Beautiful Faces. Magical Places.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a shocked that I didn't blog this week but wrote a lot in my head, feeling the space of Fridays, waiting for bacon to arrive for breakfast while realizing I planned nothing for dinner (oh no) kind of mama.

These are my pay-it-forward lists.

Discovering Amelia through Amanda today. In my still found her still.

I've been looking for women who are writing about marriage. Like the real stuff. And the gratitude.

Watching Legend of Korra season finale yesterday I was in tears, (partly because we were obsessed with Avatar and having it back is joy) Aang says, "When we are at our lowest is when our greatest change can come." Just sayin' people, this show is really where any of my wisdom comes from!

I'm a quote girl. I so relate to every word and I loved meeting Vivienne in July.

Chloe turns 10 soon and her face started to break out. She dabbed this on that I bought for my dry skin and in one day her face was more smooth. A preteen secret weapon.

I'm just going to call him my soul-brother. You'll see.

I adore when women come together to teach, to guide, to share.

This is perfection for the Leo New Moon today, prompting us to use our voice, find our creative.

I've been thinking so much about this, the pauses - do we have too many, do we not do enough? I don't have an answer, but I have the questions.

Just plain fun, my handwriting is crazy, but I am really liking the idea of this.

Have you seen that Mamacoach Circle has a home now? It is gorgeous, a beautiful color story and just as we have allowed the business to evolve so shall our online home.

I am searching for an oversized bag. I love this one and this one. Still looking...

Um, where have I been. Freaking loving this blog.