Choosing. A to-do list of surrender.

Surrender list Collage Sitting in deep surrender today. Letting her wisdom wash over me. Letting the uncomfortable bits settle down into my belly as I take a deep breath, all the way down to my pelvic floor.

I feel my pelvis relax, open and then slowly I feel it gently close, without the tension.

Surrender's prayer, "I feel uncomfortable and I want to hide from it. Please don't let me hide, numb, run."

Tears. Smiles. A release of the jaw.

Texts full of the words that only women who love you without fear or judgement can send.

Thoughts of a friend whose words I miss and the knowing that time is a beautiful manifestation of space. The vulnerability of a healing relationship, the journey that is not yours alone. A house sitting in clutter and humidity, holding my space. Writing from bed with his little body next to mine, my constant shadow, the grounding.

Poetry spinning in my heart, words like blessings, insatiable for time to be seen.

Today I choose to be gentle in my words. Today I choose to go get my bangs trimmed. Today I choose to put on clothes that feel sexy against my skin, that may be yoga pants and flip flops. Today I choose to mix accomplishing with rest, a challenge. Today I choose to call in my spirit guides, to allow them to hold my unknown. Today I choose desire. Today I choose to cut out words in magazines and let them lead me, the practice that heals my heart.

Today I choose surrender's prayer as my starting moment.


Second photo credit Vivienne McMaster. Third photo credit Chloe Marcotti.




Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a full of self care, full of decaf, full of excitement for all that is, full of joy because this life is so beautiful kind of mama. (What we focus on expands.)

These days I rarely read many blogs, I tend to reserve my time for my clients and close friends who are saying the words my heart needs to hear. But on this day, I saw the title of the post and had to read it. So glad I did.

This is crazy making. Crazy making. Crazy making.

I'm a tad bit in love with this one right now.

Thinking so much about how much I really need. I'm giving The Making Space Cleanse a make-over soon and I'm going to be focusing on this idea of enoughness.

So yeah, I might kinda get this Molly!!!!!!

It is work loves. Hard, hard work. I promise you this. Stay in the joy no matter where you are.

Fish keep showing up in my life, perhaps a spirit guide whisper? (Beautiful and gorgeous too!) And we have a little giveaway on the blog, don't forget to enter!

I am soooo excited for this, I'll be there, will you beloved?

It's about inclusion. Doesn't that kind of make your eyes water? Feast. Feast. Feast.

Can't stop listening to this one.

So honored to be in this lovely space with this sweet one.

I'm working on 50% this and 50% deep connections. That is my year.

And you? Where have you found beauty and magic?


Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a praying for ease, meditating on ease, dreaming of ease, sending blessings of ease, stirring ease into my decaf so I might be greeted with a slow day, a day that I need to feel so not-so-out-of-control kind of mama.

These are my pay-it-forward lists.

Seriously, read the description of this beauty! Love it.

Sas stepped into the ease. It is part of her magic.

This will make your mind all gooey and mushy and then you will sigh because it really is so beautiful. {via Alicyn}

I profess my love for Vivienne.

“I am not a lucky person, I’m a blessed person” ~Lovetta Conto

This is just funny. I love Instagram ya'll. {via Christy}


Sending you all with blessings for a beautiful weekend. xo


Goodnight beautiful day.

Nightly Blessing: Goodnight beautiful day.

Removed the polish. Toes almost 38 years of age.
Stripped the dress off my humid skin and climbed into the jammies. Body that is starting to feel beautiful again.
Sat, still and present in the evening.
Felt the softness. In-spite of and at the same time against the hot cement.
Looked down to feel the ground support me.
Looked up to feel the moon tug at me.

"I see the moon, moon sees me. Moon sees somebody I wanna see. So God bless the moon. God bless me. God bless the somebody, I wanna see." ~Jim Brickman


Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a wasting time online to avoid doing, dreaming of the salt air to heal my sensitive openings, frizzy haired in the humidity, heart -expanding for the joy up (as it always does) and drinking decaf black this morning 'cause we are out of coconut milk kind of mama.

These are my pay-it-forward lists. (I am in creation mode, so having read very little this week, will need you to leave some of your favorites in the comments)

This story from Andrea is divine.

I love great ideas. This is one and well, I don't have a MAC just yet, just yet.

I am so this girl.

I do joy/ making space, she does food/mood. Together we mamacoach. Gorgeously matched.

Totally get hating yourself for those moments. And the love.

She wrote us a blessing for the joy up. She wrote me a blessing when I was healing my bladder. I love this woman.

These interviews always heal my spirit. So needing this in my PMS today.

Highly Sensitive Unpacking

I return with vintage cowgirl boots, memories of hugs and laughter, magical moments in auditoriums and holding a glass of wine, chipped nail polish, frizzy hair and the deep desire to start something brand new.

Traveling light was not learned this trip, though now I know you really don't need heels in Oregon. Weird to this East Coast girl being at a conference with the most casual footwear ever. I eventually ended up in my walking shoes. Doing lots of walking. Only one blister.

