The Joy Circle

Friday, March 30th at Om Kids Yoga Center
7:00 (arrive at 7 we start at 7:15) -9:15pm
$20 - leave a comment below letting me know you are coming and call the studio to reserve a circle spot (space is limited)!  401.305.3667

The Joy UP comes to life! The joy circle is a place for women to come together with the intention of making space in their lives for more joy. We will talk about story, soulwork, ritual and stillness. This is for women who are ready to empower their lives through their thoughts and choices.

Can two hours of your time increase the amount of joy in your life? Come find out.

Highlights of the circle include a 3 minute exercise that will teach you the incredible power of your thoughts, sharing our voices as we dig into what you need to make space for in your life, gentle yoga* with our guest Erin Goodman, a guided meditation and lots of connecting and filling up with sparkly moments (aka =aha moments!).

Have you been saying to yourself that you need more time for you, for deeper connection with other woman who are on a similar journey into their truth and for joy?

This is your circle.

As my first live event in months, come meet me in person so I can give you a great big hug. ;)

Om Time Tea will be served at the circle and is sponsored by Love and Tea. A tasty and gloriously healthy treat will be there for everyone and sponsored by RAW Foods Inc.

Bring a water bottle and a small journal for jotting down some thoughts and inspirations that may arise.

*You do not need to have ever done yoga before, the yoga is gentle and is there to help us integrate the thoughts we will be learning and talking about into the body. The circle will be a sensory experience.

If you would like to host a Joy Circle on the East Coast, please email me at and we can talk about the details.