One More Day

The Joy UP starts tomorrow.

I spent about 7 days fully devoted to writing and recording something that will be in day 1. It was in my heart and wanted to get out, but I struggled. As soon as I let go of it and sought out guidance from a few special women, I found exactly what I had been dreaming of.

6 days ago we had 60 people signed up. Last night we hit 126.

Women are gifting their friends and spreading the word.

I had this dream of 200 women uniting in joy. It became The Joy UP.

We haven't even started yet and already there is gratitude pouring in. And pouring out of me. This is special.

I picked the dates of The Joy UP with a clear intention, (astrologically, if you are into that sort of thing) knowing it was the perfect time.

As I have written and recorded and often felt a bit intimidated that I have promised more joy in 10 days, I would feel like I was being wrapped in something much larger, and guided to keep editing, writing, shifting, changing, inviting, honoring, growing.

That is what I have been doing. My daughter left me a rock on my dresser last night that said Joy. It was beautiful.

When you are totally immersed in something that is full of joy, of passion, your every moment focuses on it. I've been up late at night, early in the morning. My kids know that I am clueless about what day it is most mornings. Or if I turned on the stove to make breakfast. They are enjoying  yeses to movies and treats. There has been lots of cereal. And cold coffee. And happy tears because I knew that this was the program of my heart - that was singing to women all over - wanting them to unite, connect. Because sometimes it is lonely. It shouldn't be.

And it is all so worth every moment.

I am so grateful.

We start tomorrow. Can you increase the amount of joy in your life in just 10 days? I know you can.