The conference was one where I could tweet, cried my way through the conference, and have people tweet back, me too - there should be a HSP section in the seating to share kleenex. This is where we connect. Every now and then you need to be in a place where you don't once have to explain yourself or your work because 1,000 people know and get you. Just because you are standing in that hallway with them.

I am unpacking thoughts and inspiration of how to create more of this in my work. More community, unity, that sense that you are understood just by showing up.

Brené Brown will do her part to make the tears roll down. If you think she is awesome, she is actually a million times more awesome than that. Her story telling is where I will spend time studying because it is magic.

Sitting in a room next to Michelle Ward and Rachel Cole we listened to Danielle LaPorte do a Q&A session. She talked about how standing on stage was her persona, how her writing and her work were all part of that. In her kitchen she is different. I needed to hear this. You need to hear this.

Our online world is persona no matter how hard we strive for transparency or truth. The people who have been at the birth of one of my children or the neighbors who hear me lose my cool when the dog tears up my meditation garden know this. Persona is part of our gifts. Use it beautifully.

As Chris Brogan said on stage, we all poop, there is a book to prove it.

I was humbled by the people who came up to me, excited for my hug. I was there for them, how did I step into bizzaro land? I will never forget how incredibly gorgeous it feels to be noticed, admired and loved.

My travel wings have spread. After years and years of having babies and nursing, years that hold so much love and nurture and whole lot of exhaustion, I am flying off into a new world. One where I know how to spend time with myself. Where I acknowledge that I am allowed to because it makes me better.

To make my way on 5 modes of transportation in one day from coast to coast. Dream of the retreats I will someday guide. Feel space in new ways.

Each year I feel like a better person, growing more into how I want to show up. (This is where I get to insert that I got carded in Oregon for a glass of wine. Yep. Love that place.)

I am unpacking the lights, story and joy from my conference. I'm feeling the growing pains of re-entry after having been gone for more than a week. I'm planning outfits around my boots.

Yes, I rearranged the living room when I got back, Patrick patiently helped me, knowing that this was how I process, how I unpack, how I rejoin the pack.

Thank you Oregon for your beauty and grace. I can't wait to meet you again.


To all my new friends - thank you for the honor of knowing you, squeezing you and sharing time with you. Thank you for how much you truly wanted to be with me.

The conference was The World Domination Summit, in its second year, sold out each year with thousands on the waiting list. I am blessed to have attended.

Photo credit on second photo: Armosa Studios

Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a Om Time Tea in bed, sipped while steaming hot, watching my husband do the morning routine, feeling so much compassion for all that I do and grateful for the man by my side kind of mama. (We should all have more kindness and compassion for ourselves, shouldn't we?)

These are my pay-it-forward lists.

Leaning into my, "I am just love-ness" this poem affirms for me what I know. Thank you once again Karen.

Jennifer reminds us that there is always more to the story, Amen.

The Gratitude Tarot from Teresa, pure joy.

My girl Carmel, always posts the best songs on FB!

Loving this series from Jamie, and Julie's post took my breath away.

My newest book on the side of my bed.

Drinking this tea to help soothe and heal my bladder.

A very special project I'm working on starting with this magenta notebook. Just need to actually put something in it now!

How will you celebrate the powerful full moon tomorrow night?

Voices from the tribe ~ Jenny

A love note to The Joy UP from beautiful and loving Jenny who is a constant voice of hope and inspiration in our tribe. If you need someone to hold space, light a candle or send a blessing, Jenny will probably have done so before you even asked. Meet Jenny and the 100 other women in the tribe after signing up for the joy up, which is always pay-what-feels-good.

Please welcome a beautiful voice from the tribe and take a moment to leave a comment down below. It is such a brave thing to share your voice.

I had just finished a cleanse with a someone I had met on Facebook. She happened to post a link to something called a Joy Up. I followed the link, curious. I was in a scary, depressed, anxious place, being in the middle of a divorce from my husband of 15 years, trying to co-parent in healthy way with someone that I could barely look in the face at times, working full time on the night shift, seeing money sift through my fingers like grains of sand and still wondering how I was going to pay this bill or that bill on time.

So back to the link … On the video appeared this radiant pixie with sparkling eyes asking me for 10 days. Can you increase the amount of joy in your life in just 10 days? That was her question. Her challenge. I told myself that I had nothing to lose, and bless her, it was pay what you can, so I signed up.

For some reason at that time in my life, everything seemed to overwhelm me. I know what you’re thinking … How could a simple e-mail once a day for 10 days be overwhelming? Dunno, but it was. I had joined the Facebook group associated with the Joy Up and was meeting some amazing, out of this world, salve to my soul women, especially that little pixie, Hannah!

Yet 6 or 7 days in, it was nagging me that I had yet to read the any of the e-mails or watch any of the videos that Hannah had put her heart and soul into. So I took a couple of hours to myself, went to a coffee shop and caught up. I watched a couple of the videos twice, three times, with tears rolling down my face.

