My Favorite Things - Friday

As I sit here blogging, I remember back, before I was computer literate beyond e-mail and looking up directions (which even that was challenging). Now I am running a business based online and blogging regularly. Oh yes, one of my favorite things. Blogging changed my life by allowing me to connect with women all over the world, giving me a chance to speak in my voice. I become a better woman, mother and partner through that voice of truth. Blogs from other women have touched my life and are a part of my daily routine. Blogs from other women have touched my life and are a part of my daily routine. I start most mornings after the kids have gone off to school, hands warm with a mug of tea and Amanda's daily post on Soulemama. A glimpse into Amanda's world allows me to start my day with a fresh breath, a reminder that I can be present and the inspiration to focus on what's working each day.

Each day my inbox holds a post from Kidoinfo and all you Rhode Island moms know we would be lost without Anisa and her team. Being a contributing writer on Kidoinfo has created a connection with my State and the cool, inspirational moms who share it with me. I love Providence!

I look forward to finding an e-mail that there is a new exhale.return to center blog because Erin echoes what I need to hear. She is my warm fuzzy, my mirror, my friend. Our work intertwines and can only lead to a union of magic one day soon.

One of my favorite things about blogging is the community you can become organically. Through Erin I met Jen from Love and Tea in Vermont. Tea and blogging just go together right? Jen would like to host today's giveaway and offer this delicious Holiday Cheer Tea to one of you. Reading the ingredients I can taste it already. One of my favorite things is supporting other mama-preneurs.

When I feel lost in a quiet moment between writing I will wander over to habit and catch up on the gorgeous photos and thoughts that always bring me inspiration.

I discovered Stacy and her blog Schmoopy through the magical world of getting lost in going from link to link. You know when you discover someone special, who you have never met? I fell quickly for Stacy and feel a connection in our work. Her Bella Wish store sells vintage inspired jewelry "stamped with sweet and soulful sayings. Designed to empower, encourage, heal and more..."

When a blog arrives from Lisa at Visionary Mom I get a jolt of energy, as she always inspires me to get moving. I will be on a Visionary Mom team in January as I am ready to start writing my book! Did I just write that? I think there may be spaces left if you want to join us. WE are going to get it done.

Susannah Conway's words and photos captured me the moment the page came to life on my screen. You can feel Susannah's warmth as you can the mug of tea in your hands and her passion like the tingle you get from that first moment of discovering joy. I soak in her images and read her words only when I am alone, quiet and still. Deserving the time to be still not, not trying to half focus while kids are running around and dinner is partially made.

AuthentiKate was a little discovery that brings endless inspiration to my life. Stumbling upon Kate's blog was like coming home to a smile. Kate's laugh is infectious and she glows in all of her Glimpse TV interviews. She is dedicated to telling the truth and finding her voice. I felt a magic the first time I read her words, knowing she will be a voice of change and hope.

This is just a sampling of some of the inspiration that comes to me through the blogging community. I will be back tomorrow with some more blogs and online businesses that rock my world, featuring one woman who was life changing for me and my journey. Look for many of these inspirational women featured soon in my {Living It} Interview Series.


For today's giveaway of Holiday Cheer Tea please leave a comment and share with us one of your favorite blogs or your blog.