Picture Thoughts - Change

After almost 7 years, new colors are appearing. A move into joy, a step towards the future. I embrace change, am bored without it. For some things.

Looking to see the places where my dreams settled into my existence and the space where the wishes still exist as sparkly-energy-thoughts. What will remain and follow me through another year? What picture of myself will I choose that resonates with all I want, hope and dream?

It is not an easy journey, unscrambling the pieces of ourselves from the realities of our space. Change flowing through us, easy does not describe the lengths we go, as we discover our truth. We feel full, purposeful, uncomfortable. (Thank you Anisa for the gorgeous photo.)

I can do it, just hold the shelf in place. I can't find the holes, it isn't straight. Up on the right more. Let me look. And then he climbs on the ladder and finishes it himself. A few years ago, that might have ended up a fight. A beautiful change.

Pink hair found me at 14. Pink hair found her at 8. I am amazed at her funky way of moving through this world. While I have wished so many things could be different, when I see who she is becoming, the gap between what I dreamed and what is doesn't seem so steep.

A leap.

Trusting in what is possible may stretch an old story. A decision made so out of comfort. Change. Beauty. Butterflies dancing in a world where we only visit. A moon rising and uniting us. A breath we pull in.

Trusting in it so deeply that butterfly kisses tickle our cheeks, and we slowly exhale.