A Year of Wishes Calendar

Today's guest post is from Lori Portka who I love, just love. We've started a virtual friendship based on the admiration we have for one another. When I talk about asking the Universe for your blessings, and then being open to receiving them, this is what I mean. That is what The Holiday Joy Up is all about. That is what our spirits want us to seek. To open to the blessings of abundance, and we can start by loving each other up.

Lori and Lisa Sarick have created something magical. As the Holidays approach I want to share inspiration (I am not affiliating, just loving this) for how to give gifts from the heart. Start here.

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I wanted to make a calendar that was more than a calendar. I told my friend, Lisa, about this and an idea came to her within an hour. We designed this calendar together: my artwork, her loving intentions.

The calendar works like the Buddhist practice of Metta, often referred to as loving-kindness meditation. In this practice you begin with offering love and good wishes to yourself. Then over time, spread the love and good wishes outward to those close to you, those who challenge you, those you do not know… and in the end, wish happiness and love to all beings.

There are wishes for each month, beginning in the first quarter with oneself, and moving outward as the year progresses. Each month has an adorable cut-out and stand-up prayer card with that month’s wish to put where you will see it (alter, kitchen window sill, mantle or wallet.) It is a sweet reminder of the intentions you are sending out. We realized we had more to say about each month’s wish so we will be blogging or vlogging about that month’s wish topic on my website under the tab, A Year of Wishes. We would love for you to join us!

Wishing you a Happy, Abundant, Love-Filled, Peaceful, Magical year,

Lori and Lisa

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You can purchase your A Year of Wishes Calendar for yourself or a loved one - or both, here.

"I LOVE that this calendar has inspired people to keep one for themselves and give one or more away.  It makes my heart burst.  And its not about the money, although I’m happy and grateful for abundance.  It’s about the giving.  The giving to oneself and to others.

It is so easy to put love into the calendars as I print, package and send them.  It all feels like love." Read more from this post The Sweetest Thing