My Favorite Things - Saturday

I needed to take another day to continue one of my favorite things, the online community that I enjoy around me. I am able to connect and learn from this blogging community. I am inspired every week by someone who I cherish as a mentor or a friend. We try to do lots of gratitude in different ways at home. We say a thank you before dinner, the kids wrote on Thanksgiving leaves their messages of gratitude. Thank you for indulging me in another of my favorite things, gratitude for those who have helped me move forward in my life and business.

Elana from Elana's Pantry is the woman with the giveaway today. You can read Elana's {Living It} Interview here. I tell you why she was life changing for me. She shares her thoughts on joy. It's worth taking the time, clicking the link and heading over. Leave a comment here or on the Interview page to enter to win a copy of her book, which all my clients know, The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook. I don't use many cookbooks, but Elana's recipes can be compared to none, and have taught me how to create my own simple recipes in the kitchen.

Andrea Beaman and I had a fun interview a while ago where she shared her words on living in her joy and how to be present and loving and get the most out of this life we are given. She is a mentor to me and holds a special place in my heart. Her drive and laughter, her "yeah baby," continue to make me feel that there is enough out there for everyone. So let's go get it.

In our house the sounds of Elizabeth Mitchell ring out from Pandora or CDs. I played her Jingle Bells the other night on my Holiday Connecting Group call. I have never been a big music person. I love Pearl Jam and Joni Mitchell and a few others. Elizabeth Mitchell makes me feel good and silly and happy when I listen with the kids at night before Patrick comes home. I first discovered her through this incredible book/cd which everyone with kids should have, Catch the Moon. How could I forget to add this to my moon post, yikes! Chloe even caught me on video dancing to one of Elizabeth's songs as I was folding laundry and if she gets her way will guest blog it. If you have kids, you need to know Elizabeth.

Now, if you are an entrepreneur this next section is for you.You may still be inspired by this group.

Running a business used to make me nervous. I was terrified of marketing even though I secretly loved learning everything I could get my hands on. One day by following one link on a blog to another link I stumbled upon a woman who will forever be life changing for me. Marie Forleo of Rich, Happy and Hot is all of those things and one of the most amazing women I have ever had the honor of hugging and thanking for being in my life. I struggle to find the right words to express how I feel about Marie, but this post was inspired by the event that Marie holds annually in New York and that women travel from all over the world to attend. I entered a contest to win a ticket to the event and didn't win the one prize. Marie instead chose to hand out 13 prizes and gift 13 of us with tickets to this $1,500 event. She is truth, sassy, love, no bullshit and present to NOW.

Ok, so my heart is rather full of these women.

It keeps going and that is my favorite thing. It just. gets. better.

I met Amanda Krill who works with Marie initially from quick e-mails and then at Marie's event. Amanda's blog says what I need to hear, guides me and makes me think. Running your own business requires more than just the passion for what you do. You must love marketing and networking and have a voice that speaks what your market needs to hear. That is what I hope to do. Amanda does that for me. Change, expectation-even debt becomes a subject that Amanda turns inspirational. I have gratitude for Amanda, mother of 3 and rocking the entrepreneurial world, and cant wait to see where her life and business are going to next.

Is there some room here for a guy or two? Chris Brogan has become my breakfast. He writes daily inspiration that occasionally, well most of the time, goes over my head. I'm still figuring out twitter so I'm creeping along. Chris writes in a way that creates connection. He is President of Human Business Works and if you are an entrepreneur you should know about it. Watching it unfold feels exciting. He's a great breakfast for those of us who need a little push to keep moving forward.

If you have been with me for a while you noticed the site had a quick change into this beautiful and calming space. Mike and Nicole are my superheros of design and technology. I could not be where I am today without them. The fact that they are both two of my dear friends is a bonus. Mike can explain technical things to me with the patience of a saint, because trust me, it can take repeated tries before I get it. Nicole rocks the design and concept. What I love about this team at The Healthy Design is that they are both Health Coaches so they market to those in the health and wellness field. Looking to rock your site, call them. I'm not an affiliate, I'm a testimonial of their work.

Last one for you entrepreneurs is Mad Mimi who I use as my newsletter service. I adore this company. And I am an affiliate so use that link if you sign up. Their response time to any question is lightning speed, they have a sense of humor and the result of each mailing you send out is tracked and easily understood. Thrilled to have them on my "team."

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Leave a comment below or on this page to win a copy of Elana's book.

If you feel moved to share one of your favorite things, whatever it may be I know we'd all love to hear it.