Hey Gorgeous, Harder is Better!

Want to move into the gorgeous life and have a little raw kale, butterflies fluttering on your head kind of fun? Of course you do!

Each Sunday I will be posting a new Hey Gorgeous tip that is simple and fun. I am a believer that what we put out we attract and I am looking for some simple and some fun. I want my tribe to feel sexy and gorgeous and inspired. I want you to pay-it-forward when you feel inspired by a tid-bit and create the ripple that the joy of loving yourself up, healthy style brings. Yes, that means we might have to share this with the guys (*wink* at the guys who are here already)!

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The harder the better, and calcium and exercise for your bones can help you get there! Wipe off that milk mustache, baby and let's talk foods and moves that deliver calcium without any damage.

Arugula in a collard wrap with sauted chickpeas...can you see an amazing meal there? Drizzle it with dressing made with some fresh lemon juice for extra Vit C, because the C helps the other C (alcium) absorb. Green smoothie combined with a little kettle bell swinging and you have a calcium rich, bone building recipe for success.

We want alkalinity, not acidity for our cells to swim in. Alkalinity: think dates instead of sugar when you need a little sweet, broccoli as an appetizer instead of the usual greasy fare. Trade a cup of coffee for a green juice and you are well on your way to bone building happiness.

This alkalizing, energizing formula isn't just strengthening your bones, but it's keeping dis-ease away from your body and building a pathway for thoughts that transform you into the joyful butterflies dancing on your head kind of life.

Hard to argue with that, isn't it?

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I'm going to teach you how to prepare those nice big collard leaves to use as a filling wrapper. So easy! So tasty!

  1. Trim out the stem from the bottom to about 1/4 of the way up the leaf. Just cut it out. You now have a collard with a little V shape cut out of it.
  2. Wash the leaf and leave it wet. Put a tiny bit of olive oil on your hands (sea salt too if you want to add a bit more flavor) and rub the leaf. It will turn nice and dark green and become soft.
  3. Dry the leaf off on a dish towel (or paper towel) and your collard wrapper is ready. I prepare a few at a time and store them in the fridge for using later.
  4. Before placing filling on, close the V-section of the leaf by simply pulling one edge onto the other, closing the gap. Put your filling inside and wrap it like you would a burrito.