Echo of Surrender

Surrender: To give yourself up to a new emotion or course or influence.

This is where we can make space for allowing, releasing and simply being in our now.


Surrender to the scratches all over the car, written in stick by the three year old with wild curly hair.

Surrender to the broken branches of the baby willow tree, a puppy and his teeth must chew.

Surrender to the popcorn lunch, it truly makes them happy. Joyfully happy as they munch and run around in the sun.

Surrender to the headache, hear its pulsing message --the deep desire the body has for its nurture always appears.

Surrender to the avoidance that pulls you back, back, back and do something that holds beginning and end. Repeat.

Surrender to the overwhelm, thank it with a full heart and listen to your spirit's song.

Surrender to the echo, let it wash over as the letting-go begins and begins and begins.


In all of my groups right now there is the echo of surrender. For some it is fearful for others a release and feeling of being in their flow. I've been thinking about this as the discussions continue with such honesty and grace. I would like to go deeper, to explore surrender, allowing, letting-go, truth and the grace that will deepen our lives.

I am planning an affordable group program where we will gather around this topic. It will be in part group calls and an email forum. Here is what I would like to know from you...

Where in your world is there an echo of surrender and what feelings does it leave you with?