belly to belly



one of the most clever things i have read about sales/marketing was this :: "and the secret is: 'see twenty people belly-to-belly every day.'" (from the book How To Master the Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins)

"put your belly button near twenty others each day."

belly to belly.

i have a million love languages but the ones that mean the most to me, that make me swoon and sway and often bring me to tears of happiness are words and time.

a couple of years ago i had no idea that time was one of my love languages. now i understand that it is one of the biggest gifts i can give and receive from others.

all i wanted for my birthday with my love was his time. just us. together. talking. naked. loving. eating. being. i wanted to curl up in his arms and wake up there too. belly to belly. (he also gave me words in the form of sticky notes hidden all over the loft that i found for weeks.)

i think about belly to belly, and i have challenged my magic making business circle to spend more belly to belly time, in new ways each day.

belly to belly is more than just marketing and sales relationship. it is the core of who we are as humans. we are meant to be together. to help. to love. to lift one another up.

belly to belly can be an instagram post connecting to a shared dream. it can be amazing sex with your lover. it can be talking to 5 people at the grocery store. it can be snuggle time in bed with your kids reading and giggling. belly to belly is connection, relationship.


today on the eve of the year that calls us in, i asked my circle three things. i want to share them with you. to give you a little soul work as a way to ritualize and make space inside of 2015 for all that is to come. for the relationships. to make space for more belly to belly.


one. on this eve, what is one guide you want to draw in to walk with you? for me it is love. i am learning to love in new ways. i am growing my family, my heart. i am making more space for forgiveness and other's needs. so my guide is love.

second. a wish. my women and i (and i am working on my lover and kids) believe that you must share a wish to help it manifest. on this eve, can you share a tender wish with someone? let's hold it up to the moon, to our people, to the year that beckons us to live with more joy and all the feelings we desire. one wish.

third. celebration. here is something i never do inside of my work. i forget to celebrate. to give myself credit. to actually look at what i have created and drawn towards me. i am in awe of the women who circle, who write to me, who lift me up through their time with me inside of this soul work. so this year i want to create monthly celebrations. celebration as ritual. as a deepening of love languages. around my work. my family. my love. .......

one. two. three.


my love and all of our kids are together at the magic lake house for new year's eve. we have sick kids. fevers. some puking at 3 am. lots of crackers and blankets and juice and movie time.

it will be our first new year's together. our belly to belly with our family, our wishes, our iterating into a love that neither of us can quite believe is happening to us because it is so big. so different. so raw. so crazy amazing and challenging all at once.

we are creating a universe together that feels like it will change everything.

we will make our wishes. we will make nachos and make the kids the most amazing banana splits one has ever seen (because he went to the store and let me just tell you, we have it all).

and we will belly to belly inside of our gratitude for those who are in our life. who love us. who support us. who have walked these last few crazy hard months holding our energy while we have often spiraled out in fear.

we will go to sleep belly to belly inside of love. and wake up with my belly pressed up against his back, or his against mine, as we do now, in our ritual of sleep and wake.


words. time. nurture. ritual. prayer. love.

happy new year my loves. you all mean more to me than i can say. thank you for your words. time. ritual. prayer. love. thank you for showing up. for believing in my words. time. nurture. ritual. prayer. love.

welcome 2016. welcome belly to belly. welcome love. welcome celebration.