Magic making mastermind weekend sessions.

“The Loft is a magical place- a life-sized fairy house of twinkle lights and swirling colors and inspirational art and quotes. It’s a Red Tent in the city, a place where Hannah and her tribe create soft, safe space for women to breathe, eat, drink, create, dream and reconnect to their true soul whispers. Connections are made, differences are cherished, truths are honored. I felt heard and known and respected, encouraged to be my best self and use my powers for good. What a life-shifting blessing!” ~ Melissa


We are not here to simply live on this earth. We are here to experience, feel, evolve, desire, devour, share, dance and open.

I chose to live sensually. The choices I make must revolve around feeling good and bringing good.

We must circle with our women as part of the deep self-care work we will all be called towards.

This circling for me is a calling so that we don't disappear from our own eyes and dreams and desires.

It is filling a hole inside that often feels gaping and raw.

When you combine the beauty of self care with the kickass mastermind of women who love pushing the edges of heart-centered business you create swirling magic.

The Loft holds twinkle lights, visioning supplies, giggles, bubbly, love and so much more for you.


Here is how the weekends will work ::

Up to 5 women will gather at The Loft in Pawtucket, RI (the airport is about 20 minutes away) for mastermind circle. Our time will include Friday night, Saturday all day and Sunday morning. Hotel information will be sent after you register so you can find the perfect spot to nest up in for the 2 nights.

Friday afternoon, after everyone arrives, we will settle in, cozy up, have dinner and talk about what we want from the time together. This will be our dinner strategy magic making! We'll make a list and hang it on the wall to guide us in the morning. After dessert and bubbly I will say good-night and we will join together after breakfast in the morning.

Saturday we will begin our mastermind circle time. This will include coaching from me, visioning, support from the circle and my assistant Kristen and some fun surpises. This can be website related, building an ecourse, blogging, content creation, planning, idea based strategy, etc. This can also be outside of business touching on relationship, dreams, anything that is present for you. (We will be using our Friday night lists for these sessions.)

You will be a part of each other's magic making mastemind in various ways. It's gonna be good!

These sessions will be intense. They will pull a lot out of you. You will feel exhausted and lifted up all at once. We will play music and pour a glass of wine to celebrate once we have completed them!!!

After we mastermind and mine and dream and feel and plan and absorb on Saturday night we will hit the city. We will get dressed up, sacredly adorned and probably smell really good as we adventure out. We will meet at one of my favorite spots in Providence for dinner and drinks and we'll let all of it melt away and celebrate.

Sunday morning sleep in or make plans to walk around the city. This day is yours. Integrate. Process. We will talk about re-entry at dinner on Saturday.

Surprises and little gifts will unfold each weekend. They will all be different and amazing. Amazing, I promise.


Some details ::

The weekend is non-refundable unless you or I are able to secure the spot with another participant. Much preparation happens ahead of time, so please, only sign up if you are 100% in!

More dates will unfold if there is more interest.

The $600 goes towards your mastermind time and all food and beverages other than the Saturday night dinner in the city. The city dinner is yours to choose and buy.

Date and Cost

June 12 and 13, $600  (3 spots left!)

$200 deposit to hold your space

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July 31 and August 1st , $600 (FULL!)

$200 deposit to hold your space


Includes your magic making mastermind, food Friday night, Sat morning and afternoon as well as little surprises along the way. I will be with you Friday and Saturday, Sunday is a free day, an integration day.



Circling is vital to the movement. As women we crave this ‘red tent’ time together where we can nurture and be nurtured in a collective wave. We want to lead and be led, touch and be touched.

Circling is a form of healing when you stop fighting against feelings of jealousy, status, competition, judgement and open space for the truth inside of those feelings and allow yourself time inside of vulnerability, nurture, love, gentle power and forgiveness. Together.

Circling is showing up in truth and sharing what feels good.

Circling is allowing others to lay hands on your wounds and then holding that hand in gratitude and love.

Circling is the deepest form of fear for many of us who were taught that women are jealous of us and we cannot show up in our light.

Circling is the rhythm of sharing meals, fears and giggles.

“I felt so lifted up and so held and seen and heard. In a way I had never expected or experienced. Being at The Loft gave me a feeling of connection that was something so new for me and now I know I can’t be without it. And I never realized the sheer power and strength and love without judgment that could be possible with a circle of women! My time at The Loft was amazing and I can’t wait to return for more. I yearn for it!”

“The weekend at The Loft really shook things up for me in a soft and gentle way."

"There was such freedom to share and spill and soak and release together. I am still basking in the overflow of the intentional self-care and sacred community that was birthed from my time at the Loft.”