Simplicity of Ritual - Mama's Tea

When tea becomes ritual, it takes its place at the heart of our ability to see greatness in small things.

~ Muriel Barbery

Each night I have a ritual of lighting candles just before it gets dark. I place them around the house, one near the lego playing and one in a window sill, a couple near the Buddha head.

This ritual is a signal for our family that we are settling down, that crazy jumping around time is over, meals are served and cleaned up.

On the nights I forget I feel unsettled and the kids soak up my energy. We all feel rushed and as though our rhythm has no gentle transitions. When I fall out of the rhythm I know my path back in. I clean the kitchen, top to bottom. I make a pot of broth and a beautiful soup. I set the table with a little flower and a pitcher of cold water. Then I light my candles.

I sit with Lucas as he falls asleep snuggled under his 'cozy' and head resting on his favorite bird pillow. After he drifts off I fill the electric kettle with cold water and wait for it to click, signalling it is time to pour over my tea bag. Usually I have red raspberry leaf or nettle. Every now and then I indulge in a decaf black tea with honey and milk.

This tea, this ritual, signals to my body that my work of mama has come to rest for the night and I may now go snuggle up with Patrick and share some bits of our days or watch one of our favorite shows together.

This ritual of my nightly tea is like closing the curtains to the day. A deep exhale that stillness has come. I must remind myself to hold it and sip it hot, being present to now.

Explore ritual as transition. Where are your transitions rough and leaving you feeling a bit lost or frazzled? Is there one simple gesture that you can choose to create rhythm inside of your transitions?

(From The April Joy Up)