Tales of an HSP - Baby Bangs and Retreats

I may have mentioned before that I am a Highly Sensitive Person. I attract other HSPeople because it feels so freaking awesome to be understood. So here are some behind the scenes notes from my world.

I've had these baby bangs for about a year now. When you are sensitive, it is important to feel deliciously beautiful in your skin. When my bangs would touch my eyes or my face I couldn't breathe. I wore lots of scarfs in my hair for the longest time just to keep all the hair off my face. I had the idea to make my bangs really short and my love affair with the baby bang was born.

All the reasons not to get them: You have a cowlick, they are hard to style, they so wouldn't fit your face. Well, I heard all of those and I did it anyway. Love these bangs. And I love Instagram, come find me @hannahmarcotti

Sensitive is beautiful and has its unique challenges. I like to think of them as my growth chart. Just like a child uses a pencil to mark how tall they are getting on the wall, I mark my awakening to the joys of being HSP. Realizing what is actually the gift inside of it all.

I take things really personally, meaning I feel what may not be intended. A small comment said in jest or otherwise can leave me feeling raw and emotional for days. It allows me to learn that it isn't all about me. It gives me a chance to practice speaking the truth, asking questions, digging a little bit deeper. And sometimes it just leaves me in a panic. PANIC! I am feeling my way through this and my number one fear, that people won't like me. Oh my, can I just let go of that one already? Almost.

When I'm going through stuff, I retreat. It might be for a few days or a few months. I'm coming off of a whole lot of months where I have needed to do some healing, thinking, learning, stretching and surrendering. I feel strong, like I am coming out of a deep winter hibernation. I am letting the sun shine down on my face. I have unending gratitude for being able to run a business online, it is a blessing for a HSP.

So I went and had my bangs trimmed and my eyebrows waxed. I'm feeling a strong need to start doing more connecting in person, to move through the world being seen.

Bangs and all.

(And while we are on the topic of retreats, I have on my manifesting list, To be asked to teach at a retreat where I can wear yoga pants.)