The Wings of Gratitude

I do not have a must-do practice of gratitude. My gratitude has wings. It flies around me and flutters in my path. There are days when my field, my spirit is filled with the wings of gratitude. There are moments when I am lost in the chaos of un-centeredness and wings do not appear.

My gratitude has wings as it flows into my life when I am present, open and truthful. It flutters out the moment I yell without control or hold in tightly the honesty of my voice. And that happens. Yes. That is my lesson, flipped into my gift to share, of being in this moment. Of being honest. And the wings will flutter, they always let me know. Their silence is a sadness and stillness, a time for reflecting on the connections I still must make.

In that sadness and stillness of wings I ask for what will allow me calm, patience, time, energy, joy, space, love, passion...shhhhhhhhh. Only in the stillness do we hear. Only in the stillness do the wings prepare once again for flight.

I open up to the answers. I feel the wings of gratitude fluttering in my spirit as I connect back to my rhythm, my ritual, my daily gifts of joy.

 *** *** ***

Welcome Mogul Mom Mamas.

 I was blessed to have a post on a dear friend's website who is doing the most amazing work for moms running a business, raising a family and rocking both. She inspires me. Make sure to stop over and say hi to Heather and I.

And the 10 days of dancing in the magic of the season, The Holiday Joy up starts November 26th. Will you join the joy?