Beautiful faces. Magical places.

I am eager for the lists that make their way out on sleepy Friday mornings. I am a mug of decaf followed by lemon water followed by making breakfasts, lunches, driving kids to school, coming home and having breakfast with my littlest and then both of us getting some screen time to chill out kind of mama.

Learning of new faces and places that make up this magically inspiring online world is part of my Friday joy. I thought I would pay it forward so I kept a list of all my favorite reading from the week, some new, some older as I dig through archives.

I am a big believer in shared vulnerability. It is changing the world as women collectively raise their voices in this way. Susannah is asking you to:: Always wear your invisible crown.

Karen often brings me to tears just when I really need to be brought there. She shares how:: His work will never end.

Every now and then I read something and think, damn. That. When it is so good it makes my body sigh. Jamie's words, just yes and perfection and thank you! I will know this:: Only we can be in our hearts, knowing that next point of growth and the courage it takes to step into it.

This week was a tough one for me, I was crabby, moody, teary, resistant, bothered, blah. Ever grateful for Michelle. Over and over I often need to be reminded:: Be more like you.

Story connects us. We are brought together in circle's of women through words strung together with the moments from our lives. Britta has a story and together:: we are walking the same path.

She is making a bag a day because she wants to be great at what she does, like a prolific writer who commits to 5,000 words a day. This woman has passion. Chelsea is someone who believes so deeply that she is enough:: The Utopian Collection.

Leo sums up how my world of business works. I love my beautiful chaos. Not sure I could plan if I wanted to:: let go.

A conversation in our minds and our circles. Comparing, feeling less than. We need to talk about this more, I am promising right now that I will. Pixie is a treasure, and this is sacred truth:: No one can touch what happens in our dreams, in our journeys, our active imaginations, and meditations.

Rachel's favorite color is this mustardy yellow. Mine is gray, golden brown a close second, preferably with a feather somewhere. Women go through cycles of feelings, emotions, and I know after my week of low and quiet and tears that soon I too will wake up feeling:: Joyful for no reason.

All things beautiful:: add more to your world, in whatever ways feel good, with color or shape or texture.

Honored to be visiting with my words or theirs::

Gentle Living

Annmarie Gianni

Nourishing Our Radiance

Persephone Brown

Ivy Plum

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