What do you want more of?


I set an intention at the beginning of the year to become connected to women who were rocking their passion and purpose, working from home and a total bonus if they were a supermom! Yes, I believe in the power of supermoms. Basically, I wanted to attract what I was seeking to be.

And oh baby, is it working. Virtually and within my community. Beautiful connections. Beautiful women. Men too, fathers who are amazing me in their work and passion showed up. Everyone doing work that is purposeful and contributing such heart and truth to the world. I've been floating in the joy of it.

Today I met my newest member of the manifested into my life club at the park. We brought our kids and they played their little hearts out. A game of hide-and-seek left a two year old and five year old searching for their older brothers who did not move an inch, for fear of giving away their hiding spot. We talked about babies, money, connecting...

Here is a little secret about me. I get nervous about being social. In a good way. Sometimes I think of a reason to cancel or try to convince myself I'm too busy. What I also know is that I must force myself, because I so need it. I need that connection to further my joy. To wear out my kids in the park with new friends. To sit and chat with a new friend and have it feel like we've been chatting like that forever.

That is joy. Sometimes you just have to push yourself.

I often do. It is so worth it.

The Joy UP is just days away. As I type this we are 75 women strong. Let's hit triple digits and know that we are uniting together in joy.

*** *** ***

My new friend happens to be the lovely photographer and mama of three who took my new head shots. Marisa from Marisa Pictures who allowed me to feel so comfortable in front of a camera. Will you all have some fun with us and vote for the new picture on my website? It is hard to pick a picture of your own face! I trust the gorgeous women of my tribe. If you are looking for photography for  yourself or of your children, Marisa is amazing. I'm sure she'd even let you fly her out for a tropical shoot if you asked really nicely!

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