My Favorite Things - Sunday

As the week of my favorite things comes to a close, my mind goes to the things that I didn't add. Like Larabars. I love them and am happy to have one hanging out in my bag in those moments of must-eat-now. I wanted to write about all my favorite books, like Simplicity Parenting, The Glass Castle and The Art of Non-Conformity but I thought I would save the books for another time. Today's favorite goes to thoughtful investments that make your life more enjoyable and easier. I am a bargain shopper at heart, breaking myself out of settling for the item that is on sale instead of paying a bit more for the one that is more special, better made. As I am moving away from this habit I have a few things that have been amazing investments for me. My mini van for one, can't believe I drive one, I love it. We bought it used, gently loved and are loving it up even more. Getting a laptop was life changing, I can work from any coffee shop in Rhode Island or from the comfort of my snugly couch (I'm there now).

A couple pairs of amazing jeans, a few jackets and some beautiful shoes have made my work wardrobe become me. Investing in a few clothing items and a little guidance along the way is priceless for self esteem, quick morning dressing and feeling like you match the inside and the outside. I have my stylist and friend Jill. If you can't afford a stylist just yet, most of us have that friend who is a magician at putting together outfits. Bring her shopping and to your closet. Find your style; I wear more jewelry than you might, and I love it. Always have. I also love a few black pairs of yoga pants to add to the mix. Be you, it's really good.

Two companies I am loving are imaginechildhood and Hip Mountain Mama. I love their philosophies, blogs and products. I look forward to sharing more about our family making decisions on what to buy and who to buy it from. We are figuring it out as are family grows. I look to these companies to help lead the way.

In the kitchen a favorite thing is our Blendtec blender. Love, love this machine. Love the company. We use it multiple times a day. Life changing this blender. I grind nuts into meal and kale and strawberries are a morning drink some days. If you think a mocha colored, refurbished blender might look nice in your kitchen, leave a comment. It is today's giveaway. Thank you to Blendtec for their generosity. I've actually had this for a giveaway for some time now and kept waiting for the perfect time, when readership was up, for the Holiday....

Now is the time. We love this blender and you will too.

It's a cool giveaway isn't it?

Tell your friends to stop by and enter all the giveaways this week.

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For today's really cool giveaway, leave a comment about what you might blend. Tweet and leave another. FB share and leave another.

Spread the word and leave another. Comments close Tuesday the 14th at 5pm. Winners announced on Wed the 15th.

Clearly I'd like to use this giveaway as a way to connect with more people. And encourage green smoothies. Full disclosure!