Need a boundary?

screen window shot

In friendship. In love. In space holding. In decisions.

Need a boundary?

It is yours, right now, a deserving because you are.

Their feelings are not yours to hold but baby you must hold your own.

Need a boundary?

Let others feel their way through, it is a journey of magic they will walk if given the space to know themselves.

And you. Grab your boundary. Put it in place. Breathe it in. Do not apologize. You become better for it.

Roots start to ground your decisions, desires; each moment guided by your future self and the second that moved through you, just then.

I want to gift you with the knowing that your boundaries are a piece of you that can be unearthed, practiced and tended like the most tenderhearted being.

Their shit is their shit. Let them live their story. Let them sort it, heal it and baby let them hold it.

Need a boundary?

Feel your part and your words and the way your body is receiving. Ask your throat chakra to help you open into the truth that wants to spill and become the ocean waters that soothe you.

It is yours right now. Listen. Grab it. Protect it with the fierceness of mama bear.