Why we must celebrate + chocolate pies and hip mama giveaways

When I decided to do something celebratory for Lucas' third birthday I remembered that I started this blog (formerly on blogspot) when Eli turned three. He is now the wise and temperamental age of six. Which means that not only is there a whole lotta chocolate pie celebrating to do, but also some serious looking back.

And change. Yes, the change. It is here.

Lucas is now letting me get him dressed each morning, happily. Was it homeopathy, food, time, space, all my tears silently praying for his little body to find a new groove? My favorite Dr. says yes, all of it. Capital I.

My business has challenged me to grow into my own body, my own self. I took risks, remember my belly (oh my, breathe) and my butt shot in this post? It opened up a space for me to fully explore how we all move in this world, the places we can discover to challenge our hearts and minds. A moving of spirit like the snowflakes inside a universal snowglobe.

I went through a funk. I declared myself a pink flamingo.

Some of you have been with me since the beginning and I've been with you. The journey has been beautiful. What I love about it the most is that there is no destination, only a feeling, a longing, a dream.

The dream is for all of us to be living gorgeously, fully, with joy beside us. Creating, in our homes and through our purpose. Failing, because we all will. Knowing, that it is so OK, great even to go through that. Dreaming, never quite knowing where that magical dream will take us.

Patrick likes to remind me that when I started this business, this discovery of my purpose, I was a stay at home mom, pregnant with child three. I had no background in any sort of fancy pants business and I am pretty sure that I could not send an email attachment. Lucas may have been a surprise but we had been thinking of adopting (wanting another child someday) and then he joined our world and everything shifted. Patrick likes to remind me of this because sometimes I wonder if I'm doing it right. I wrestle with being a mama for Chloe, Eli and Lucas and running a biz and feeling so pulled and stretched. He reminds me and that gentle reminder asks me to celebrate where I am, what I have created. Our marriage, our children, my sense of self, my art. My joy.

To feel the joy of being able to create a community for women who are changing their lives together.

So today we celebrate birth and dreams and desire. We celebrate change and fear. We celebrate.

I celebrate and thank you. Enjoy the party favors below. And really, thank you.

*** *** ***

Giveaway #1:


Suzy Hawbaker and I planned a special giveaway for today, from Hip Mountain Mama. If you don't know Hip Mountain Mama, go peek around. Suzy has a beautiful mission and I am grateful for what she is doing for this world and for all of us mamas. You will love it over there. Today's first giveaway will be for one person, a $60 gift certificate to Hip Mountain Mama. Leave a comment below and I'll randomly draw a name next week.

Suzy agreed to answer some questions so you all could get to know her a bit more! So happy she is part of our community on Mama Space!

What simple ritual brings you the most joy? 

Morning coffee with friends, my 4 o clock slow down, turning on music while cleaning or working.

Favorite quote to share?  

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!"
~ Hunter S. Thompson

On a rainy day you can be found...

...in sweats with a hot cup of something reading with the kids, catching up on emails, or rearranging furniture!

On a hot day you are most likely...

...in the shade or at the pool with a cold drink laughing with friends.

What turns you on in life, really makes your passions flow?

Change, newness, life.

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Giveaway #2:


For all of you gorgeous members of the Mama Space tribe a gift of health and of discovery. The 10 Day Green Up is yours for free, simply enter the code 

There is a new section with discovery questions which will help you explore your world a bit more and some yummy recipes to try out.

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Giveaway #3:


The Soul of Joy --A 30 minute live call to join together in meditation and community and to call on joy's spirit and her soul uniting a gorgeous tribe of women.

September 22nd, 8:30pm Eastern Time (hopefully that can include some of you in different time zones)

The call will be recorded and sent out to everyone on the list so sign up even if you are unsure you can call in.

The energy live will be beautiful.

 The Soul of Joy

*** *** ***

That's the party! Gratitude for you, and time for pie.

Thank you for all who entered the giveaways!!!!!!!