Later, when I confessed to the group how I had gotten behind in the e-mails and what I had done, I was met with love, acceptance, and many echoes of “that’s the way you were meant to do it”, even from Hannah. Wow.

I have never had many friends and some of the ones I did have scattered after my divorce. Just were not there. One was so vocal in her opposition about her deep conviction that I was doing the wrong thing in divorcing my husband and would be sorry later for the damage I was doing to my child. I had the sense a few didn’t know who they “belonged to” – me or him. And a few are still around as long as we don’t discuss the divorce.

When I began to open my heart and soul to these beautiful women in what I have come to call my tribe I realized that such judgment and condemnation for my actions and for me, for that matter, was not universal. It was so incredibly healing. I have done my fair share of seeking out and needing support from the group and as I type this, tears of gratitude are slipping down my cheek remembering so many encouraging words and messages sent my way. But it goes both ways. I would do anything in my physical power for ANY woman in this group.

It seems like almost every day someone in the tribe comes to mind, and I know they must be on my mind for a reason. So I hold them in my heart for the day.

I am living proof that you can increase the amount of joy in your life in just 10 days and proof that JOY can find a home in your heart and not just be a visitor, no matter what your circumstance may be. Thank you, Hannah.

Jenny Parrenin is proud to be the mama to Amelia Grace, the most exquisite, loving, and beautiful human being that I know.  I work nights in an urban hospital-based blood bank and having just turned 40, welcome this new decade with open arms.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds.  I know it is going to be good!


Dear me,

Oh the mornings you wake up and wish you could just crawl back into bed. The car won't start, you let your coffee get cold, the rice milk is spoiled and the kids fight, and fight. You move through it, but with tears and a little bit of a fight. I know, I was with you today. You feel disconnected and weepy. You can't blame it on your period, that just ended, or is it?

Search for reminders that you are loved. Look for the little notes that tell you of your safety and your place. Listen when your 3 year old says that everything around him is magic, reminding you of your guiding word.

Feel the joy in the home you are making beautiful. There will be another cup of coffee. Patrick will go out of his way to make sure you drink your next mug hot after hearing of your day. You will feel more connected. It will come back.

The kids will stop fighting, but a movie might help. When you go to the store, get some extra ginger for that lemon ginger tea you like, make some tonight and sip quietly away the sadness of the day. I get it. We all do.

Snuggle up to that truth. Tonight you will sleep away from the anxiety of what just is a bad day that you haven't been ready to let go of.

Now go call AAA ok?

You got this -- sometimes we just need a little reminder,




Thank you to Tanya for reminding me to visit my heart space.

Falling in love in the corners

It can start in the corner's of your home. They can breathe a new life into you.

You can start fresh today. Your power is in your thoughts.

I am on a journey to fall in love with each part of myself. The woman, the mother, the partner, the creator...

My story and journey will look different than yours.

I have high anxiety disorder and OCD (I am not a believer in labels but you will understand those terms so I share them) along with a history of disordered eating. I am a chronic rearranger. I move furniture, rugs, cups, laundry...moving things to the point where no one can find where anything is. I used to eat entire bags of corn chips in the pantry closet. Or not eat enough at all.

I don't eat gluten because it creates this high anxiety in me. I take a flower remedy to help with my fear of going new places, my kids take it before school when they feel anxious. I work with my thoughts. They are my power. They are yours too.

Making a decision to fall in love with my life means that I feel and experience it all.

I desire, I cry, I want, I wish, I dream, I do, I don't, I use my voice, I know when to be silent.

I am in the flow of discovery and connection. I am fiercely in search of financial freedom from debt while being so grateful for the lessons and the path debt has shown me. I long to live in a larger house while each day falling in love with the spaces I live in.

I am falling in love in the corners. Once full of clutter they hold opportunity for space, for a fresh perspective. (Photo above from my love corner, more on that soon!)

Patrick and I fall in and out of rhythm. Times when we are touching, loving and talking allow the flow to feel like silk. Our children soak up the emotional energy and they feel better. When we fall out of rhythm, out of making space for each other the flow feels like rough water, churning and intense.

I go back to the corners. For me it is physical space, for you perhaps your journal or your movement practice. The corners of my home offer me a chance to find a feeling of settling, of knowing. They are ritual only just begun for me. How long have I kept those plates in that spot? Quite some time now.

We all feel unsettled, unfinished, unappreciated somewhere in our lives. I won't stop rearranging completely as I love the freshness it opens up, but I am learning to find the ways to settle that part of my body that can't be still, that needs to learn rhythm and quiet of mind.

As I do the work, as I settle my physical space, I see the connections. My patience, my creativity, my understanding, my voice --each a part of this process. This quieting of mind. It is part of my parenting and my loving. It is my connection to women all around me. It is the strength in my coaching and behind the web of my business.

I want to be your cup of hot tea on a rainy day, where you find comfort and inspiration.

My corners are breathing space. Look around and notice yours. What are your corners asking of you, whispering to you? They want you to fall in love inside of them.

*** *** ***

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