A page a day and ordinary things


Each week I add one or two resets to piggyback the resets that I've chosen to live inside, to create this great big fantastical life, the life I can now feel myself inside of. I wanted to share what I'm working with this week.

My first is a book called The Book of Life : Daily Meditations, which I've owned for years and have tried to work my way into but couldn't attach to. Probably because it was long before I was living a life inside of resets that brought me to this awakening of presence. I literally followed through on pretty much nothing. 

This week I'm going in, I'm giving myself six days to see if it adds to my healing practices and feeling of presence and calm. I went back and looked at May 31st and the synchronicity was amazing.

He talked about habits and the resisting of habits, I wrote more about it here.

My second reset that I'll be piggybacking on is my practice of sharing simple and ordinary things that bring more beauty to our lives. I have wanted to start this on Instagram and perhaps pull them onto my blog, and I've come up with every reason to not do it.

I'm giving myself six days to create a ritual around this sharing then I'll evaluate if I want to keep going. I am going to plan what hashtag I'll use today.

I've started hearing from those who joined the reset and some of their resets are around relationship to sugar, the struggle in releasing, connecting to the sacred and devotion, being seen and the one we are all in on together, hydration in place of alcohol (which to me is the Grace of our Being, allowing ourselves to feel without the numbing of a substance).

My day today started with an omelette (which is one of the simple ordinary things I want to share), a reading from the Book of Life, getting my phone's hotspot to give me wifi to work, drinking water out of my Kombucha glass jar with unicorns on it, listening to Dave build our new garden beds while he listens to his fantasy book, floating ten feet off the ground looking at the picture of our *fingers crossed and don't tell my kids* new puppy who I want to name Delilah Moon, preparing for my Zoom call with my Business Circle tomorrow and checking in obsessively with the private Instagram account for the Reset Wildthing, Reset.

We need this. We've got this. Together. I am already so inspired by us.

Today is our preparation day, tomorrow we step into the magic of trusting ourselves. If I seem a little bit over the moon, stars and sun about this reset, it is because I am.

This practice saves my life. This is how I wake up and go to sleep each day. I choose myself in kindness, which then becomes how I show up in the world, in kindness.

And. I adore you. Thank you for being on the other side of these words.