Build Your Tribe Tuesday - Do it with joy

I was at a marketing conference once with some big names and a woman with a very large tribe and successful business stood up. She admitted she didn't love her work, it didn't bring her joy, light her up.

Yes, she built her tribe. She was making money, well known, and not loving any of it. But she was so good at what she did.

Are you building your tribe around something that does not light you up? Close your eyes. When you stand in the center of your tribe, and feel why they are gathered around you, does it bring you joy? Are you doing it because you can or you can't not?

This is your business, your choice, your chance at connecting with passion. Build your tribe around that. When you start to shift away from that, close your eyes again. Feel your tribe around you. Ask them how you can serve them through your joy?

Then listen.