Maine. The beginning in black, white and magic.

hannah in maine collage1hannah in maine collage4hannah in maine collage3hannah in maine collage2hannah in maine collage5It is crazy swirling magic here. I came a few days early to give myself time to slowly transform the space, unpack groceries, sit by the lake and really feel the beauty of what is about to happen. On Wednesday, 25 women from the 2014 Magic Making Circle will have their retreat on the most stunning Maine lake I have ever seen. It is a lot to hold. The planning has been for months, though I am much more of a last minute person, retreats leave just tiny bits of space for all the last minute. I've gathered surprises and secrets for months waiting for this week.

I have an incredible team who will join me on Tuesday for the pre-retreat prep. When they walk in I will have  created just enough magic and made quite a few lists and then I leave it in their capable hands while I flutter around making sure we stay hydrated and happy.

The details to me are the most important part. S'more stations and altars and spirit guides and sheepskin. Homemade tomato soup and chia pudding. Meditations and quotes, yoga and beads.

This is my third time circling with my Magic Makers, a new group each time. I am hooked. Addicted. In complete love.

We were meant to be here on this lake, I can feel the truths and change that will come from settling ourselves on her docks and tucking inside her cabins. I am already new from a few hours in the sun and listening to the water play around with time.

Twinkle lights and faith change everything.