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I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. Today I am a mug of decaf green tea followed by a kombucha green juice followed by making breakfasts, lunches, driving kids to school, coming home and having breakfast with my littlest (today we have my middle one home too) and then both of us all of us getting some screen time to chill out kind of mama.

These are my pay-it-forward lists.

We love chopsticks. They slow you down, make a huge mess of noodles on the table as the kids slurp and they are just so freaking pretty in a jar or mug. The kids use these and I use these (apparently sold out at the moment).

While I'm not ready, yet, to shave my head, women are freeing themselves from the notion that their hair is their beauty. Ozma has some serious superpowers of bravery and grace.

"When you explore you get more imagination then you already have." This video picks me up when I am down, it reminds me that each moment is divine joy, a gift, no matter what I am feeling or learning or expanding into.

Faith, Intuition and Nutrition, this is the power trio. As we start to learn how to explore these in our own worlds magic will start to happen. Thank you Heather.

Abundance is not the amount of money in your bank or pocket, it is your feelings, your thoughts, your practice of being in the now joyfully. This was a lovely look at how courage plays a deep role in abundance.

I am certain this TED Talk will make all Friday lists because this woman is a beautiful story teller/researcher.

I acknowledge that my whole life I will be in a relationship with my belly. I used to think if it was flat, that suddenly my life would shift radically. What I've learned is that when I stopped fighting so hard I could find love in the most unlikely of places. Melissa takes on this emotional subject, of developing our hara.

Spring Tribe has arrived, Alicia wrote on her dream list for 2012 to be included in the tribe. I swoon over manifesting.

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