You don't get to choose your abundance corner

Check out the bagua. You can get a beautiful copy on Tisha's site.


As you step in your front door, the farthest left corner is your abundance corner. Mine happens to be a staircase, nothing sexy about that one. That part of our home had stayed the same since moving in 7 years ago. The walls were a light blue with peeling paint, the railing (which we cannot get off the wall) was an odd orange color on parts and the walls were crumbling. I kept saying I was waiting for enough money to have someone come in and repair the walls. Really, I was avoiding completing tasks on the house because I wanted more, greater and better.

Fitting my abundance corner should be this neglected, waiting for someday when I have the money space. I grabbed some Spackle and started to fill in the crumbling wall, totally not the way one should fix large crumbling messes, but that's what I did. I gave everything a coat of my new favorite-gorgeous-color cloud white, and in one of the corners I put a strip of purple paint, for my abundance color. Yes, sassy. Some beautiful stones were added, my favorites being the amethyst crystals. These need to be moved out into moonlight often though, as a corner is not their best spot to be. The kids play with them and add to the collection their own stones and treasures.

To add a little sparkle, because all that white is just begging for some color, I hung a beautiful piece of paper on a string with some clips and can hang kid's pictures, beautifully abundant quotes or anything that seems to fit the space.

Though I would not have chosen it, this abundance corner turned out to be the exact place it needed to be. It forced me to stop holding on to the idea that someday would be better than today. I think as far as corners go this one is pretty dreamy!

Now, how about you? Where is your abundance corner and what might you do to spruce it up a bit?