Manifest. Dream. Create.

It hangs in the kitchen. Chloe often leaves little notes tacked on it, like this one, "We like to be happy."

I believe in it's power, in the story that is created when I lean into the process, the work and the letting-go.

Erin Barrette Goodman and I over the years have come to trust in these boards. I call mine a Vision Board, she uses the beautiful words, Treasure Mapping.

Join us on a magical teleclass where we share stories, techniques, inspiration and guidance for you to manifest, dream and create.

For details and registration, hop over here...

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We have intentionally kept the cost of this teleclass low to accomodate everyone. Just for fun however, let's do a little freebie! Leave a comment (winner will be announced on Friday evening) and share your guiding word for the year. Don't know what yours is? Check out this post to help you.

Congrats Iris!