chips in the pantry closet. Or not eat enough at all.

I don't eat gluten because it creates this high anxiety in me. I take a flower remedy to help with my fear of going new places, my kids take it before school when they feel anxious. I work with my thoughts. They are my power. They are yours too.

Making a decision to fall in love with my life means that I feel and experience it all.

I desire, I cry, I want, I wish, I dream, I do, I don't, I use my voice, I know when to be silent.

I am in the flow of discovery and connection. I am fiercely in search of financial freedom from debt while being so grateful for the lessons and the path debt has shown me. I long to live in a larger house while each day falling in love with the spaces I live in.

I am falling in love in the corners. Once full of clutter they hold opportunity for space, for a fresh perspective. (Photo above from my love corner, more on that soon!)

Patrick and I fall in and out of rhythm. Times when we are touching, loving and talking allow the flow to feel like silk. Our children soak up the emotional energy and they feel better. When we fall out of rhythm, out of making space for each other the flow feels like rough water, churning and intense.

I go back to the corners. For me it is physical space, for you perhaps your journal or your movement practice. The corners of my home offer me a chance to find a feeling of settling, of knowing. They are ritual only just begun for me. How long have I kept those plates in that spot? Quite some time now.

We all feel unsettled, unfinished, unappreciated somewhere in our lives. I won't stop rearranging completely as I love the freshness it opens up, but I am learning to find the ways to settle that part of my body that can't be still, that needs to learn rhythm and quiet of mind.

As I do the work, as I settle my physical space, I see the connections. My patience, my creativity, my understanding, my voice --each a part of this process. This quieting of mind. It is part of my parenting and my loving. It is my connection to women all around me. It is the strength in my coaching and behind the web of my business.

I want to be your cup of hot tea on a rainy day, where you find comfort and inspiration.

My corners are breathing space. Look around and notice yours. What are your corners asking of you, whispering to you? They want you to fall in love inside of them.

*** *** ***

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