My Favorite Things - Thursday

I love food. There have been times, thankfully past, that food was an enemy. Needing it desperately and then feeling ashamed. Or rejecting it and feeling empty. Making peace with food is one of my favorite things. Every day I am grateful to know the foods that make me feel amazing, and to understand the ones that make me sick. My power foods are the ones I turn to on days when I feel low and uninspired. I don't always feel like cooking. It is the simple act of forcing myself into the kitchen and just washing the greens that gets me motivated to do more. Standing up can be the hardest part. There are some products that I have found that make my time in the kitchen feel less like an unplanned detour and more like a guided retreat.

  • Eden Organic Beans - no BPA's so we can now keep some canned beans in the pantry for those nights when a quick soup, stew or salad is calling.
  • Kuzu Root Starch- found among the seaweeds at Health Food Stores, kuzu powder is an amazing thickener and digestive aid. I use to thicken stews, gravy, and pudding of course! Thanks to Eden Organics again.
  • Bionaturae - organic strained tomatoes and tomato paste in JARS!!!!!!!! Glass baby, you pay a little more, but get to keep the nice jar and know that your body will thank you.
  • Tinkyada Rice Pasta - going gluten-free the one thing that is scary is all the gluten-free pastas. This product is amazing if you cook it to just tender. I don't eat many grains, but this is one that I will add in when I need a pasta fix.
  • Annie's Gluten-Free Mac and Cheese - a big shout out and thank you to Annie's for making a gluten free pasta! Gluten-free kids need to feel like one of the pack from time to time.

This list could go on a bit, but these are some of my favorites. I talk about the whole foods I use, but wanted you to know that there are safe and yummy products to help ease you into the path of healthy eating. I am not affiliated with any of the above products, I just love them, and use them.

Kale and collards are getting their own day with a very special giveaway, so don't think I am ignoring the loves of my dark green world.

Recently I led a group of women on a 10 Power Mom Cleanse. The result are still coming in from the women who's lives truly changed from this experience. It is a mix of inspiration, support, meal ideas, recipes, planning and total motivation from working in a group. I will be holding another 10 Day Cleanse this time for Power Women On The Move. So moms, entrepreneurs, business women, young funky hip artists and any other women on the move are going to be rocked by the results and the power of this cleanse.

For today's giveaway I am offering one spot on this virtual cleanse (date to be announced...January-ish). Can't wait for the new group of cleansers to come together and feel the energy that comes from this process. The cleanse is all online.

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