Trade me your wasted time for some shape shifting magic


Trade me your wasted time and I'll show you how to create shape-shifting magic in your life.

Here's how we'll do the trade.

Go to your phone and find the thing where it tells you how much time you've spent on it. Subtract out the time that you consider a waste from what you consider productive time.

Take that number and trade me, for just six days, and in that wasted time we'll create magic. In fact, you may end up with time left.

Magic is active, choice, powerfully directed thoughts, the sacred infused with the practical.

If you say you don't have time to create a more amazing life, I ask you to look your wasted time, and I'll show you how to walk every day, how to go to sleep with the dishes clean, how to get dressed in your Spiritstyle, how to bend time to have more of it, how to make systems around food or any of the things that you've been wanting to do but say you don't have time or energy for.

My promise to you is that there is time and the energy comes from the practices.

The energy is sourced from the resets.

We begin in the morning and there is a private Instagram account (which will be linked in the morning email) where we will gather and claim our resets and check in with each other. I'll be in the Stories talking and telling stories to you.

Six days for your wasted time. I'm going to teach you to weave magic into your life, all I ask is for your wasted time.