The Joy UP Tribe Women -- The Voice of Kelly

Please join me in welcoming another voice from The Joy UP. Women who came together and journeyed through joy. Their voices are beautiful. Welcome today’s voice, Kelly.


I don't know how I came upon Hannah or The Joy Up, but I'm forever changed and thankful. I know my definition of JOY has changed. Joy is now found in meditations, objects, and rituals I'm embracing and needing. I find her in routines and moments that carry me through better days, kinder words, and deeper breaths

JOY is now the gift I give my children, my other half, and myself because I'm stopping the negative chatter in my head, stopping the anxiety that something will go wrong or someone will get sick. I am stopping the frustrating rants that come from not taking care of ME. 

JOY is replacing the negative space within me.

With treasures we grow, collect, touch, and smell. Treasures we paint, cut, and glue. 

Stopping to hold a rock or shell and whisper an intention, or just feel it's energy so we might share that energy.

Corners that seek abundance.

Gentle reminders, and rearranging our space to let those reminders be heard, be present, be completed.

A box of intentions just waiting for me.

I silently turn the one I need over, even when I'm not sure what I need. I smile because the universe always knows.

A bed that's made, fancy homemade jewelry, sparkles on eyelids, videos from Hannah in the wee hours of the morning, walks at dawn, and everything in my space reminding me to stop, breathe, be thankful, and...

*** *** ***

You can connect with Kelly Gleason Sage at Sagetribe, a beautiful blog with the quest of living simply, eating locally and finding joy everyday.