Name your longing.

Sharing today's prompt from A Woman's Thirst. Day 24. cghandsblackandwhite

Name your longing.

We all ache and long and want. Often that is labeled as a negative, to want, to deserve, to desire.

Today name a longing inside of you.

A roadtrip. A tattoo. A kiss. A home. A friend.

To lose the weight that was put on to protect from that which no longer harms you. To grow your hair down to your knees. To get the certification. To jump naked into the next dream. To visit every state. To make love under the stars listening to the waves. To be cherished. To align it. To make-out with time. To make a baby. To let your baby grow up. To love again. To be free.

What do you long for? Give it a name. Will you share with us in the comments one longing of today?

photo credit Ruth Clark