Sexy Edges

This dream was an answered unasked question. Those questions we hold deep inside, too scared to know they are there.

This dream was of me, one year later.

This dream makes me realize what I am stepping into.

This dream tells me why I feel like a snake about to shed its skin.

This dream is about embracing, accepting, flourishing. And how gentle this can be.

This dream isn't about being bold or fearless.

This dream holds a softness, the truth.

This dream is of me.

This dream is of me one year later.


A client of mine said that when asked about her business (which is starting to ignite) from a friend, she shyly replied that it was doing OK. She didn't say that she couldn't believe herself how amazing things were starting to become. She didn't say that she was becoming aware of just how beautiful creating a soulful, heart-centered biz was. She didn't say that she was about to raise her rates, a lot, because of demand.

She didn't say those things because it feels to a sensitive soul so strange to talk about ourselves in that way. It makes us worry we are bragging or that as soon as we admit how great things are, they will swing the opposite way, and we'll start to fail. I can imagine her in one year, and what I see is a soft edge to her confidence.

What if --when asked how our business is doing, we said, "There is an intense joy that designing your own beautiful work can bring. That is where I'm headed." Even if we are struggling. Even if we haven't yet made a dime.

Because if that can be true, if that intense joy in designing our own beautiful work can be true NOW, we can step into that confidence.

No one can give confidence to you. Living with confidence can be modeled and tools can be shared. The rest is up to you.

That is part of the work, not just creating and marketing, but confidence manifesting. It isn't that someone has a shinier website or more design knowledge, it is that they are cultivating their confidence, they are tending it softly, with truth. They take what you call risk, what they call a must-do.

A soft edge to confidence is pretty damn sexy.

In that dream I see how in this coming year I've settled into my new skin and this retreat into myself I've been on for a year has brought me such truth and joy.

I own my confidence, its softness is my glider.

I see in this dream where that has allowed me to go, and yes it is joyful.


Close your eyes. It is one year later. What do you see...