The Joy UP Tribe Women - The Voice of Betsy

Please welcome over the next week or so a few voices from The Joy UP. Women who came together and journeyed through joy. Their voices are beautiful. Welcome today's voice, Betsy.


Joy. Such a small simple word. Yet it has so much beauty and power. My two favorite definitions of this word are "a feeling of great pleasure or happiness" and "the expression or manifestation of such feeling."

Recently, I went on a journey for joy. I was asked the question, "Can you increase the amount of joy in your life in 10 days?" Interesting thought. Don't get me wrong, I generally see myself as a "glass is half full" kind of person but who doesn't need more joy in their lives, right? I live a busy life. I stay at home with my toddler, I am running my own business, I am remodeling my house... the list goes on and on. Do I get down on myself from time to time? Who doesn't. Do I find myself overwhelmed at times? Hell yeah.

Sure, I'll take on the challenge. My focus each day was to find joy in the little things - the small details in life I often overlook -  like making my bed each morning, drinking a tall glass of water, wearing makeup to the gym, buying a new beautiful pair of earrings, watching my daughter play with her dolls... I got so much more out of the experience.

Not only did I find joy, I expressed it and shared it. Below are the 10 things I learned about joy.

1. Joy is self-confidence. 

2. Joy is contagious. 

3. Joy is a girls night out.

4. Joy is dressing up and seeing your husbands face when he sees you.

5. Joy is finishing a project and patting my own back.

6. Joy is long stroller naps.

7. Joy is making a meal that the whole family loves. 

8. Joy is a group of 200+ like-minded women giving love and support.

9. Joy is slowing down.

10. Joy is looking forward to what's next.

What is joy to you?

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You can connect with Betsy over at BMoore Healthy and on her Facebook page. Betsy has an awesome program out right now, check it out!